Microsoft Store | Microsoft Products & service sales


Microsoft Store | Microsoft Products & service sales

Microsoft storehouses all the products and services offered by Microsoft for sale online. Digital marketing and online sales of digital products have been the order of the day. If you want to access all Microsoft products online, it’s on Microsoft store that you can easily get the right ones.

microsoft store

Microsoft store features sales of email services (premium version), apps, office and lots of products and services offered by Microsoft. It’s an online store where you can purchase Microsoft services like applications, online books, hardware, and devices.

It’s just like Google play store or the iTunes or Amazon store. When it comes to application, the MS store is the best you can find among many others.

How to Access Microsoft Store –MS Office

 To access this store online, you must first of all log in to the MSN website at  Use your computer desktop, laptop, tablets, iPods or smartphones. Just ensure that your device has an internet connection with any browser of your choice. As you log on to the website, you’ll see all the products in different subfolders showing on the screen. The products include mobile phones, laptops, apps and applications on sale. You’ll see some other features of the store on the left side of the page in the shop category.

Features of Microsoft store –Office365

  • Office – It contains the office app that guides users to achieve a lot of tasks. Those using Office at work have more opportunities to achieve more tasks because of the Microsoft Office app. It contains the Office home, office 365 personal, office home and student 2016 alongside the Office Mac. Via this app, you can have access to the latest versions of MS word, Excel, PowerPoint, Outlook, Note one and many others. It provides users with 1TB of one drive cloud storage for users to store their photos, files, videos, and documents.  Users get 60 minutes of Skype calls per month.
  • Windows: it offers users the latest versions of Windows operating system. This starts with Windows 7, Windows 8 and the most upgraded version ‘’Windows 10’’.With this, users enjoy a great experience with the amazing application s like emails, music, Calendar, videos, maps. This platform users the One Drive storage system to back up users’ information and other information.
  • PC and Tablets – This store, you can get Desktop computers, laptops, and tablets to assist you to do more works. Even if you’re a gamer, you’ll still find this store very useful because of the content in the store. Parents, students, designers, writers, and general goods dealers will find this store useful. Irrespective of what brand you represent, they’ll this app useful in one way or the other. However, when it comes to building your business, it suits every business.
  • XBOX: This is for gamers, whatever game you want to play or you wish to explore, it provides an innovative game console such as Xbox live and other game title and their accessories. It gives users untold satisfaction with a huge range of game consoles like Xbox One, Xbox One X, accessories games and Xbox Live.
Benefits of the Microsoft online store

It provides all Microsoft customers the opportunity to shop for products and services online at their convenience. There’s satisfaction, sure warranty, product originality and assistance from Microsoft technology engineers to assist you in case of any difficulty.


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