Twitter marketing | Twitter Marketing tips to grow your business

Twitter marketing | Twitter Marketing tips to grow your business

 Following a good Twitter marketing strategy can help grow your business /brands faster than most social media platforms. I am not saying that Twitter marketing is the best, of course, it has its own challenges.

 Twitter marketing

Even though the average lifespan of one tweet is just about 18 minutes and one tweet is times shorter than anything on Facebook in shelf life. This can make tweets to be lost easily. But if you employ the right Twitter marketing strategies you can command a lot of attentions and people can listen to you on Twitter.

 Twitter can be a powerful tool  in growing  your business is you use the right strategy. In this article, I’ll show you some guides that will help you grow your business using Twitter.

Twitter marketing strategies

To be successful on Twitter as a brand, you must define your set goals. You can’t just be on Twitter when you don’t have a purpose being there.

Anytime someone or your boss asks you why the business has to be on Twitter, you should be able to give the following reasons:

  • We can generate leads and sales on Twitter
  • Build and increase our customer loyalty
  • Create more brand awareness
  • Reduce customer support costs.

Having this in mind, you can easily achieve your purpose on this digital marketing social media platform. However, following the following Twitter marketing strategies below, you’ll able to  grow your business Faster than your competitors:

Know your competitors

Firstly, you must know about your competitor’s ability and weakness on the platform or on other social media platform. When you know their weakness, you can now employ other strategies that’ll ensure that you take the lead in the business.

Know your target Audience

Every brand on a social media platform has people that it serves. You must know the target group that you brand is meant for so that you can focus on them.

Focusing a particular audience will help them to engage your brand/products and they’ll end up being your customers. If you continue, most of them can go as far as being your Brand ambassadors.

Manage your Twitter accounts well

The size of your company can determine to a large extent if you’re to have a single account or have many account for every department.

Creating a Unique Twitter presence

Your posting should have some unique characteristics to make the content to stand out.

Using Twitter Tools

You leverage on the Twitter’s website and apps for sending occasion tweet or sending of direct message. With the Twitter tools, you can achieve the following:

  • Generating leads- This will enable you know people that engages with your brand. You can as well get to know if they are sharing your brand.
  • Getting industry influencers
  • Analyzing your completion-With this, you’ll get more info on their tweets, hashtags, follower, mentions etc.
  • Get Trending topics- Through trending events, you can get more sources to write on or to improve your products. You’ll get more from hashtags, search terms, sources etc.
  •  Editing and adding images to your tweets
  • It helps to manage your followers; you can add, follow or unfollow fans. Most times you may have to unfollow inactive or Spammy followers.
  • You can use to time your posts to achieve more results.
Building higher Twitter Profile

Twitter engagement can build your business great Twitter account. From this, you can have trust in your audience and increase your business appearance in search results.

Listening and learning from Audience Response

For businesses that have more to do with broadcast content to their follower, it’s advisable you listen to your followers and know how they perceive your brand in the market.

Just by listening to your followers you can know what your audience is interested in. You’ll also know the content they respond to and engage with. If you’re listening to your audience, you must not the following:

  • You should know how they pronounce your brand name, and the spelling
  • How they mention your product names
  • If they mention your competitors and how often they mention them.
  • Your Brand slogan, industry buzzwords
  • If they can mention your CEO or Public rep names and the spellings too.
  • If they know or mention the campaign name or keywords.
Creating Unique and great content

Even though Twitter give you 280 characters to write, you can still create some unique with this. For those that have company blog or website, dropping a link will help your follower to get more information on what you’re writing about.

 Creating a great content can actually help your audience that they can read and use it. If you continue doing this, they’ll find your article so useful and they‘ll keep coming to your page.

Using Hashtags

The use of Hashtags makes your content post to be seen by lots of followers as possible. When you use Hashtags, your content gets grouped with other relevant Twitter content.

So, it’ll help Twitter users to find your content easily.

Not every social media user know that science of using hashtags, however, when used well, it can give you some advantages on your content.

 Using Multimedia to engage your audience

Most people who use social media love videos, images and GIFs. They tend to get more convictions when they see it in videos and images, so why not give them what they want. This very important because if you don’t, someone else will provide it and they’ll go after the person’s products.

Posting content at the right time

Since Tweets don’t last, you need to know when your target audience stays online most. So, if you can tweet at the right time, you’ll reach the most potential followers and get your highest engagement.

You should as well, tweet regularly, use analytics to fine-tune your approach and schedule your posts.

Engaging your audience

You need to respond to your audience questions as soon as possible. By this, you have to respond quickly, retweet, like and follow your audience.

