Instagram Online Login | Sign up


Instagram Online Login | Sign up

Instagram  Online login is one of the most popular social media apps that you can use to increase your online presence. Just like Facebook, Twitter, and Line, it can help you grow your fans and clients as an entertainer or a businessman.

Instagram Online Login


We can’t just underestimate the value of Instagram online authority. Over millions of People use Instagram online platform for several reasons.  It can be used for Sharing photos, Adverts, building your online presence, meeting people and making friends, learning and so on.

Brief history

Originally, Instagram created by Keven Systrom and Mike Krieger as an app for sharing pictures and videos with friends and loved ones. In recent times, it has been mostly used by celebrities to interact with their fans and the world.

Also, it’s been used as a dating site and a means of getting partners. No one can boldly say he/she hasn’t heard of Instagram. That means that it has become a household name globally.

Instagram online  login users

Are you an Instagram user? Them if not, you’re losing a lot. As a business person or an individual, you’re missing clients and potential partners. Not only that, but major trending issues about major events in the world and celebrity matters are also happening on Instagram.

I don’t have to bore you with what you’re missing.  But if you don’t join Instagram today, you’ll have yourself locked out in the trending events and developments globally.

All it’ll take you is to create your Instagram account and you can Log in to use Instagram.

Creating an Instagram account is not difficult. In a few minutes, you’ve your account ready for use. You’ll start adding friends and sharing photos and videos with your friends, Clients, and Fans.

One thing I love about using Instagram online is that it’s quite educational and informative. It’s inspiring mostly for those in the business of photography, makeover, entertainment and more. As a Photographer, I get more inspiration by visiting Instagram photographic pages.

If you haven’t an Instagram account yet, here is an opportunity for you to create your own account now!

How to Create new Instagram online Login Account

  • Log in online on the browser to
  • As soon as the home page opens, you’ll see the sign-up section at the front of the page
  • In this section, enter your phone number and your email address
  • Fill out your full name and our username  you wish    to appear in your account
  • Choose a Password or use your email password
  • Tick the I’m not a robot dialog box
  • Lastly, click on the ‘’Sign up’’ button.

In case you use your phone number to create your account, you’ll receive a confirmation code on your phone through SMS. Enter the code to continue. But if you don’t get the code, you may request a new code by clicking on the link ‘’request a new code’’.

If you want to change your phone number, click on the ‘’Change your number’’ tab. However, if you use your email address to create your account, follow the steps below:

A confirmation email will be sent to your email Click on the link to confirm your account

This will give you access to your account and you can now upload your pictures and videos

You can use your Facebook ID to create your Instagram account.  In this case, you’ll use your    Facebook account to sign in.

How to Login Instagram online

Instagram users can log in their Instagram online account via the steps below:

  • Enter the login page of your Instagram app and enter your phone number or your email address or your

Provide your Password

  • Click on Login  to usher you in to your account
  • Login with your Facebook account, click on Login with a Facebook Link
Instagram Online password Recover

In case you forgot your password, you can recover it via resetting your password to get a new one. To do this, click on the ‘’Forgot Password’’ Tab.

After clicking it, it’ll lead you to a page enter your username or email. Fill out the code in the captcha image. Though, the code in the captcha might be a bit difficult to see. If you didn’t get in the first place, refresh the page to get a new one. Lastly, tap on the reset password button.

You’ll get a reset password link sent to your email with further instructions. Go through the message and complete your reset password process.  If it’s your phone number you used for the Instagram online account, the code will be sent to your phone number. Then, you’ll use it to reset your password.


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