Nigeria police salary 2022

Nigeria police salary 2022 : how much a police officer is paid?

Nigeria police salary 2022: how much a police officer is paid?

The Nigerian police [Nigeria police force] is one of the law enforcement agencies in Nigeria. The agency was established by section 214 of the 1999 constitution of the federal republic of Nigeria.

Nigeria police salary 2022

However, in order to make the administration and the officer’s salary structure of the police simple, it’s made up of fifteen ranks.

Furthermore, a salary is the fixed amount an employee receives at the end of every month.

The companies always mention this in the employee’s employment letter as an annual amount.

However, the ranks or position of a person in an organization shows their level of authority.

So, if you’re interested in the police force and you’ll like to join, learn about its ranks and the pay attached to each position occupied by many individuals, let’s proceed.

In this article, you’ll learn about the Nigeria police salary by ranks, its history, functions, and training facilities, how to join the Nigeria police using the degree program as well as the requirements for attending the Nigeria police and academy, and how to successfully apply to attend Nigeria police academy.

However, we’re going to start with the history of the Nigerian police force.

The history of the Nigeria police force

The Nigeria police force was formed in the year 1820 and in the year 1879, the Hausa paramilitary constabulary was founded.

However, in the year 1888, the Royal Niger Company set up the Royal Niger Constabulary in the North.

In the year 1894, the Niger coast constabulary in Calabar for the Niger Coast protectorate was founded.

Finally, in the year 1896, the Lagos police force was established.

After the declaration of the protectorates of Northern and Southern Nigeria, some parts of the existing constabulary in North split to Northern police force and Southern police force.

Furthermore, the colonial masters nationalized the provincial police and in the year 1930, the first united Nigeria police force emerged.

Recently, the Inspector- General of police is the head of the Nigeria police as the IGP with twelve operational zonal commands and thirty-seven state commands.

Every zone is controlled by an Assistant Inspector General of police, while a commissioner of police takes care of the state command.

The Nigeria police force also has an Area command that has the Assistance commissioner of police as the head.

They also have a division with an officer in the level of a superintendent as the head.

The functions of the Nigeria police force

Section 4 of the Police Acts and Regulations listed Nigeria police functions as follows;

  • The first function of the Nigerian police force is the implementation of laws and orders within the jurisdiction in which they operate.
  • Protection of life and property
  • Arresting offenders
  • They also help in maintaining law and order in society.
  • They also carry out military assignments in and outside Nigeria as stated by the law.
  • The Nigeria police force also helps in stopping and detention crimes.

The arms of the Nigeria police force -Nigeria police salary 2022

  • The Anti-fraud section
  • Administrative arm
  • The central criminal registry
  • Special Anti-Robbery squad
  • X-Squad, general investigation
  • Special fraud unit
  • Legal section
  • Forensic science laboratory
  • Interpol Liaison
  • Homicide
  • Police mobile force
  • Anti- Human trafficking unit
  • Force intelligent Bureau
  • DCI Kaduna Annex and counter-Terrorism unit

The Nigeria police training facilities

Nigeria police force has training facilities in the country for their recruitment exercises, they’re the following.

The Nigeria police college

They’re about 5 police colleges for training intending police officers in different areas of the country such as Oji River, Ikeja, Kaduna, and Maiduguri police colleges.

However, other organizations such as immigration also use these training colleges to train their recruits.

More so, the rank officers trained in these facilities include the Cadet assistant superintendent and Cadet sub-inspectors.

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Other institutions

There’re other specialized institutions that train police recruits such as the;

  • The mobile police force training school in Abuja.
  • Counterterrorism [CTU] training school in Rivers state.
  • Mounted training center.
  • The police detective college at Enugu.
  • The police dog service training center.

The Nigeria police academy

The Nigeria police academy was established in the year 2003 to provide both academic and police training.

The institution is situated at Wudil Kano state.