 Monitor your brand and measure results of performances

This Twitter marketing strategy is very important for you to know how your Twitter engagement is doing. Set time to follow your competitors, listen more and have a better way to manage issues with communication.

For measuring your results, you can use Twitter analytics to evaluate your success and know the kind of content that your community engages.


Facebook Ads Manager | How to set up ads account

Facebook Ads Manager | How to set up ads account

One of the important tools you’ll need to grow your business on Facebook is the Facebook Ads manager tool. Many people who want to grow their business through social media digital marketing often find it difficult because they don’t know how to set up a Facebook ads manager account.

 Facebook ads manager

You may be asking why or the importance of this tool. But if you’ll achieve a good success advertising your brand on social media such as Facebook, you’ll need to set up a Facebook Ads manager account.

Because there’re over a million business outfits who advertise their business and services on Facebook, you won’t be left out because if you keep quiet, your competitors will go far ahead of you.

Facebook ads are quite easy to understand, hence, business both big and small use it to promote their businesses.

Why you need Facebook Ads manager

There’s other reason more than reaching more clients, prospective buyers on the giant social media that has over 2 billion users. More than a hundreds of millions of people uses Facebook daily. Also, people use the messenger app, and Facebook lite to communicate to friends, loved ones and discuss business.

The Facebook ads manager has a structure that looks very hard to understand and to set up. But even in the appearance, you can still get it right. Getting it right here means that you’ll give your users the tools to level pup your ads and to accomplish your campaigns.

What is in the Facebook ads manager?

Through the Facebook ads Manager app, you can access the platform at any time you want and wherever via your Smartphone. You can get the app in various app stores. If you wish to use it for your ads campaign, you need to have the following:

  • Access to the ads for free but you’ll pay for the ads campaign
  • Ability to create your own ads set and ads
  • You can choose the type of audience that you want.
  • You should be able to access the record and performance of your business campaign

Procedures to Access Facebook Ads Manager

Basically, you can access this in 3 ways, through thee Facebook ads manager app or by visiting The third is the facebook official website. Making use of the app is quite easier to use and to do this; you must have the facebook account.

To start, you need to login to your Facebook account. Click on ‘ads’ so that you’ll be redirected to the ads account homepage.

On getting to the new homepage, you’ll see your profile image at the right corner of the top of the page. Look at the top left corner of the page to see a 3 line menu.

There, you’ll see your audiences, the setting and the image, business location and create and manage options. Focusing on this page, you’ll know how to setup you Facebook campaign.

Setting up the Facebook Ads manager

You to advertise your business on facebook, you must need Facebook manager account. Just login to your Facebook account and find the Facebook ads manager at the top of the account.

You can perform four tasks on the platform which are the ads, ads set, ads account and campaign.

 In using this, you have to utilize theme to achieve the following:

  • Select your campaign purpose, brand awareness and key in your campaign name and tap on the set up ads account.
  • Click on the continue button. Create your audience and choose your budget, placement and schedule
  • Choose your format for adverts
  • Select a video or image for your ads campaign
  • Choose the identity you need to create the page. Enter the details in the 3rd section and tap the continue tab.
  • Fill in your payment method and click on the continue to confirm that it’s yours.

By following the steps above you can create your Facebook ads for your business. You can follow the steps on your mobile app. Each time you want to start your campaign, click on the order button.

The benefits of Facebook ads are many and with the ads, you can grow your business to reach more people and make more profit. When you make use of ads, you’ll always be ahead of your competitors and your sales will increase.


eBay Business Account | how to start your own eBay selling account

eBay Business Account | how to start your own eBay selling account

How to open an eBay business account has been a question that many have asked over and over again. Most people who ask these questions are often confused. They keep imagining how to open one, even when they visit the eBay website, they seen not to see how to start with the eBay Business account. It’s more like digital marketing, you have to be responsible for your growth in the eBay platform.

 eBay business account

So, they kept asking:

  • Where will I click or where the link to open an eBay business account.
  • What is charge for  and how to pay for the account,
  • If it doesn’t work out how do I cancel, and can I get my money back?
  • What is the duration of the training, what it’s like and how do I sign up for it.

All these questions field their minds searching for simple and direct answers. Sorry to say that there’re no such direct answers to the questions above.

Understanding eBay– eBay business account

Don’t just desire to open an eBay business account without you first understanding what eBay is and what it’s not. You must realize that eBay doesn’t sell ready-to-run businesses.

This is to say that it has no particular ‘Start a business’ link that you can click on. There’s no particular amount that it charges to start an eBay business account. Also, there aren’t any training manuals or a kind of catalogs that’ll guide you.

What is eBay?

eBay is just a place or venue where sellers can offer their goods and buyers can browse through it and them.

