Login Facebook Pay | Login Facebook account – Facebook messenger


Login Facebook Pay | Login Facebook account – Facebook messenger

Login Facebook-Have you heard about the way to login Facebook Pay? Do you even know that something like that exists? Well, this feature is a new tool on Facebook that is still rolling out in other countries. It hasn’t been out Faat once.

Login facebook

Facebook Pay may be a newly unrolled feature on Facebook a bit like Facebook Avatar and Facebook dating. This feature is designed to promote seamless payments among Facebook users and new users. With it, you can easily engage in business fully.

Considering this new feature, it is more beneficial for everyone but most useful for users with business accounts. You will no longer advertise products and beat the prices, but also make payment immediately with your Facebook Pay.

The additional fact is that you don’t need a new account to run Facebook Pay rather you can set it up in your old Facebook account.

Now, let’s throw more light on how to login to Facebook Pay; Recall that you must not have a new account for Facebook Pay. It is always accessible with your old Facebook account.

If you can’t find this feature set with the help of the idea revealed here, it simply means that the feature has not yet arrived in your country. Be patient, it will reach soon.

Facebook login- Download Facebook Pay

There is no separate app for stepping into this feature. A normal app for running a Facebook account is what you need here and it will serve as a point of contact between a user and the Pay feature.

You will set up the featured tool by adding a valid source of payment. There are several payment options which are;

  • Credit card
  • Paypal
  • Debit card.

Either of them validates Facebook Pay for any upcoming payment event or online transaction. This service created is recently the most secure way of making payment online with your digital device.

However, you are not sure of forever security and privacy as fraudsters are permanently cliched to the Facebook app.

How to Login to Facebook Pay

There is no special way for moving into Facebook Pay other than logging into your Facebook account. You can do it directly from your Facebook app, Facebook lite, or Facebook messenger.

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Above all,  login with a related Facebook phone number or email address and password.

When you have logged in, the next thing to try to do is to locate your account profile icon and tap thereon.

  • You can still do that together with your Facebook PC.
  • After you’ve located the profile icon, click on Settings.
  • Scroll down to Account Settings and tap.
  • Select “Payments”.
  • Add your ATM card, MasterCard, or PayPal account as your means of payment.
  • Complete the method and obtain your Pay account ready.

Alternatively, if you don’t have the Facebook app or can’t reach it yet, get this  Pay feature through your Messenger.

How to Activate Facebook Pay with Messenger

If you have Messenger PC ( found in Opera Mini ), log in the Messenger with your Facebook login details. Users with the mobile Messenger can simply access the Messenger app because it is already logged in.

When you are finally on the page, head onto the profile icon, which is the profile picture, and tap.

Select “Facebook Pay” on the options stated on the page, then indicate your preferred payment option as either debit, Paypal, or credit card.

Choose authentication PIN which will always confirm transactions before it’s executed.

This new service functions more sort of a mobile digital wallet. So, grab your phone and start. Do not panic when you can’t see yours in your Facebook app,it will definitely get to your country.


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