However, in 2012, the government upgraded the Nigeria police academy to a degree-awarding academy; therefore in this academy, you’ll receive police training as well as take five years of academic courses.

So, you’ll receive a bachelor’s degree and commissioning as an Assistant c of police [ASP] of the Nigeria police when you graduate.

The entry levels into the Nigeria police

This page of the article will reveal to you the entry levels into the Nigeria police and how you can join the organization.

Are you interested in the Nigeria police and you’ll like to join in serving your land, here’re the ranks which you can join;

  • Cadet inspector.
  • Constable
  • The Nigeria academy degree program
  • Cadet Assistant Superintendent of police.

Requirements for joining the Nigeria police academy

For you to be considered and accepted into the Nigeria police force, you must meet the following requirements;

  • The applicants must between 18 to 20 years of age.
  • You must be 1.67 meters tall for males and 1.62 meters tall for men.
  • Applicant must be physically fit with no form of deformity.
  • Must have a minimum of 6 credits including English and Mathematics in WAEC, NECO, or NABTEB with not more than 2 sittings.
  • Applicants must obtain the required scores for the written and oral interview sessions.
  • You must also pass physical fitness and psychological test.

The Nigeria police salary 2022

Before you apply for the Nigeria police recruitment exercise, you’ve to note that the officer’s salary depends on his or her rank in the Nigeria police and grade.

Listed below is the Nigeria police salary structure based on the rank of each officer.

  • Police recruit

Monthly salary: NGN9, 019.42

Yearly salary: NGN108, 233.

  • Police constable grade level 03

Monthly salary: NGN43, 293.80

Yearly salary: NGN519, 525.6

  • Police constable Grade level 10

Monthly salary: NGN51, 113.59

Yearly salary: NGN613, 363.08

  • Police corporal on grade 04 [1]

Monthly salary: NGN51, 113.59

Yearly salary: NGN613, 365.08

  • Police corporal on grade level 04 [10]

Monthly salary: NGN51, 113.59

Yearly salary: NGN613, 365.08

  • A police sergeant on grade 05 [step 1]

Monthly salary: NGN48, 540.88

Yearly salary: NGN582, 490.56

  • For the Police sergeant on grade 05 [step 10]

Monthly salary: NGN55, 973.84

Yearly salary: NGN671, 686.08

  • A sergeant-major on grade 06 [step 1]

Monthly salary: NGN55, 144.81

Yearly salary: NGN661, 737.72

  • For the Sergeant major on grade 06 [step 10]

Monthly salary: NGN62, 204.88

Yearly salary: NGN746, 458.56

  • Cadet inspector on grade level 07 [Step 1]

Monthly salary: NGN73, 231.51

Yearly salary: NGN878, 778.12

  • Cadet on grade 07 [step 10]

Monthly salary: NGN87, 1135.70

Yearly salary: NGN1, 045, 628.4

  • Assistant superintendent of police on grade 08 [step 1]

Monthly salary: NGN127, 604.68

Yearly salary: NGN1, 531, 256.16

  • All Assistant superintendent of police on grade 08 [step 10]

Monthly salary: NGN144, 152.07

Yearly salary: NGN1, 729, 824.84

  • All the Assistant superintendents of police on grade 09 [step 1]

Monthly salary: NGN136, 616.06

Yearly salary: NGN1, 639, 392.72

  • Assistant superintendent of police-grade 09 [step 10]

Monthly salary: NGN156, 318.39

Yearly salary: NGN1, 875, 820.68

  • All Deputy Superintendent of police on grade 10 [step 1]

Monthly salary: NGN148, 733.29

Yearly salary: NGN1, 784, 799.48

  • Deputy Superintendent of police on grade 10 [step 10]

Monthly salary: NGN170, 399.69

Yearly salary: NGN2, 044, 796.28

  • All the Superintendent of police on grade 11 [step 1]

Monthly salary: NGN161, 478.29

Yearly salary: NGN1, 937, 739.48

  • Superintendent of police on grade 11 [step 10]