However, selling on eBay is just like renting a shop in a mall or selling items at a market or yard.

The items you sell, where you get the item, the price and how you price and your delivery details depends on you. eBay doesn’t offer any help or services in any of these areas. They are just like the owners of the mall and they only provide the space.

It’s the store owners that are in charge of filling their space with goods, attracts customers and make money to be profitable enough to pay for the rent of the store.

Building an eBay business account

In starting an eBay business, you must know that it’s like building a business from the scratch. It can be quite challenging, but you have to think like an entrepreneur. You need some business sense, street smartness and good communication skills. Beside these, you’ll need some cash and networking connections.

How to join eBay

To join eBay, you’ll need and eBay account. This same account is what eBay shopper’s use and it’s free to create.

With your eBay account, you can buy few things on eBay and learn how eBay shopping works. You’ll see the listings in the diverse formats. You can successfully sell on eBay when you’ve have understood eBay bidding quite well. You can make a listing forma sample sale around the house. In case you have any challenge, you can check the list of common first-time sellers.

To sell, use the sell link at the top right of eBay’s website and fill out the selling form to post the items on sale. You must ensure that you have compelling listings that will attract buyers. Then, package and ship your items and ask for a leave a feedback.

Selling on eBay isn’t a get rich quick of a thing but you’ve to know that there will be tough times ahead the light at the end of every struggle. However, you must give  honest answers to all the questions.

When you’re convinced that this online business is for you, time some time and start the real business on eBay.

Making more sales on eBay

Now that you’ve decided to be selling online, sit down and look for goods that people buy regularly, mark it up and sell with predictions. Locate shopping trends in fashions, cosmetics and tech and digital products. You can go as far as establishing relationships with sources and suppliers of the products.

Depending on your capital, you can go as far as dealing with the wholesalers. However, you must know that eBay doesn’t help you in any of the processes to undergo. In building your business on eBay, you need to make good research, send emails, make phone calls and visit other businesses to build relationship. Think of good business models that you’ll employ to sell your goods on eBay.

Growing your sales

Set goals and how to grow your business and ensure that start on time to achieve them. Balance your books with good and sustainable selling prices, sell-through rates and other volume relative to your costs of getting your items.

Avoid companies and websites that claim to be dealing direct with eBay. Some may not be asking you to click here nor there, pay our fee, get listings and all of that. You must be care how you associate with companies and websites that claims what they are not to eBay.

The Benefits of eBay business account

Having eBay account will offer you the opportunity to connect with unlimited sales globally. It’s an avenue will help you to list items fast and make sales with such a flexible condition once you get it right. It provides an opportunity for account holders to become eBay partners. Most importantly, it offers users a more guaranteed delivery to their products.

The advantages of eBay business account

  • It provides task reduction for sales and offers users discounts on prices. People who use it have the ability to use their company’s name with full legal protection.

How to Delete a Facebook Page you don’t want again

How to Delete a Facebook Page you don’t want again

You may want to delete a Facebook page that you don’t want again but you don’t know how to do it. I know that many will want to delete some Facebook pages they created a long time ago that doesn’t have any relevance to them now but only reminds them of one ugly experience or the other.

Delete a facebook page

To some, it can be reminding them of a failed business adventure, failed relation and pop-ups from friends that you don’t want to hear from again yet you don’t want to block them out rightly.

There’re many reasons people may want to delete their facebook page. Most times, when a Facebook business page isn’t active again, followers on the page by are asking for information from the owner. So to avoid keeping people on suspense, it’s better you delete it.

Knowing what Facebook page is

Many people who don’t know what Facebook page is should click on Facebook business page to get more information on this. So, don’t mistake a Facebook page for a Facebook profile. Your Facebook profile represents an individual that you can now interact with friends and maintain control on your privacy of the information you share.

Whereas a Facebook page or Facebook business page represents a person, place, organization, group, brand publicly that people will like to follow on facebook.

Facebook page comes in about 7 different Facebook page templates that you can use to create your business page. It all depends on what you’re doing, what you have and mind and the purpose of creating the page.

However, times, the page won’t be needed any longer and there will be a need to delete it.  To successfully delete a Facebook page, you have to follow the steps below:

You must be an Admin to the page

Before you delete a Facebook page, you must be the one who created it. By creating the page, you’re already the admin by default. However, where you’re not the one who created it, you should obtain permission from the admin to delete the page.

How to know if you’re a Facebook page admin on your computer

  • Visit the facebook and select pages at the left menu and click on your pages
  • Click the page that you want to delete
  • Choose settings at the top of it
  • Choose page roles at the left menu. If you’re an admin, you’ll see your portrait image close to the bottom of the page.

