Netflix Gift Card | Places you can buy Netflix Gift Card & Benefits


Netflix Gift Card |Places you can buy Netflix Card & Benefits

Netflix Gift Card is issued by the Netflix to their customers so that it’ll help them to pay for Netflix subscriptions, and also function as gifts to their friends and loved ones. It  can also be used in place of virtual paper money for making purchases.

netflix gift card

For the Face value of the card,  the card works as a credit card for your credit account. It’s available for lots of occasions such as Mother’s Day, Father’s day, Wedding, New Year, and Graduation, Christmas, Halloween, Christening and several other special occasions.

As a world leading internet television network, Netflix boasts of over 65 million members across the world in over 50 countries. It provides users over 100 million hours of TV shows, movies and other entertainment features like documentaries and series on daily basis.

Registered members on Netflix can watch movies and documentaries of their choice any time they want. This is possible provided there’s an internet connection.

Who uses Netflix Gift Card?

Netflix card is used by Netflix members for watching movies, series documentaries at their convenience. It makes entertainment come to your doorstep without ads. The Gift cards come in different varieties and it’s quite handy.

Benefits of Netflix Gift Card

Members use  it to pay for membership subscription or to start a new subscription

For watching TV shows, series and movies on the internet via a connected device like mobile phones and

It’s accessible through all connected devices.

Users can watch their favorite entertainment programs at their convenience

It shows entertainment without ads

It can an exchange for a value of virtual paper money.

Where can one buy  it 

There’re several simple ways of buying  Netflix  Card. Below are the various options available for a customer to choose from in buying  it:

IST Option

It’s  available at participating retail shops like Walmart, Best Buy and so on. It’s available for $30 or $50.

Second Option


Online purchasing is the second option for purchasing a Netflix card. It can be from Walmart and PayPal as the main target.

How to use  the  gift card to Pay for Netflix services

For the first time, you’ll have to wonder how you can use the gift card to pay for Netflix just like me.

Below are steps for using the  to make payment:

  • Purchase at least one gift card for your account
  • Enter your gift cards at After, your balance will start increasing each time you add a gift card and you can use it to buy Netflix easily.
  • With the Gift cards, users have easy access to watch any Film, series or TV shows of their choice without issues. However, there must be an internet connected device and internet connection.


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