Monthly salary: NGN187, 616.69

Yearly salary: NGN2, 251, 400.28

  • Chief of superintendent of police on grade 12 [step 1]

Monthly salary: NGN172, 089.06

Yearly salary: NGN2, 065, 068.72

  • Chief Superintendent of police on grade 12 [step 8]

Monthly salary: NGN199, 723.96

Yearly salary: NGN2, 396, 687.52

  • Assistant commissioner of police on grade 13 [step 1]

Monthly salary: NGN183, 185.73

Yearly salary: NGN2, 198, 228.76

  • Assistant commissioner of police on grade 13 [step 10]

Monthly salary: NGN212, 938.16

Yearly salary: NGN2, 555, 257.92

  • All the Deputy Commissioner of police on grade 14 [step 1]

Monthly salary: NGN242, 715.65

Yearly salary: NGN2, 912, 587.8

  • Deputy Commissioner of police on grade 14 [step 7]

Monthly salary: NGN278, 852.79

Yearly salary: NGN3, 346, 233.48

  • Every Commissioner of police on grade 15 [step 1]

Monthly salary: NGN266, 777.79

Yearly salary: NGN3, 201, 333.48

  • Commissioner of police on grade 15 [step 6]

Monthly salary: NGN302, 970. 47

Yearly salary: NGN3, 635, 645.64

  • Assistant inspector general of police

Monthly salary: NGN499, 751.87

Yearly salary: NGN5, 997, 022.44

  • Deputy inspector general of police

Monthly salary: NGN546, 572.73

Yearly salary: NGN6, 558, 872.76

  • Inspector General of police, [IGP]

This is now the highest rank in the Nigerian police force. The inspector general of police is appointed by the president and can also be sacked by him too.

The tenure of the Inspector General of police is always on a 4 years term.

Once his tenure expires or the president sacks him, he must leave the office because the president will appoint another person to replace him.

The IGP earns more than all other police officers, here’re his salary details

Monthly salary: NGN711, 498

Yearly salary: NGN8, 537 976

You’ve seen the list of Nigeria police salary structures based on the rank each officer holds.

The hierarchy at the Nigeria police force

Listed below at the ranks of the Nigeria police force starting from the highest position held by IGP down to the lowest which is the police recruit;

  • The inspector-general of police
  • The deputy inspector-General of police
  • The Assistant inspector-General of police
  • The commissioner of police is in charge of contingents in a state.
  • The deputy commissioner of police
  • The assistant commissioner of police
  • The chief superintendent
  • The superintendent of police
  • The deputy of superintendent of police
  • The assistant superintendent of police
  • The inspector of police
  • Sergeant major
  • Sergeant
  • Corporal
  • Constable
  • Police recruit
How to apply for Nigeria police academy

Have you always found it difficult to apply for the Nigeria police academy?  Here’re the steps to apply successfully without stress.

  • Go to the Nigeria police official [email protected]
  • Fill out the form online to generate your RRR [Remita Retrieval Reference] code.
  • You’ll have to pay for an online application for N3, 500.
  • You can either pay with a card or print the RRR code invoice to pay at any Nigerian commercial bank of your choice.
  • Once you’ve paid the required fee, log in to to create an online application account.
  • Tap on the link labeled “apply online” and create your account there.
  • Always use the RRR code as your username any time you want to log in to your account.
  • You must ensure that you register for JAMB and select NPA Wudil as the first choice.
  • Write the unified tertiary matriculation examination [UTME] and get the cut-off mark that Jamb gives to applicants every year.

In conclusion, you’ve learned about Nigeria’s police force, the history, functions, training programs, and institutions as well as the step-by-step application process.

However, you’ve also learned the ranks, monthly and yearly salaries of the Nigerian police officers.

So, since you’re interested in the Nigerian police force and have all the information you need at your fingertips, you can now go ahead and join the police force.


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