However, if you’re using your Facebook on Android or iOS devices follow the steps:

  • Launch the app and click on the Menu icon just at the bottom right of the page.
  • Click on pages
  • Choose your page and click on the edit page
  • Tap on the settings and then click on the page roles
  • Scroll down to see your page roles. If you’re an admin, you’ll see your image and name shown along with an Admin label.

Since you’re the admin, you can now proceed with the deleting process.

 Steps to Remove Facebook page and wait for permanent deleting

When you delete a Facebook page, it removes it from Facebook for 14 days. After the 14 days, it’ll ask for your confirmation for permanent deleting. This period of 14 days is just to know if you wish to change your mind and to restore it.

So, after you’ve confirmed the deletion, the page won’t be restored again.

Alternatives to take before you delete a Facebook page

Here are options you should take as an alternative before you consider final deleting of your Facebook page:

  • Unpublish the page– when you unpublished your page, it becomes inaccessible to the public. Even the people that have liked the page won’t see it. But only people that can see it are those that have the page roles
  • Merging the page with an existing similar page- Facebook allows you to merge a page similar to the page you want to delete if you’re the admin.
  • Downloading a copy of your page data before deleting it– You can get a copy of all your posts, photos, videos, and page details. So, when you want to delete a page, you’ve to take some important actions to ensure that you don’t lose data on the page. All this can only be done within the page settings. Check for the page visibility section and unpublish the posts; look out for the Merge posts section to combines the page with a similar page. Then go to the download page part to download a copy of the page.

An important thing to note here is that you can only download your page from a web browser.

Delete a Facebook page Totally

To finally delete the page, scroll down to the page settings at the bottom of the settings, you’ll see Remove Page.

Click on the remove Page or click on the Edit beside it. Select save changes option on the pop up box to delete your Facebook page.

Deleting your page permanently on your Mobile App

Just launch your app and go to the settings of the page and click on General in the page settings, scroll down to Remove Page part. Then, click on Permanently Delete Page name. After that, click on the Blue Delete page button on the next tab to send the deleting mode.

You have one more option after deleting the page to restore it. In case you change your mind with 14 days of deleting the page, you can visit the page and choose the Cancel deletion on the Or, you can click on the Scheduled for deletion in X days to restore the page.




YouTube Videos-Most times you have difficulties downloading Youtube videos from online. There’s no doubt that we all love YouTube, and downloading YouTube videos can be very important to users who want to watch a particular movie, document, opera or training. Some might want to download it to watch them later since that can’t afford to spend more money watching it online. Most of the videos can be for digital marketing on explanation on how to do a particular thing.

Youtube videos

I have on my own had a series of challenges trying to download YouTube videos. And until I found out how to easily download YouTube videos, it remained a bunch of disappointment for each time I come across a video that I really want to watch offline.

Downloading YouTube videos helps you to watch it on your laptop, tablet when there’s on internet connection. In this, you don’t have to depend on on4G or Wifi. It can as well be downloaded on your mobile phone.

However, this discovery has made me write this article to help you enjoy your best times with YouTube videos without having to be confused about how to go about it.

There’re many ways you can download YouTube videos, but here are the best steps that you can take to get your desired result.

Steps to download YouTube Videos on your Device

Downloading on our Android phones, iPhone, Mac, and PC may differ in a way. But you can use third-party apps to download your YouTube videos.

The following are apps you can use to download YouTube videos to your devices:

4K Video Downloader

You can use the 4K Video Downloader to Download YouTube Videos to your Windows PC, once you have it installed in your device. It’s free and has the capacity to download the whole playlist including 360-degree and 3D videos. When you’re done, check the box that’s marked ‘launch’ and tap on the ‘Finish’.

Now, to download the video, copy the URL of the video and paste it in the ‘Paste Link’ of the software. It’ll show you a choice of Video quality to select from. Also, it can download videos in 4k versions. This software can download about 24 videos at once. After downloading, you can now find the destination folder, select the play option and play your video.– Download Youtube Videos

Because YouTube is up for business, most times you don’t have the right to download full videos, but a small number of the videos. Through, you’re provided the fastest way to download video and music from YouTube. It downloads both in MP3, MP4, SQ, HD, and full HD quality. It’s free and convenient to use. I have personally used it most times for my YouTube downloads. Click on this to take you to the downloading page.

To download from, just copy out the URL of the video you want to download and visit the website at, enter the URL of the video and select the format you want to download and click on the download button. If you’re using your mobile phone, you can download the apk so that you download to your mobile phones.

Adding SS after www. At the YouTube video URL

If you want to download with this method, all you have to do is to find the URL of the YouTube video and ass SS after the www, it’ll now take you to the downloading page. On the downloading page, you can now choose the quality of the video that you want and click on download. This is completely free.


