Paypal  Invoice | How  PayPal Invoice work | PayPal Account


Paypal  Invoice | How  PayPal Invoice work | PayPal Account

Am sure you’ve not heard of the PayPal invoice and I advise you to get it especially if you sell. Paypal creates this service and it’s the first process to get paid off quicker. Requesting payment is simple, customized, and professional invoices from Paypal.

paypal invoice

Paypal invoice

With the help of this, it’s simple to send professional and customized invoices. Paypal emails customers a link to0 the invoice orb you can provide a link in your own email and your can view invoice details and safely pays with a debit card, credit card, Paypal balance, or credit.

Therefore, no matter the process of payment your customer selects you will generally receive your money in a minute.

How Paypal invoice work

To create invoices is free and there don’t do setup, cancellation, or monthly free. here we’ll be discussing how it works and the most interesting thing about the Paypal  invoice is that it can be customized. Also, you can add increasing discounts, product descriptions, and your company logo.

  • Key into your PayPal account
  • Tap on send and receive requests and press the “more” button.
  • The page that shows tap on ‘get start’ to create an invoice section.
  • Press on the plus button to establish an invoice on the right –hand side of the page.
  • Then you’ll get to a place you’ll enter the information you want in your invoice. information such as name, logo, and other things you may want to put.
  • Go through all the information you entered to make sure it properly filled.

As long as, you have filled the information correctly, then tap the tab of the page.  the sent tab will give you the option to send your invoice via PayPal or yourself. It’ll generate a link you can send through email or another chat service. The lick will lead to the invoice you create and send.

How to open a Paypal account

Here’s how to  create an account

  • Move to PayPal website
  • Press the sign up for free.
  • Enter your email address and create your favorite password and you should as well remember it.
  • On the next page that will appear fill in your personal detail and make sure they are correct.
  • Put in your credit or debit card info- The option is possible anytime, though you must enter the information to be able to access or verify your account.
  • Quick to link your bank account to your PayPal account. it’s optional however, you need to do that if you want to receive money into your account.
  • Apply for credit- it’s also optional, and if you’re applying make sure you go through the terms.


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