OkCupid Sign in without Email

Okcupid Sign in without Email  : Okcupid login dating profile

OkCupid Sign in without Email: Okcupid login dating profile

  OkCupid is a dating site that helps you meet new people from different cultures, values, and backgrounds. It is an app where you express yourself, find the right kind of people you are looking for, and live your life to the fullest with those people. OkCupid dating app helps the members not to involve themselves with fake love and fake people and to avoid any form of heartbreak.

OkCupid Sign in without Email

It is a place where you meet both genders and then engages in any type of relationship you wish. Even if you want a straight relationship, gay or sup, just allow OkCupid to help you and link you to the right people for you.

Moreso, the OkCupid app is very amazing, easy and accessible, and also understandable. Make sure you get the app from okcupid.com.

While using the OkCupid app, you are free to explore, choose any country of your choice, flirt, chat, have fun with any of your chosen partners because that’s what OkCupid can offer. Now let’s move to the topic of the day.

Where you told or informed that you can only log in to OkCupid by only using the email and password.

But in this article, I will be showing you ways you can log in to OkCupid without using your Email but before that, make sure you have registered in the account. If you have, Great, let’s move on.

People think that you can’t log in to WWW.okcupid.com without using the Email and password but it’s untrue.

In addition, if you have the OkCupid app, it will help you solve all your problems and also give you a guide on how to login into the app. While logging in, you must use the same phone number you used in the previous account that is linked to the OkCupid app.

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Features of Okcupid dating site

  1. User friendly
  2. It can be explored easily
  3. You can meet both genders
  4. It is for grown-ups
  5. It’s a free dating site
  6. The app can be downloaded freely
  7. You can find love and anything in between
  8. The usable language is English which is easy to understand
  9. You can share anything among your friends
  10. You can also receive and send anything
  11. Also, you’ll live on adventures because your partner must be found.
  12. You can be free and vulnerable
  13. the person  can chat with more than one person as long as you want
  14. You can even delete the app when you’re no more in need of it.


    How to download OkCupid apps by using your mobile phone.

  1. Open a google play store or App store
  2. Lookup for the OkCupid app in the search area
  3. Download the app
  4. Install the app and then start using on your phone

How to sign in  OkCupid app without Email.

Interestingly, those who lost or forgot their Email account can easily use their mobile phone number if only the phone number is reachable and can be linked to the dating site.


  1. Visit WWW.okcupid.com by using a web browser
  2. Click on the sign-in button
  3. You are signing without an email then tap on sign in with phone number
  4. Type in the mobile phone number you want to use

5. Check the number and sign up

How to sign in OkCupid app on phone mobile

While using your phone, log in using a web browser at the OkCupid website. On your phone, download the app

  1. Install the app
  2. Sign in using your email and password
  3. Or sign in with your mobile number and login
  4. Click on the sign-in button when you are through with signing in your number.


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