The DLNowSoft is free software without adverts on it that you can use to download YouTube videos. Though, it restricts the downloading of Copyrighted content


 You can use this software by copying the URL and pasting it in the download page. Or you can add the word ‘Paw’ after YouTube in the original URL to take you to the download page. However, you can’t download videos with the highest resolution and the videos are limited to 720P even though the original starts in 1080p.

Moreover, you can use Freemake Video converter to convert your downloaded videos into other formats. The software for this conversion is the Clip Converter that can download the YouTube videos and convert them to the format of your choice.

Using a Windows App

If you want to download through a desktop app, you may not get it all free. You can use WinX YouTube Downloader  for the free option. But then, you have to upgrade to the full version that involves your conversion to other formats such as MP3.

 Using YouTube ByClick

In most cases, you have to pay for software if you want to get what you want easily. Whether you want an Audio or a video version, you can get them by using the YouTube ByClick. All you have to do is to copy the URL of the video and you’ll get a pop-up asking if you want to download the audio or the video. If you like, you can set it at default for video and it won’t have to ask you next time. Once you launch it, it’ll download your default format and quality you want.

Downloading Non Videos

For people who want to download only the music from a music video, it’s better you use the above software like the Clip Converter and select your default format as MP3. When you set this, you can only download the audio track without the video version.

If you have your phones and want to download them to your phones, you can easily download them with your PC and send it to your phones. All you have to do is to copy the files to the right folders and play them using the gallery app or any video player for Android users.

For those using the iphone or iPad, they can import the file into their iTunes and sync it to their iOS device. Another way to achieve this is to drag and drop the file or files to your iPhone or iPad using the Apps tab.


Facebook page | Benefits of Facebook business Page

Facebook page | Benefits of Facebook business Page

Having an active Facebook page is a smart way of advertising your business on Facebook. It’s a cheaper and faster way you can use to build your business in a very short period that you can ever imagine. So, if you’re looking for a smart way to grow your business, using Facebook page through your Facebook business page is a surer to achieve that feat without you having to spend much money.

Facebook page

However, you can’t just operate a Facebook page, to start with, you must have a functional Facebook account and from the account, you can now create a Facebook business page.

 Benefits of having a Facebook Page

We all know that Billions of people are on facebook and millions of them visit facebook monthly. However, having a Facebook Page for your business will offer you and opportunity to connect with more that the 2 billion users aroundthe world. Through this Facebook Business page, you can start growing your brand through shares, friends invite and Facebook page ads. If you’re consistent, there’s likelihood that you’ll hit success in less than the time you expect it. Here are some of the things you gain for having a Facebook business page for your business:

  • Provides more area coverage for your business
  • Gives opportunity to interact with more audience
  • Selling more through the adverts from your page
  • Offers you edge over your  competitors
  • Very easy to target audience of a particular group, age or profession.
  • It increases your online business visibility
  • Through this, business owners can build  a very long term relationships with their customers
  • It’s a good and efficient communication channel between the owners of the business and clients
  • Encourages savings- instead of spending huge money on TV and Radio Adverts, you can use it to reach people on Facebook.
  • It brings more traffic to user’s website and it however increases the sites earnings.
  • It helps to attract potential customers easily.
  • Through this medium, your mobile content sells more.

What you need before setting up a Facebook Page

You’ll surely need these things before proceeding to the steps to create your Facebook business page:

  • You must have a Business name or Logo- And you must have to name your Facebook business page after your business name
  • Should have a good profile picture
  • You should add a call to action to your Page to show the action you wish your visitors to take.

Steps to create a Facebook Business page

It’s not ready as hard as most people think it is to create a Facebook business page. In just few minutes, you can boldly create your Facebook page following the steps below:

  • Go to your Facebook account
  •  Open your profile
  • Go to the left  page of your Facebook profile and click on the create page tab
  • Select a category which can be business or brand category or community or public figure category.
  • Since yours is a business, it’s advisable you choose the business or Brand category.
  • Click on it to open to a new page showing a space for your business name. Fill in your  business name and add the very category that best describes your business
  •  After that, tap on the continue button.
  • Enter a profiled picture to enable people to  find your business page
  • Thereafter, add a cover photo, you’re ready to use your Facebook business page.
What you should do after creating a Facebook page

Wow, your Business page is ready on Facebook! Congratulations! Now you must have to take some actions deliberately to grow your business, business creating the page isn’t enough to grow your business automatically. Now that your page is ready, take the following steps to grow your business:

  1. Posting on your page: It’s important that you draw people’s attention to your page first by creating quality post on your page before you think of inviting people to follow your page. Ensure that your first posts have a good quality images and must be quite engaging. From this post, your future followers will know what your page is all about and what it stands for.
  2. Inviting People to your page: You can now start inviting people to follow your page. It’s not wise to send a general invite to all your friends. You must have to know the set of people you’re sending an invite to. If you send a mass invite, it may appear like a Spam. In this way, others will think that you don’t know or care about who should benefit from your products or services. But when you carefully select who the invites is sent to, it’ll clearly differentiate that group/age the post is meant for.
Facebook Page Promotion

To promote your page, you’ll need to add your Page URL to your business page to show the link. Provide the link to your Website. As soon as people started following you, they’ll start clicking on the URL to go to your website.

