Paychant | Paychant helps Nigerians accept other Crypto


Paychant | Paychant helps
Nigerians accept other Crypto

Paychant is the African number one cryptocurrency payment gateway. It has completed the suite products which accept other businesses such as bitcoin and other digital currencies you can make the fastest, easiest, efficient and reliable cryptocurrency payments online.


However, we know of the volatility risk associated with cryptocurrency. Seen this as a serious, this won’t affect merchant funds on this platform.

The statement above was issued by the Paychant board since they have set in place crypto to the fiat settlement system.

The system will automatically convert all crypto payments into local currency (NGN) at the present rate of the particular account that you’ve received.

Via this, business owners can get what they sell. Through this medium business owners can settle bank transfer with the process of payout to all the 22 commercial banks that are available in Nigeria.

The withdrawal request by business owner initiates the transfer process, Option should be settled in cryptocurrency too.

At present, Paychant supports Ether and Bitcoin. In the middle of 2020, I think the developer s has planned to add up more digital currency platform.

There are ready-made tools to accept crypto payments without having a website on the Paychant platform.

Tools to accept Paychant Crypto Currency Payments

  1. The business owner is expected to create a simple payment page to accept Ether and Bitcoin payment for subscriptions and services.
  2. There is also a Donation to raise money for Ether and Bitcoin.
  3. Point of sale (POS) App support Ether and Bitcoin payments, these allow a business owner to accept direct crypto payments in person and in-store.
  4. There’s a ready-made e-commerce platform to display and sell products.

Thus, Paychant is starting a trend that is unique from Nigeria’s perspective and the vision is to take this work to another level.

Till we get to the stage of becoming a household name. A daily product needs to the people of Nigeria.

Benefits of using Paychant for online Payment

  1. Absence of  Chargebacks: There is no reversal of an accounting entry.
  2. No business is too small: there’s no limitation, regardless of the size or sales volume. they are all welcome
  3. No crypto volatility: All your payment is measured in your traditional markets by the volatility index.
  4. It serves as a global payment: Cryptocurrency is the cheapest, safest and fastest means of payment worldwide.
  5. In Settling up your cryptocurrency is free.

How to create Paychant account

To create your account, you’ve to visit the company website at Paychant .com. Then, click on the create account on the left-hand side of the page.

When you click this, it’ll lead you to the account dashboard where you have to enter your details.

Your account details will include your email address, password, and your country. Then, click on the create account.

Note: You must choose a strong password which will include numbers, characters, capital letters, and symbols. Ensure that the password is about 7 or above in number

How to login to your account

If you’ve created your account, you can now login following the steps below:

  1. Log on to
  2. Click on the login tab at the top right hand of the page
  3. As it opens, fill in your email address and password in the space provide and click on the login tab.


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