Metrolyrics- Get your best lyrics for all songs-Best song lyrics


Metrolyrics- Get your best lyrics  for all songs-Best song lyrics

Metrolyrics is a lyrics-dedicated website, founded in 2002 by Milun Tesovic. Most of us love playing music and lip singing.


The database contains over 1 million songs performed by more than 16,000 artists.

It’s the first lyrics-dedicated site to license licensing aggregator Gracenote Inc.’s lyrics catalog in April 2008.

Through this lyrics licensing model, copyright holders accrue royalty revenue when their work is displayed on

This site recovers by collecting money from banner advertisements.

Royalties are paid on all displayed lyrics and handled through Gracenote.

In January 2013, LyricFind acquired Gracenote’s licensing business, merging it with their own.

It’s licensing model is distinct and many lyrics websites still offer content that is unlicensed and copyright infringing.

It was bought by CBS Interactive in October 2011 and in 2020,was sold to Red Ventures.

With this site you can download or get a song’s lyrics, video, or audio music lyric.

Metrolyrics Website

Everything that has to do with online or internet is best with the website.

Moreover,the absence of a website means users can’t access or visit your online page.

When it comes to Metrolyrics, the website is and this is also where you can get information.

Visit this link on your browser, it’ll direct you to the homepage where you’ve access songs and lyrics.

There are other features which can be referred to as categories or genre on the site.

The categories are placed on a fferent list of songs, similarly,the site has “Top 100, Videos, Features, and also Artists category”

In addition to this, t’s with a search tool for you to make your search easy.

 Songs Lyrics

The lyrics can’t be downloaded but you can highlight the lyrics and copy to your device notepad or Microsoft word to save the lyric.

But outside that, there is also a way to save lyrics on this website and that is by printing.

How to Get Songs Lyric

First of all, visit the site by typing

The link will redirect you to the homepage.

Now, search for the name of the song you want to see the lyrics.

Or you can scroll down the homepage to find a song that you love.

After you find the song, click on it and you’ll be redirected to where the lyric will be displayed.

Printing the lyric is not saving it offline to your device but it’ll look like a shortcut to access it.

To print any song lyric on Metrolyrics,click on the link “Print Lyrics”

Then click print on the pop-up page, and the shortcut will be saved to your device.

You can access it whenever you want by clicking on the saved shortcut on your device.


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