 In page promotion you can use a Facebook ad. Through Facebook ads, you can boost your page visibility.Moreso; you can achieve a lot through different campaigns, though you must have to write the headlines/ad.

Posting regularly

To have a command audience command, you have to post as often as possible. Maybe a few times a day. Post as your page not as your profile. This is go a long way to increase your page visibility and can make you rank on Facebook.

Monitoring Your Competition

Knowing the actions of your key competitors will go a long way to making you be up and doing. You can follow similar pages to learn from them and also improve on what you have on your page.

Hiring another person to manage your page

If you don’t have all the time to manage your page and ensure that things are going on well on it, you can hire someone who can work on it part time to help you to manage your page as well as monitor your ads performance.


Facebook Offers | How to sell using Facebook offers

Facebook Offers | How to sell using Facebook offers

Facebook offers allows business owners to post offers on their Facebook business page. It can be about a new product/service, store discount or promo. Getting your business out there to your clients and prospective clients is your utmost concern and this Facebook offers will help you achieve.

Facebook offers

Facebook offers is really a great way for businesses to promote their products/ services and sales for their shops and online stores.It’s a way of getting new customers and improving on your sales through the Facebook offers ads features on their Facebook pages.

So, to be part of this great innovation, you have to take a bold step by creating a Facebook business page. There’re different types of Facebook offers to choose from in boosting your business whether it’s online or offline.

 The Types of Facebook Offers

The In-store only-This offer is best for in-store sales/businesses. If customers want to redeem these offers, they have to present the offer either in print from email or via displaying it on their Smartphone.

Online offers- The online only offers is redeemable online only via the company’s website or other online platforms.

Both In-store and Online offers-Here, you have to choose both the Facebook offers option so it can be redeemed by customers both online and in-store.

Steps to create Facebook offer

  •  Go to the left side of your page and choose offers
  • Tap on create offer button
  • Enter the details for the offer such as explaining what it’s all about, when the offer will expire, include photos is you have .State where the offer is available whether it’s in-store, online or both. Enter the promo code, terms and conditions that apply to the offer. When it’s an online offer, provide the URL so that people can utilize the advantage of the offer.
  • After everything, as you’re ready, click on publish.

Ways to claim a Facebook offer

Anytime a potential customer sees your offer on facebook, they’ll have to follow the steps below to claim it:

  • Select an offer from the left side of the facebook
  • In case there’s promo code, you can copy it or visit the offers website for additional information such as printing of the offer or to check out online.

More information about Facebook offers

You have the chances of limiting the number of users you offer through the total offers available field when you create the offer. The offers can only be posted on Facebook pages, not individual’s profiles. If your page must be eligible for this offer, it must have at least 400 likes.

If it’s an in-store offers, the users must have enabled location for Facebook to use it and must have saved the active offer. They’ll get a notification when are within the area of the store.

Tips to help you create Facebook Offers

You need to know some tips to guide you in making the best of your Facebook offers. Below are guides to assist you to get the best:

Offer a substantial discount

When offering a discount, make sure it’s at least 20% off of the regular price. Though Facebook prefers offering items for free of charge in addition to a price of purchase. This will help it perform better.

Making your offers Simple

You have to define and explain your terms and conditions of the offers so that it can be simple enough for people to understand. This will help prevent unnecessary steps for the customers.

Using a good and engaging Image

When you’re deciding an image to use, you must use an image of someone using your product or service. This will offer you some level of advantage. In addition, your page profile picture will also be seen next to your offer in most places. So, don’t use the same photo for both.

Make your Language direct and Natural

Your caption should be captivating, free of confusion. It should have the value of your company’s offer and not only the slogan.

Provide the Expiration date

You should ensure you provide enough time for your customers to see the offer and claim it. Here, the customers will have enough time to talk and post about your offer.

Promoting your offer

You can promote your offer by pining it at the top of your page. It’s recommended by Facebook that you re-share and existing offers instead of creating new ones and it’ll help to track its reach.

Offering your Staff adequate Training

You should provide your staff with the right knowledge to understand the terms of your offer and how customers are able to redeem it.

