Online Radio | live radio Online -Free Internet Radio Stations


Online Radio | live radio Online -Free Internet Radio Stations

 Online radio has improved the services of the local radio stations making them transmit beyond boundaries they won’t ordinarily reach through the internet. This is a welcome development in the entertainment world making radio transmissions boundless.

Online Radio

Online radio became more useful since media awareness increased in the past decades. As a result, internet radio becomes the most effective way to reach the world through radio transmission. There are no doubt the boundless benefits of online radio in service delivery.

Presently, online radio is the standard and more convenient means of listening to your favorite radio stations in the world.

 Benefits of Online Radio / Internet Radio

It removed the limitation in  the power of the station’s transmitter

There’s an increased available spectrum

Removes geographic limitations- it comes as vast as cyberspace itself.

Online radio or internet radio is not limited to audio. This can be accompanied by photos, texts, graphics, interactivity, and links. also, it can include message boards and chatrooms.

It enables users to do more than listen. A listener who gets to hear about an ad of a particular product can order for it via the link.

Enhances the relationship between advertisers and consumers via integrative and intimate on the internet radio broadcast. When it’s used to conduct training or for education, links and documents and payment options can be provided to listeners.

It offers wide radio programming in a wider spectrum of broadcast genres mostly in music. It’s controlled by numbers of media conglomerates like Cox, Jefferson-Pilot and

It helps to reach number of audiences, unlike the traditional radio stations.

It’s is cheaper to get on the air via internet radio than the traditional radio station

Users can connect with any online/internet device with internet connection for radio live streaming of programs.

Major online Radio Station and their Frequency

Here are some online radio stations that you can tune and get more news, talks, shows, Music, documentaries, sports and more.

BBC world service – 225.646


BBC Radio 1 – 98.8

Radio Poland – 88.0

KEXP – 90.3

KCRW – 89.9

KUTX – 98.9


WWOZ – 90.7

WFMU – 91.1

KUSF – 90.3

WQXR – 105.9



Below are the iTunes online radio that you’ll always see in the iPhone device

The iTunes Radio Services- iTunes Store

iTunes online radio comes with ad-support service and it’s in all iTunes users. It has Siri integration on iOS device s. Moreover, users can skip tracks, customize stations and by the station’s songs via the iTunes store.

From there, users can search through their history of previous songs.

If you’re an iTunes Match subscriber, you’ll be able to use an ad-free version of the service. It helps users to access the pre-load service stations such as playlists of trending songs on Twitter.

In addition, iTunes has generated a radio station that’s based on inputs such as a single artist with their songs many more.

How you can use iTunes Radio on your iPhone

Apart from listening to music on your iPhone, iTunes radio is another thing you can do with your iPhone. You can add stations of your choice, favorite music and view your listening history.

Here is the what you’ve to do to use iTunes radio

must have any Apply devices with iOS7

Click to open the music icon on the home screen

Click the radio button down the screen

Tap on any station & the song of your choice to start playing.

Control buttons and the Functions

There’re tools down the screen to set and control the playback and other functions of the iTunes radio. Down the button is a button with a star shape. It’s like  play more options and Like this tool. The button has Never Play this song. Using this tools set, you can build custom radio stations.

Steps to add Stations to iTunes Radio

 To add stations to iTunes radio,  tap the information icon having the circled “i” in the top-middle of the screen. Select a new station from any artist or New Station from a song.  However, you can create a new station via the process below:

Tap to open the music icon

Tap on the radio button

Click new station from thee iTunes radio home page and click the category of music you want such as jazz or Latin hits and you’ll get subcategories. Click the one you want and tap the add new button that’ll show by the right side of the category.  And the category will be added to your stations.


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