Italian Scholarship for International Students | How to apply


Italian Scholarship for International Students | How to apply

Italian Scholarship-The 2021 Italian government scholarship for international students is a fully-funded scholarship that application will end on March 2021.

Italian scholarship

Italy is aiming for economic support. In the cause of promoting their language, Italian, this government-supported scholarship initiative was born. The purpose is to bring-in diverse foreigners that can learn their language within a given time.

Also, these beneficiaries will render helping hands in disseminating the fluency of this same language across every nation of the world.

However,  this scholarship scheme is not for students that want to learn the Italian language only.  These selected students must be candidates that have an initial interest in Art, Music, and Dance.

Either of these courses must be what the students took in their previous study level. Evidence will be needed as well.

These applicants must provide their undergraduate certificates to prove their eligibility during this present level of study they’re meaning to proceed.

Moreover, it’ll be of help for you to understand that the Italian government scholarship for international students is merely for college kids meaning to attain the Master’s level.

If you don’t have an interest in the mentioned courses of study, not qualified for the study level, and also not curious about studying in Italy, please don’t attempt an application.

Italian Scholarship-List of Eligible Courses

Without wasting much time, we will quickly state the subjects available under this Italian government scholarship for international students. These are the sole courses that are recognizable upon application;

  • Music
  • Music and Dance
  • Art

are subjects duly able and accessible by students? So, are those courses part of your plan in life? Is one of them your course program? You have the answer.

Ineligible Candidates

You are ineligible if you are a candidate with no common interest in any of the prior courses on the list above.

Candidates that aren’t ready or set for a Master’s course of study.

Italian citizens that are currently living in Italy are equally ineligible.

A candidate with chronic disease or infectious ailment is not worthy of entering flight to Italy talk more of enrolling for the scholarship program.

More to that, if you are above 28 years of age. Do not apply.

Who Can Apply?

Go ahead with the application if you are an international student from developing countries or an Italian citizen living abroad.

More so, you want to be a candidate set and prepare for the subsequent academic section which level must be a Master’s level.

That said, you must be a Master’s applicant.

However, do not forget that only students that are studying Music, Arts or Music & Dance are qualified for application.

For the best interest of everyone, the Italian government scholarship for international students is for under 28 years of age individuals. If your age isn’t below this category, quit immediately from applying for the program.

As a matter of fact, the academic requirements stated that students enrolling for an English taught course must provide their English proficiency. The test must be at a minimum level of B2 within the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages.

Other candidates which will undergo an English exempted program must prepare to demonstrate their competence in Italian by providing an Italian language test of B2 as a qualified minimum record.

Therefore, explore and ensure you have these qualifications so as to apply for the 2021 scholarship before 30th May 2021.

Italian  Scholarship for International Students

This simply portrays that you will kick start your next study by having all your academic costs funded and also ready to cover unknown grantees till you are through with your studies. The duration won’t exceed 2 years because it may be a Master’s level program.

In that case, go to through any browser. Ensure that you have turned on a cellular data network or Wi-Fi before commencing with the application as it is online.

Scan and upload every document demanded of you. Make sure that they’re complete in order that you’ll not have your scholarship application abandoned.


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