Using the right photos

The best photos you have to use for the offers are photos of people using your product or services.

Ways to use Promo codes with Facebook offer ads

In strategizing with your offer campaign, you’ve to choose wisely the kind of promo code that suits your goals, target audience and how you want to track promo code use. There’re 3 types of promo codes to try:

  1. Generic- This type of codes can be used by anyone. It’s effective and easy to set up. Ensure that it’s short and easy to remember and in doing this, you must be creative. It can be for buy-one-get-one-free i.e. ‘’BOGOFB’’.
  2. Unique-Here, you may prefer not to have your promo codes shared on the web.
  3. Barcodes and QR Codes-For those using the store visits campaign objective, this can be a nice option to test. You can save offer and redeem it later in-store. However, you can check the Facebook’s Ads help center for ads Barcode formatting guidelines.

Social Media Marketing | Social Media Marketing Benefits

Social Media Marketing |  Social Media Marketing Benefits

Social media marketing is a non negotiable fastest means of marketing productions and services with an immediate response and quite beneficial on the long run. Business marketing or advertising using social media is more viral than other advertising platforms. It’s a platform to reach all age bracket and it’s very good irrespective of your business size and customers. However, if you own a business and you don’t have a way of speaking direct to your audience/prospective customers through any of the social media like Facebook,Twitter, Instagram,Pinterest,LinkedIn, you’re really missing a lot.

 Social media Marketing

When it comes to recording success, social media marketing provides a remarkable success for businesses and services. This works when you have a devoted brand advocates. Most importantly, you’ll have more brand awareness, more customer base, more trust on your prospective customers, with more profits, leads and sales.

What is Social media marketing?

Social media marketing is simply the act or a form of internet marketing which involves creating and sharing content on the social media platforms to meet your marketing and branding goals.

When we talk about social media activities, it includes posting of text messages, image updates of brands/services, videos and other contents that’ll engage your audience with respect to meeting their needs. Sometimes, it has to involve social media paid advertising like the one seen on Facebook pages, Instagram and Pinterest. In this article, you’ll learn the tips and benefits of social media marketing.

Things to know before starting a social Media marketing plan

Each time you think of starting a social campaign you’re your business marketing, you’ve to consider your business goals. With your goals, you can strategize to be able to achieve them all. To start, you must answer these questions:

  • The things you hope to achieve via social media marketing
  • Who are your target audience?
  • The places you can find your target audience and how to use social media to reach them.
  • The kind of message you want to send to your audience using social media.

Benefits of Social media marketing

The world population is in billions and to get your business close to this people is only more possible through the use of social media. There’re lots of benefits in marketing your brand products through the social media platforms. Here are the benefits:

Increase brand awareness to your audience and prospective customers/clients

When you have a good content that meets your audience needs, it’ll greatly increase your brand recognition. To achieve this, you’ll have to get employees and other partners and people you can sponsor to like and share your page. When you share your posts, it introduces your to a new set of business individuals. It’s easier to achieve when you have a sponsored pages of your business on Facebook and other social media.

It brings more traffic to your website-

With out social media, you won’t be able to reach more people beyond  your local people  that are aware of our business. When you use the social media for marketing, you’ll meet different set of people. However, with the social media ads, you can target a particular social group or age group.

Leads to Improved Search Engine Rankings

Beside the increase in site traffic, social media helps in search engine optimization in getting high rankings and getting traffic to your website. That’s to say that having a social media presence can influence your ranking in Google, thought it doesn’t make it to rank directly. To achieve this ranking on Google you must have to create a unique content. With a unique content, you’ll stand a chance to be ranked on the first page on Google.

Include photos in cases of blogs, infographics to to draw more attention to your visitors. Once you have a good and quality content, you’ll get likes and shares and from there, you can be ahead of your competitors.

Offers More Brand Authority

Whenever you meet the needs of your visitors, either by providing the right product, services or responding timely to their questions, it earns you trust and brand authority against your competitors.

When you have such trust, your audience can mention you in their posts and recommendation and by so doing, you have positive effects on your business.

It is Cheaper

Marketing on social media proves to be more cost effective than every other marketing platform that you can interact with customers one-on-one. However, if you want to use a paid adverts on social media, it give you option to start small. So, when you make more money, you can increase your budget.

Provides customers with better Satisfaction

Through feedback mechanism such as comments and frequently asked questions, customers get satisfied with their information about the products and services. Audience gets a personalized response when they make comments and requests.

Helps you to understand the market better

Social media marketing will give you the opportunity to have a better insight of the market you’re into through responses from customers and audience. With many follower base, you can analyze your demographics of your customers. In addition, it helps you to segment your content. You’ll now know the kind of content that’s suitable for a particular people or group of persons.

