PayPal Login Problems | PayPal Login Problem | Paypal.Com


PayPal Login Problems | PayPal Login Problem | Paypal.Com


PayPal Login problems are usually common when you don’t follow the right procedure. This can be witnessed more on PayPal with a mobile phone number. In this article, I’ll be guiding you on how to resolve the PayPal login problem.

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In case you’re having any login problem, ensure that you’re using the right email address when signing to Because if you’re not using the expected email to log in, you may need to change your email to a new one after you’ve logged in with the old email. This can be done on the preference section of your account page.

PayPal Password Problems in PayPal Login

The Password should be more than 8 characters and the system must be case sensitive. The PayPal password system recognizes the small characters and the capital letters. So, you’ve to ensure you check them.

If you can’t recall your PayPal Password, you’re to reset your password. During the reset, you’ll get an email to reset your email. Also, you can change your new password anytime you suspect your password is compromised by fraud or by other means.

All you have to do is to click on forget a password, enter your email and click on reset. You’ll get an email will be sent to your mailbox. You’ll get the privilege to change your password to a new and personal password.

PayPal- Login Problems

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How to Login PayPal account

Log on to on your browser

Tap on the ‘’sign up’’ at the top right corner of the page

Choose if you want ‘’Business’’ Or “personal’’

Enter your email address and create your password

Review the agreement policies and accept

Click on continue

Provide your card details

Tap on ‘’Link Card’’

Link your bank by clicking on the ‘’ Link a bank account’’ tab

Click on ‘’continue’’

Enter your personal information and hit the ‘’Submit’’ button.


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