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               Outlook sign up:  How to create outlook account-what is outlook?

                                       Outlook sign up:  How to create an outlook account-what is the outlook?

Outlook is an email app that allows you to send and receive email messages, store your numbers and manage your calendar.  The app was created by Sabeer Bhatia and jack smith in the year 1996 as a Hotmail it was later acquired by Microsoft in 1997.

outlook sign up

In the range of $ 400 million it was lunch then as an MSN and was made part of window live products. Outlook gives support to the integration of the Microsoft exchange server first you have to complete the integration between your email, contact, and calendar.

Millions of people are making use of outlook but some users don’t know.

This app has some amazing features you can make use of; here are just a few amazing features this app gives to you.

                        What are the features of outlook?

  • Scheduling: you might be working late some night but I bet you do want your client knowing that,

At times you may have some content that you will love people to read don’t want  them to know till the next day when you will get to post time,

This feature allows you to write an email and set a schedule when you want it out.

However, your question is maybe how that can happen Direction< 1. When you’re done writing your email,

  1. Go to delay delivery then click on the box which says >do not deliver before, input the time and also the time you will like to hold the message until, tap on
  2. Close and send your email and it won’t send until the time set.
  • Creating new appointment: task and meeting this feature helps you to create an appointment without the stress of leaving your chats,

How to do it

  1. Go to the home page
  2. Click the new emails button
  3. Select all the contact you will like to add to the appointment or meeting
  • Quick parts, sending of similar emails: if you always send an email regularly like inviting people to an event,

The quick part will allow you to save the content of the email so you can insert it into any future email;

In addition, if you save the email as auto text next time you write the same email outlook will give you a suggestion on the remaining content you can simply insert the text.

  • Keyboard shortcuts: we all like to use shortcuts for our work to go faster for us,

So outlook has made some handy ones for us   examples of the shortcut are

To switch to calendar [CTRL +2

Switch to contacts [CTRL+3

Switching to mail [CTRL+1

To make a new appointment [CTRL+ SHIFT+A

Sending messages [ALT+S

To reply to a message [CTRL +R

  • Sharing calendars: the calendar helps in scheduling appointments, meets, and events organized by the company,

Calendar sharing is very powerful because it allows users to invite people inside their organization,

So to grant then proper access to event sharing of your calendar can help you save a lot of time and better your


The question is how can I share my calendar here are ways to share your calendar

  1. Go to calendar
  2. Click on share calendar
  3. Enter all the contact you will love to share your calendar with
  4. in your content write if you want them to see the full details or the availability only
  5. Click on send the contact that accepts your request will have access to your calendar
  • Task effective management: task management is a process of monitoring your project task although particular stages from the beginning to the end,

However, the outlook has brought a feature that will manage your task in a very effective way

Task management is very great to put in use especially when in a project with one or many people

Your question may be how can I make my task to be managed more effectively here how to go about it 1. create a task

  1. Add as many details as you can about it
  2. Select the bar Manuel which reads “Assigned task” input the name of the person you will like to assign or give the task to
  3. Send the contact will accept or decline the task and notification of responses will be sent to you.
  • Create and manage your rules: the feature of outlook rules helps you a lot in prioritizing and organizing your emails in order to suit you,

How to create and manage your rules

  1. Go to rules
  2. Manage rules and alert
  3. Click new rules
  4. Select the type of rules you wish to apply
  5. Click on the nest to add more important details
  6. You can also change the rules without going back to the process
  • Easy searching: No need to separate all your emails into some different folders,

This feature helps you to find your emails or content just by typing a few words here are just a few ways to easy search emails. 

  1. Type a little content of the email from the top search bar
  2. Make sure to Add “to or from” before you begin your search
  3. Input date or time of arrival of email and so searching has been made easy

                    How to sign up for outlook

As a free web email service that has been provided by Microsoft, you must first sign up with them to access outlook and the amazing features

You can also access it if only you have a current account with Hotmail, sky drive, Xbox live account or even windows live account,

However, if you don’t have an account with those you have to sign up for an outlook account with the following steps.

  • Visit the outlook website> www.outlooksignup.com
  • Select > create a free account
  • Then follow the instruction
  • Provide your names and every required detail
  • You can subscribe to Microsoft 365
  • Download and install the app on your phone for easy use
  • Download app on > www.outlook.download.com.


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