PayPal Goods and Services | Send Money for Goods and Services


PayPal Goods and Services | Send Money for Goods and Services

PayPal goods and services is one of the best options of payment when it comes to buying or selling online.t is one of the online payment platform that offers to buy or sell as options offered by PayPal that is available to the user.

Paypal goods and services

Users can conveniently use the platform when buying or selling as well as making transactions online.

PayPal | PayPal Goods and Services

PayPal gives its users the two options of paying while selling, buying for trading in general.

The first means of payment is the friends and family option that users of the platform can use while sending money to a friend or family.

The second option is the option of Goods and Services mode of payment that is used for business transactions. By now you are getting the picture but let’s dial down a little and talk about what PayPal is all about.


PayPal has cemented its place as one of the world-leading platforms when it comes to online payments band transactions.

It doubles as one of the safest and effective means of paying for anything bought or sold online.

Creating a PayPal account is free and easy, so is using the services.

PayPal | Money Transactions

PayPal users have two ways of sending or receiving money online.

The first is the Friends and Family payment methods (F&F),and then we have the Goods and Services (G&S) payment method.

Users of the online platform uses the Friends and Family mode of payment is used when they are sending money to their friends and family.

From the explanation given above, you can see that the Goods and Services mode of payment is more business inclined its more useful for when users are buying, selling, or trading online.

Now when you use the Goods and Services mode of payment you should note that it has a high level of security that protects you from scams.

What is Friends and Family (F&F)?

The F&F payment method is a PayPal payment option. The unique thing about this method is that it is used when sending money to a friend or family member.

So when making payments other than buying or selling the user can use the friends and family payment mode,

When creating your PayPal account, you will be asked to select either a business account or a personal account.

If you decide to choose a personal account, you will have both the features of F&F and G&S on your PayPal account.

Personal accounts have the option of sending PayPal funds as good or services to their friends or family members.

What is PayPal Goods and Services (G&S)?

PayPal goods and services payment (G&S) mode ranks as one of the best method of payment when you are buying and selling or just trading online.

Note that using this service comes with a fee on transactions that the seller has to pay to complete the transaction.

PayPal Security.

When you are selling, buying or trading using the G&S payment platform, PayPal offers you a buyer’s protection.

The buyer’s protection protects you, in cases when the seller sends you the wrong goods or the goods never arrives at all

PayPal will ensure that you have a refund if the case is judged in your favor and also the cost paid for shipping will get back to you.

This is the method of payment you would be carrying out your transactions if you choose business when you creating your PayPal account.

You should note that having a business PayPal account means is that your account cannot send money as Family and Friends.

How to know if the PayPal Fund is F&F or G&S

Now you might end confused whenever you receive funds into your PayPal account not knowing if it was sent as F&F or G&S.

So we will be learning you three ways with which you can understand if the payment is an F&F or G&S.

  1. Check the Details

Once you’ve receiving payment, check the transaction details. If the transaction fee is $0.00, what this shows is that it was a gift (i.e.) F&F fund.

Understand that this is not always accurate because when people send mass transactions, there’s usually no fee attached.

Select the link that displays “Issue a refund”. For gift payments, underneath “Refund amount”, you will see these words, “Partial refunds are not available for personal payments or for transactions displayed as pending).

If you see this info, what it means the payment is definitely a gift. But if it states you can make a refund then it’s not an F&F fund.

  1. The second means of identifying between F&F and G&S is via PayPal charges is If you happen to receive payment and get charged in the process.

This shows that it is a G&S fund. The flip side is if your payment does not incur any extra fee, then it’s definitely an F&F fund.

Understand that, with Family and Friends payments, the payer will pay for the services,, while the receiver goes cost-free.

  1. Another means of identifying if payment is an F&F and G&S is through the billing address.

F&F funds do not include a billing address.

Thus if you see a billing address, it means the transactions sent as Goods and Services.


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