PayLeap | PayLeap Review & Features


PayLeap | PayLeap Review & Features

Would you like to know more about PayLeap services? If so, follow me as you go through this article and find out more and what you can do with PayLeap.


What is PayLeap?

 It’s a secure payment platform that provides comprehensive payment details. It’s presently available for merchants in the US and Canada. It has Ecwid integration that once the set up is finished, your customers can place orders without having to leave the Ecwid checking pages.

However, the payment processes are mainly targeting the small businesses and internet-based companies. In this review, you can determine if you’ll give PayLeap a try. It provides details about a company’s services, pricing, and reputation. For more on this visit

The services that PayLeap offers

PayLeap offers a virtual terminal that is usable for in-person or mail-phone order transactions. Also, it provides e-commerce solutions for people who want to sell online. It accepts all brands of credit and debit cards.

The Virtual Terminal

 The PayLeap virtual terminal enables you to accept payments through any internet connected Smartphones and computers. It’s used to process card transactions. It accepts ACH and e-check payments and helps set up recurring billing and keeps your data secured.

 Users can key in transactions using mail/phone orders or even attach a USB card reader for in-person swiped transactions.


Once you run a business that accepts online payment, using PayLeap will provide an e-commerce solution that can accept both credit card and PIN-bases debit cards. Besides this, it also accepts international debit cards. However, it’s only operational in internet-connected devices like computers and Smartphones. Using ACH and e-check payment is also accepted.

In addition, it provides a leaplock for companies that need a quick and easy way of adding a payment option to their website. Maybe you’re bothered about how payments will be like over the Smartphone, just leave it to PayLeap because it can take care of that.

Its Leaplock pages are made automatically to be usable in phones and tablets as well as computers. This helps to make sure that it’s PCI compliant on transactions and data storage.

Internet PIN debit

Through the Pay leap’s PaySecure, you’ll be able to accept PIN-debit transactions online. The PaySecure helps to eliminate chargeback’s by authentication the customer. Hence, it puts liability on the debit user while lowering the processing rate.

It offers Virtual PIN pad on screen for users through the PaySecure option.

Benefits of using the PayLeap

Using it guarantees safe data due to Its PCI fully compliant system. It offers secure online transactions via the Leaplock web option. Through this, you have a well secured and safe day in an encryption vault.

A section of the company’s website is devoted to PCI compliance system for questions that you may want to ask.

Fees and Rates

The following are the charges for the pricing for different services that provide:

For e-commerce

$19.99 each month+

$0.29 for every transaction+

2.89% for every credit

2.39% for all debits

1.89% for each internet PIN-debit

For the in-Person Pricing

It charges $19.99 per month+, 3.5% card not present, 2.5% credit, 1.5% debit.

In case of additional services, more costs may be applied. For those who need to know the full pricing, you can request for that via the PayLeap quote.


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