MoneyGram| How to Send and Receive Money through MoneyGram


MoneyGram| How to Send and Receive Money through MoneyGram

MoneyGram is a sure choice each time you want to send money or receive money from your loved ones. With MoneyGram, you can easily receive money into your bank account from the MoneyGram agent near you.


It’s a very close service to the Western Union. If you’re looking for easy and safe ways you can send money to your loved ones and other relatives very fast, MoneyGram is a good option to consider.

They offer financial services like money transfer, money orders, and bill payments. It’s a good service to use if you don’t want to access your bank or make use of your bank account.

In addition to using the MoneyGram, you can get other apps to transfer your money from the app stores. Such apps are DSK money gram, Money transfer app, transfer money transfer, transfer wise, WUBS prepaid, Small world money transfer, PayPal, Payoneer. Others include Azimo money transfer, send money online, ACE money transfer, Cercle money, Remitr money transfer, Orbitremit money transfer and so on.

To any of these money transfer apps, you need to sign up for them. But if it’s MoneyGram, you don’t need to sign up first. Even if you don’t have a MoneyGram account, you can still access it. One thing about this is that MoneyGram doesn’t have an app but uses an online platform.

How to send money with MoneyGram

To make use of this Platform to send money, you need to take the following steps below:

  • Check out for any MoneyGram location near you
  • Plan to meet an agent.

Fill the following details such as your I.D, Your recipient’s full name, as the same in your I.D and you’re their location. Enter the amount of cash that you want to send and transfer fees. In case you want to send it to a bank account, you need to provide your recipient’s bank name and account number.

  • Proceed to  finish your transaction
  • Fill all the form and return the completed form with the fund you applied fund and transfer fee.
  •  Inform your recipient

You should be able to save the receipt and share the eight digit reference number with your recipient to enable him/her to pick up. As soon as you complete all these the transfer fund will be sent to your account directly.

Steps to receive your Money

  • Go to their location
  • Fill the form i.e, you’ve to fill the simple receive form by entering the reference number that you received  from the sender
  •  Provide the filled form to the agent with your photo I.D to receive the money that was sent to you.

I believe that with this, you can send and receive money using this platform. I don’t want you to encounter any challenge with sending and receiving money, so if you feel you don’t want to use this one you can make use of any of the alternatives provided in this article above.


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