Instagram Features | Tiktok feature that will soon launch on Instagram


Instagram Features | Tiktok feature that will soon launch on Instagram

Instagram Features -For those who have been keeping tabs on the recent tech news. You might be aware of the Instagram expected feature called “reels”.For those who are not aware, Instagram reels are Facebook’s idea of making up lost ground on Tiktok.

Instagram features

Tiktok is the mega video viewing platform owned by Chinese company ByteDance, it launched in 2020 in the USA. Right now it is safe to say Tiktok has surpassed Facebook as the most popular app in the US.

Facebook which is owned by billionaire Mark Zuckerberg, has been in operation since the early 2000′ and for a long time held claim to the most popular app in the world,

That was helped by their acquisition of various social media platforms, like WhatsApp and Instagram. Facebook also integrated features from other platforms in a bid to remain the most popular app on the planet.

Since being acquired by Facebook, Instagram has become one of the most popular social media platforms on the planet.

Well until the advent of Tiktok that hierarchy has been supplanted and Tiktok is undoubtedly the most popular app in the world.

Instagram features-Instagram reel

Well, Facebook might finally get a solution to at least catch up to Tiktok with the release of the Instagram reels feature.

The Instagram reel is a Tiktok like-feature that will be released on Instagram. It gives the most of the features on Tiktok, while we expect that more features are to follow in the coming weeks or months.

Features of an Instagram reel

Most of the Instagram reel features are available on Tiktok.

  • Video editing tools: Instagram reels offer various video editings tools such as AR effect, speed control, and alignment of various clips for cleaner transitions.
  • Sharing to explore and stories: this is one advantage that Instagram reels have over Tiktok.

Well sharing Tiktok videos is only possible once you’ve downloaded said videos.

Well, Instagram reels allow you to share videos with Instagram explore and Instagram stories also.

  • Dedicated reels session: there is a dedicated Instagram reels session similar to Instagram Tv, in this session you will see every reel that you’ve made.
  • Original sound: every sound used in the recording is attributed to you, other users can then use the sound to create their reel.

So these are the major features of the Instagram reels.

Why the release of Instagram reels is important for Facebook.

You might be wondering why Facebook Instagram’s reel is being released on the Instagram platform and not the Facebook platform.

Well, we will list the most important reasons.

  • To avoid being left behind by Tiktok. Well, I think this is the most obvious reason, the rise of Tiktok poses a significant threat to Facebook reign, Tiktok and Facebook usually target the same audience, more traffic to Tiktok means loss of ad revenue for Facebook.
  • To prevent overstuffing Facebook. Well, Facebook is hailed as one of the best multi-faceted platform available, it still presents a problem for them.

Tiktok is one dimensional, it’s strictly a video sharing platform, and the videos are in variety. Facebook already has a ton of features on the platform that is without listing its video feature which is Facebook watch.

  • Past success with placing new features on Instagram. Facebook has experienced massive success in the past by placing new features on the Instagram platform.

A simple example will be the Instagram stories features, the feature was the catalyst in the decline of Snapchat, it was the factor with which Facebook guaranteed that Snapchat will never be a threat to it.

  • Perfect timing. This is the best time for the release of the Instagram reels feature, given the standoff between the US government and Tiktok.

The US government has been involved in a standoff with Tiktok in light of recent data theft from social media. While Tiktok still has its core fans, most users have stopped using the app.

The government has also curbed its members from using the app over the alleged data theft.

  • Prevention of demographic loss. This is probably the most important reason for the Instagram reels release, Facebook wants to keep its core users on board.

Facebook user’s core was formed from baby boomers and millennia, the majority of Tiktok users came from millennia and next-gen users.

But recent data has shown an increase in the number of bloomers and millennia’s switching to Tiktok. To prevent this Facebook has launched its TikTok-like feature to prevent more user loss.


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