One drive | How to set up Microsoft One drive


How to set up Microsoft One drive

The world is already a digital world and virtually everything we do has to pass through the internet in one way or the other. However, saving of files like documents, media files and information is very important for everyone with Onedrive Free Storage, you can save lots of files.

One drive

It doesn’t matter the business you do, but we all have a need to save one file or the one. Basically, we save files for future purposes. Mostly, files are saved in the safest place.

Therefore, to save your files, you’ll need one or more of the Cloud storage devices. So, I recommend you use the Microsoft cloud storage to save your file. One of the best you can use is Microsoft Onedrive.

The system is designed to help humanity deal with file storage and file loss issues. Moreover, there are other storage cloud services like the Google cloud, IBM cloud, Apple cloud storage, etc.

More about Microsoft Cloud Storage one drive free storage

The Microsoft cloud is one of the safest ways for you to save all your files, document, and information’s with ease. However, the storage system is quite active and it can hold a large number of files. With this, the issues of loss or damage of files or document which we do encounter frequently are solved with the Microsoft cloud storage services.

We all know that saving document files on paper and cupboards is gradually fading away. This is actually a good innovation in the internet cloud development. More so, with Microsoft cloud services, people can save personal and administrative documents safe on the internet. This is very good because files your files can’t get lost or damaged by simple human errors.

How to set up Microsoft Onedrive free storage Service

Access the Microsoft cloud storage services are very easy. However, if you want to set up the Microsoft Onedrive cloud storage system then use these steps below:

The first thing you’ll do is install the office 365 software application on your device either a mobile device or your PC.

Thereafter, the one drive cloud storage app comes with the installation of the office 365 the move to set up.

Open the windows software and tap on the Onedrive

A set up will appear, fill in your office 365 email address info. Then, you will now key in the password of the account as well.

When you’re done filling those details your one drive account will be set up automatically.

Note: Each user can sync his or her account to see the latest version of the one drive account. After setting up your account, the user gets 5GB of storage space for free to store personal files.

Importance of Microsoft Cloud Storage-Onedrive Free Storage

There’re a lot of benefits a Microsoft cloud storage user can gain from using the cloud storage. One thing you’re sure of is that it improves the way of storing files and data safely.

It helps in the Safekeeping of Personal Document: One of the major reasons to have a One drive account is to save your document. It can be documented as a doc file, media files or data.

Prevent Damage or loss of Files: With the Onedrive service platform, you can keep your files safe from getting loss or damage. Even though the system breaks down you can as well access your files from any other device once you log in to the internet. This is possible if only if you didn’t forget your login details.

To view and edit Files: As a cloud service user, you can view their files anywhere and even edit them via its advance viewer on a great web interface.

For Photos and File Uploads: With this saving app (Onedrive) users can easily upload their photos and videos files easily. It has a way of making photos and videos taken on your device automatically upload to your one drive account if you allow the setup.

The benefit of Microsoft Cloud – One drive Free Storage

Encourages File Sharing: This is an amazing aspect of the one drive service. It allows you to share your files and even folders with others if you want to do so. In addition, you can share photos, videos, and documents with friends, family members, and even colleagues.

Allows Synchronize among Other Devices: Users can sync their Onedrive account with other devices they have. So, if a user has multiple devices like the PC, tablet, smart device they can sync them all together.

Search: There is a search feature in the one drive to enable users to locate their files and document easily.


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