Intuit Products | All about Intuit Financial Software Company


Intuit Products | All about Intuit Financial Software Company

Intuit products- Intuit is a big financial software company that sells financial, accounting and tax preparation software. Its services are for little scale businesses, accountants, and individuals that need their services. Intuit company headquarters is in Mountain California.

Intuit products

Intuit Products

Their products are:

  • Turbo Tax, consumer
  • tax preparation application
  • Intuit QuickBooks for the small business accounting program.
  • professional tax solutions ProSeries,
  • Lacerte
  • Multiple payroll products.

As a company, it’ was established in the year 1983 by two Californians Scott Cook and Tom Proulx. Scott Cook Brought the Intuit idea, his prior work at Procter and Gamble made him thought the theory. It’s an idea that personal computers would give support to the replacements for paper and pencil dependent personal accounting. He later met Tom Proulx at Stanford on his quest to find a programmer. Both of them started Intuit, and it made operations out of a modest room on University Avenue in Palo Alto. The company has different communities online.

  More details about QuickBooks and Quicken

The QuickBooks is an online community for users and small business owners. Quicken is also an online community meant for users and those who need help with their personal finances. All these online communities have blogs and an expert locator map. It also has a calendar, forums and also discussion groups, videocasts and webinars, podcasts and some other users content you can hook up with.

Another is Jump a free social networking and resources website for those who own a small business or startups. Jump contains free tools with content like online training for developing a successful business planner. In addition, it contains an interactive business planner, starting costs calculator and break-even calculator. More so, it has a cash flow calculator, templates for business planning and sample business plans.  

Www. is one of the website’s intuits created to put new solutions into people’s hands easily. Among the first versions of these products and services are rough cuts. So, they’re for free so people can try them and give feedback on how it works. This process helps fast improvement and ensures that they solve real problems well.

Steps  to Register for Intuit Account

Getting an account on Intuit, all you’ve to do is get a valid email address and a phone number. Below are the application steps:

Login on your web browser on your mobile device or PC.

Key in address in the address bar of the browser

It’ll show you a page to fill in your details

Fill in your email address.

Enter your active mobile phone number.

Fill in security password, any code the user prefers to use.

Note: Ensure that the password must contain an upper and lower case letter. Also, you can use Symbols or stop words/special characters in your password.

Proceed to confirm your password and click creates an account.

Fill in the 6 digits code you receive in your phone and click continues to intuit.

At the end of this process, the user can now access their personal intuit account. It gives them access to all the features and services of Intuit.

 The Intuit Login procedures.

You can log in once you’ve finished creating your account. The steps below will guide you on how to sign in to your account with ease.

Go to the web page at to start the process.

As the home page displays, tap on Sign in, and then the sign-in page will pop up.

Supply your login details in spaces available. Your login details are your Users ID and Password

The user should then key in his or her identification details.

Lastly, click on Sign in, direct you straight to their account.

Note: Users can use the icons saying (I Forgot my Users ID or Password) to retrieve their login info in case of lost or forgotten login details.


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