My IP Address

My IP Address: How To Find My IP Address – IP Locator

My IP Address: How To Find My IP Address – IP Address Locator


 What is My IP Address

IP  Address stands for internet protocol address. This is a special figure assigned to all information and technology devices such as our printer AC, modems.

My IP Address


The IP allows this one and every other device to be able to communicate with each other.

Any computer both external and internal network. Any device that can receive or transmit internet traffic.

Will be assigned to IP. There is also a standard communication known as internet protocol standard.

This IPS is also known as your home address. So for you to receive or send an email, snail.

The person you’re sending to must have your correct email or snail address or else he or she won’t receive your message.

IP are mostly reserved for an email server/a permanent owner of a house. The IP will be assigned from a pool of available addresses or home service providers.

A strong IP may not be available in every area this may cost extra cost. A dynamic IP address is merely assigned on first to come first to serve the occasion.

This is often assigned to house owners and permanent residents. In a simple words, your IP can be said to be an important connection to the internet through a number of figures. That will link to all your online activity which can also include the information of the device you’re using your location and more.

This IP is very risk cause hackers and authorities can use or sell your information or grant them access to you.

Someone can also stop you from online activities through your IP address

How     important is- my IP Address in a Digital World

An IP address is very important because it easily identifies our device our favorite website, a network severs.

They are very much important in sending and receiving massage.

It also helps in directing emails straight to your device just like the key to your home your IP is the way into your online world.

Just like your number or national identification card it provides security and promotes your creativity when you are into the world of technologies.

With your IP address, you can manage a lot of your devices.

All u have to do is never share your IP code with anyone.

Types: My IP Address

  1. PUBLIC: public IP addresses can be accessed over to the internet.

It is assigned to your network by your internet service provider known as [ISP] this IP gives you a wider internet.

So the information you’re looking for can be found .however it is also known to be a unique figure or code that cant be reused by another device.

  1. PRIVATE: private IP address can be used just only within a private network that can be used to connect only to devices of the same network.

However, it is also known to be a nonunique or special figure or code that can be used by reused by another device.

In other private derives.

  1. Static: A static IP address can’t ever change.

This type of IP address matter more your external devices or website need to always remember your address.

One of those times is when you’re using VPN.

A static IP address doesn’t care if you’re hosting a simply the best setup process to use.

  1. Dynamic; dynamic IP address lets you use it temporarily on your device.

You can change it whenever you feel you’re in trouble with online hackers.

However, being an automatic IP it is assigned by the DHCP server to every network or device.

It is also connected to a large number of users or clients.

 What is IP address lookup?

An IP address lookup determines the location of any IP.

It provides large numbers of information which include the city, state, origin, country code, blank list status [if any].

it also reveals the name of the IP owner all this data provided by your IP lookup is used by different agencies to find or locate the owner if any illegal activity is performed.

However, an IP lookup is a network designed to help u get information based on an IP address.

How to use an IP address lookup on any website

  1. Open the prompt command .press the widow key. And then the “R” buttons
  2. pring any website you want to trace .then type “pring” following by the URL of the website to get its IP …
  3. run the “trace route” command on the selected IP
  4. Put those IPs into the IP lookup. And wait for the information it will provide.


What is an IP address tracker?

This is a software application service that can track the IP address of any website visitor.

Just like we all know what tracking is? An IP tracker is assigned to each and every system with an IP address.

This tracker provides the location or route of any IP address, not just pubic IP but also any IP address in the whole world.

What is the difference between IP tracker and IP lookup address?

IP Tracker. The two tools are similar IP tools.

But the great difference is that the IP tracker is just meant for your personal track to get more information about your device or IP and the pc behind them.

With IP tracker you can get information on the type of browser you use the language you can also know where your device is at any moment in time and some other relevant information.

IP lookup

Unlike IP tracker. IP lookup is also known as IP locator. It’s made to obtain information regarding any device other than your own.


How to find my IP address location


Both network and computer don’t regencies you by your name

They do prefer numbers.

And those numbers they use in knowing you are called the IP addresses.

An IP address comes in a format of 32-bit numbers it is shown as four decimal numbers.

Each one of this numbers has a range of 0 to 255 and is separated by dots.

So each set of those number are known as an octet.

There also comes a time when you need to know the IP of your router.

These are assigned by you ISP information such as names and the general location those are called [a GEOLP].

Knowing your device and other general locations base on your IP is as simple as ever.

All you have to do is go to your browser and type [WhatIsMyIP.Com and MyIPLoction.Com].

Then the site will go further in showing you the name of your ISP, your city, and even a map. Those are not really your internal IP address.

What is an internal IP address?

This IP is for local networks only.

It connects you from your device to have access to the internet.

With this IP address, you can tell difference between your phone and laptop.

Or other devices it can also use to locate devices connected to them.

How to find my internal IP address

Every single device has a connection to the internal network.

Has an IP address. Whether you’re making use of Wi-Fi or Ethernet they all have an IP that communicates with the internet through your router.

In a simple network, your router will have an IP address that looks like and they are called the gateway.

It always pops up a lot when an IP address of other devices. This also means that your router will use DHCP to always assignee addresses to devices where only the last octet has changed so in, will depend on the rang your device will define.

What is IP address Range?

Range as we all know is known to be the difference between the highest and lowest values in a set of numbers.

Therefore an IP address range is the set of numbers that stand as your IP.

Internet and other device regencies you only through this range.

Example is an IP address range.

How to change my IP address

The simplest way to change your IP address is to simply change or switch to a new network.

When you think your IP address is in the wrong hands all you have to do is to change them.

  1. First, go to your phone or system setting.
  2. Navigate to wireless and networks.
  3. Simply click on your Wi-Fi network.
  4. Click on the modifier.
  5. Select advance options.
  6. Then you can change into any other IP address

How to hide my IP address

Hiding your IP address is a very good decision to take.

Here are two simple steps to hind your IP address from people.

You can hide it by using [VPN server] or [PROXY server].

VPN server: this server establishes a great connection between you, your device, and the internet.

It makes IP address locations invisible to intruders.

PROXY server: this server act very much like a gateway between you and your internet.

It separates users from the website they use .leaving no clue about the IP information.

This makes both servers good to use when it comes to protecting your IP address.

  1. Avoid websites from tracking you: every website you loads into has your IP address.


This website may not be the ones collecting them but some of the services rendered can do so.

They can sell those to third parties or use them for their own benefit. So hiding our IP can help us a lot.

  1. Prevent marketers from using your profile: you can’t prevent the market from tracking you.

Because they are other ways to tack like through email…

But hiding your IP address can make it harder to have all your complete information.

  1. Safe and private browsing: now with a safe IP you can browse without worrying about clearing your cookies or history or any basic trafficking.

With your IP address hidden you have your own privacy in browsing

  1. No internet service tracking: if you don’t keep any special measures your internet service can keep of your online activity.

Yes, not every service provider will spy on you but prevention is better cause you don’t know which provider does.

  1. Promoting rights of privacy: hiding your IP can promote our right our privacy though because we should not give away every bit of information to the authorities to avoid search warrantee which could be embarrassing.







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