My premier credit card login

My premier credit card login:  What is my premier credit card

My premier credit card login:  What is my premier credit card

My premier credit card login: It’ is a credit card that is being offered by the first premier bank. The primer bank is the 13th largest issuer of master card brand credit cards in the united state.

My premier credit card login

It’s a bank well known for its wide specialization of subprime credit cards that are marketed to individuals with low scores.

The first premier bank MasterCard users use the card for about 18 months before moving to another card with better terms.

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  1. Denny Sanford describes the company as offering lifelines for those with a poor score.

In the year 2007, the company was announced setting a case with the New York Attorney General who says the bank used deceptive ways to market its credit cards.

This made the bank offer him the part of the deal worth $4.5million.

2010 premier bank offers a credit card with just a 79.9% interest rate and a $300 limit this practice was made by Senator Bernie Sanders and he called the practice extortion and loan sharking.

                     What are the benefits of my premier credit card?

I will recommend premier cards especially for people who want to rebuild their credit.  or make a

Benefits of Premier credit card

  • Monthly credit report:
  • Keeping track of your FICO credit score
  • Cash Advance
  • Mobile app made easy
  • No hidden or extra charges
  • Access to security
  • Credit history management

                  How to apply for my premier credit card?

Looking for how to apply for your own premier card? No worries here are a few steps to do that.

  • Log in to the website at >
  • Tap on the first link
  • Provide your details
  • First name, last name, zip code, social security number
  • Click on continue and another page will pop up
  • Input your salary, mortgage rent amount
  • Employer
  • Click submit and you will be ascertained

To apply for this credit card you must be up to 18 years and above, you must be staying or working in the U.S.A

  What are the things to know before applying for a first primer card?

To apply for a premier credit card you must take note of these things first

  • It can be a starter for users with bad credit history
  • APR 16% of cash advances
  • It charges 3% for foreign currency
  • It charges $15 for late payment
  • To return an item its charge rate is $15

The card also requires a security deposit and you may not be accessed the card until 10 days after the deposition which can take up to 6 days to process

      What are the first premium customer services?

Here are a few services offered by the premium bank to their customer

  • Debit card
  • Personal banking
  • Business banking
  • ACH online
  • Brokerage account
  • Mortgage application
  • Business Rewards credit

                      What are the first premium customer care lines?

Do you want to speak with an agent without going to the bank no trouble there are a few numbers to do that?

For banking customer care line is 800-501-6535. For credit card, customer care line: 800-987-5521  The customers care available hours are from 7 am-5 pm Monday to Friday 9 am-5 pm Saturdays

      How to  fund  your premier credit card through phone

First, call the bank with the toll number 1-800-987-5521 to make the payment to your credit card you must have a personal account and also have your debit card number and your checking account number before calling.

My Premier credit card Login

This My Premier credit card login is an online step to login into your credit card account. With it, you can make online payments and manage your accounts. You can visit the Login page for payments and other things.


                 What is the premier card users Agreement?

To make use of the first premier bank credit card you must first agree to the teams here are a few terms you must agree to.

Agreement to the teams

To be enrolled access to the use of the premier online constitution will be bound by all the terms and conditions of this agreement

Agreement to fees

Fees may be assessed depending on the user’s account but any other fee like telephone charges or online service charges will not behold against the first premier bank.

Agreement to electronic message

As part of the first premier bank online service, our bankcard does not accept E-mail messages from users in order to get feedback an online service inquire a feature with message capability provider.

Agreement for verification

As your enrollment, you are to choose a username and password. Also, fill in other details and the bank is authorized to act only on the information provided by you nothing more.

Agreement to finger Authentication

Users have the choice to authenticate their identity and sign in by using a fingerprint scanner or any other biometric feature on the mobile device.

Agreement for  termination

They can suspend your account or terminated if you do the following:

  1. Your credit card account is over limited
  2. They can suspend your account  for fraudulent activities on the credit card
  3. Termination When when you lose or they stole your card.
  4. When your credit card is over limited

To cancel any access to the premier online services you are access to call the toll number 1-800-987-5521.

Agreement to access working hours

You can only access your account during working hours but for some certain hours, the service may not be available due to failure of system maintenance.

Agreement to security actions

Users are to memorize or write down any important information such as the password, account number, the username.


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