Makes you a leader in your field

As someone who offers great and unique content , you’ve a platform to become an expert and a leader in the market you’re into.If you’re able to make great impact on social media you’ll have your audience share, like and make good  comments on your comment box. By so doing, you’ll become a leader in your field of business.


There’re so many social media platform to use some of them are Facebook, email marketing through mail chimp, Pinterest, Twitter marketing, snapchat, youTube,LinkedIn etc. Make wise use of these platforms and see your business turn over a new leaf with much money.


Facebook reviews | Facebook business account

Facebook reviews | Facebook business account

Are you concerned about how well your business in doing on Facebook? In case you’re concerned about the effect of Facebook reviews on your business, you have to do all you can to know more about Facebook reviews and Ratings. Through Facebook reviews, users can discover new businesses  with great reputation both through their Facebook business page  and brand awareness.

Facebook reviews

Facebook Reviews-What it is?

The Facebook reviews are seeing as a  star system where your customers have the ability to rate your service or products through the comments they leave. In this platform  customers can make comments on everyone’s reviews and talk about your business in the open.

As people visit your business page, you’ll read it. It offers users opportunity to check in your physical address and will enable them leave a comment when they visit. This is very important for business that have Facebook business page. Having a facebook business page is a great drive to boost your business awareness and patronage.

If your business doesn’t have a facebook page, it’s time to create one. I’m convinced that having a Facebook business page is a one good step to grow your business. However, one thing is to have a presence on Facebook, another thing is to have good results and maximizing the platform to grow your business and take it to the next level you want your business to be.

How Important is Facebook review

Facebook reviews guides a potential customers to your Facebook page and from there he/she starts the journey stage to becoming a buyer. As they come to your page, they can realize that there’re things that they need to put in place. It can be that there business admin is quite in a mess or that they need to hire a bookkeeper for updating their accounts daily.

So this leads us to the first Facebook review importance which is awareness.

Once the person becomes aware of the problem they need to solve, it leads to the second stage which is the Consideration stage. In this stage you have to define your problem and the best researching techniques to solve your problem. Then, we have the third stage which is Decision stage. Here, a potential customer decides the best solution offered by your business. By so doing, they’ll get the exact product or services that are best suitable for their need.When customers have made the choice of what they want depending on your Facebook page reviews, it’ll lead them to make purchases. Having make purchases, there’re post-purchase stages resulting from your reviews on Facebook. For additional benefits, anytime someone Goggles your business, it shows a Facebook customer reviews for your website.

Step to get Facebook Reviews

Though there’re lots of benefits to having a Facebook reviews on your business page but you can have it so easy, m you need to use the steps below to set it up.

  • On the top of your Facebook Profile, click on create
  • Click on page info and select the local business as a facebook business page category.
  • Follow the option to make your business more specific, then, choose hospital, restaurant, café, hotel etc.
  • Fill in your business physical address or the location
  • Tap the address and fill in the details required, tick the box next to show map, check ins, and star rating.
  • Tap on the save changes button.

After this, your Facebook reviews are set.

Ways to get customers to use your Facebook review

You need to take some actions to make people visit your page. By this, you should encourage them to check in each time they visit your physical address. As they visit, they’ll automatically be made to review their experience.

Ensure that you leave your post pinned to the top of your page. It’ll encourage users to leave a review if the like your products or services.

Make your Post interesting. You can ask customers to share a favorite memory of your shop of your products that they like so much.

Managing your reviews

If you manage your reviews well, it’ll be a great asset in building your brand. However, if you don’t manage it well, it’ll have some negative impact on your business reputation. Since you can’t delete negative reviews all you’ll do is to report them as spam or as offensive content.

Now, you must attend to negative reviews with calmness. You shouldn’t respond to it in the heat of the moment and your response should be neutral. To be on a safe side, have someone read your response before you post. If you discover it’s not generating a good response, move the conversation to a private messaging immediately.

If you have a positive review, read your review and use the customer’s name and provide a good response to the feedback. From the response you get from customers, you can improve on your products/services to grow your business further.

Benefits of Facebook Review
  • It’ll help or influence EdgeRank and also maintain you star ratings on your Facebook page.
  • Helps audience to review your products and services.
  • It creates brand awareness to your business. When you do a couple of facebook page ads, your business must reach thousands of people using Facebook in your area of target.
  • Brings traffic to your website- When you engage in a successful facebook  page, it’ll bring lots of traffic to your website and hence it’ll increase

 Your earnings.

  • It encourages targeted advertising- Through the Facebook page engagements’ ads; you can target a group of persons within a particular age limit. This depends more on the type of product and services that you offer.