PayPal customer service email | contact and report suspicious activities


PayPal customer service email | contact and report suspicious activities

PayPal customer service email- PayPal is a mega financial service. The platform offers users the ability to pay securely for goods online. You can also send money to friends and family easily with a personal account.

Paypal customer service email

The popularity of PayPal means that it is now being a target for fraudsters. They seek to target unsuspecting users and defraud them. Well, this article shows how to identify and report these individuals to a PayPal customer service agent.

PayPal customer service email

PayPal is a payment platform that allows you to purchase and pay for any good almost anywhere in the world. If you bought something and you discovered that you cannot pay via your card, simply use PayPal.

PayPal allows the sending of money to people online. As long as the said person has a verified account. Also, PayPal has had some trouble with fraud, lawsuits, and zealous government regulators. well, this is where PayPal customer service email comes in. it allows you to report any suspicious activities in your account.

Contact PayPal customer service center

Contact PayPal’s customer service by following the instructions below.

  • Log in to your PayPal account using your verified email address and our password.
  • Locate the contact usage at the bottom of the page and click on the contact link. You will get a redirection automatically to the help center.
  • Click on the email us link.
  • Write the heading and the content of the mail and send it.

PayPal scams

While PayPal is very secure and easy to use. There are several ways that scammers have tried stealing from users. These scams are to be reported to PayPal immediately they are identified.

Also, you should note that these scammers use lots of different methods in their illegal activities. But these activities can generally be grouped into the setting group.

Common PayPal scams.

  • Phishing website:- these websites look like the original ones. And if you don’t pay attention you might likely pay money to the wrong platform. To avoid this scenario, ensure you only use the official PayPal website. Also always avoid clicking on any link that is not the official one.
  • Fake emails:- fake emails are sent to you by individuals claiming PayPal.
  • Using a nonexistent shipping company:- This technique scammers employ to get a hold of your money is to dupe you into using an alternative shipping service instead of regular ones.
  • Overpayment ruse:- This is done by paying over the amount for goods.
  • Fake hyperlink scam.

How to Report a Scammer to PayPal

In the case of a scam,  You can report to the customer care immediately. Also, you will need to report any suspicious or unauthorized activity in your account you will need to report it. Here is how to make a report to PayPal.

Open your PayPal account

Go to the resolution center at the bottom of the page and click on report a problem.

Select the transactions you will want to dispute or report and click on continue.

Now select the, I want to report an unauthorized activity and click on continue.



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