Pinterest Login | How to Login Pinterest with Twitter and Facebook account

Pinterest Login | How to Login Interest Account with Twitter and Facebook account

For your Pinterest Login, all you need to do is to go to and use either your Facebook account details or your Twitter account details to log in. However, you can choose only the remaining option which is to provide your email address and create a new Pinterest account.

Pinterest Login

Pinterest Signup- Pinterest Login

For you to sign up for Pinterest, you’ll start by creating a username. So, if you’re creating a new account without your Facebook or Twitter account details, it’ll request you to confirm your email address.

So, to set up a new Pinterest account, you have to go to and fill in a username. The username can be 3 to 5 characters without punctuation marks, dashes, or any symbols.

Move to your email inbox and click on the confirmation message sent to you. From the link sent to you, you’ll finish the signup process.

Pinterest Login with Facebook account

If you’re a Pinterest user, you can log in to your Pinterest account with our Facebook details. This applies to users who want to access their account in one click without the regular Pinterest login procedures.

If you want to login  your Pinterest account through an existing Facebook account, follow  the steps below:

  • Go to via your web browser on your PC or mobile device  for the official login
  • As soon as  the Pinterest sign up page pops up,  you’ll see the login page, click on the ‘login’ tab
  • There’re three options to log in, is either Facebook, Twitter, or via your email.
  • Tap on the ‘’login with Facebook’’  option
  • You’ll see a new page, that will appear leading you to the Facebook login page/portal
  • Enter your Facebook login username and the password in the blank space
  • If your information is correct, it’ll lead you to another page that pops up with a question ‘’continue with your first name’’, click the continue button with your login process.

From here, you can easily access the Pinterest profile page and now continue. It’s the same as using your default Pintererest Login steps when you log in to that very account.

How  to Login with your Twitter account

Once you have an existing account with Twitter, log in to your Pinterest account won’t be difficult. Just log in to your Twitter account and click on the continue as (your Twitter handle) and you’ll use your twitter details to log in to your Pinterest account.

How you can  log out of your Pinterest at

  • To log out of our Pinterest account, you’ll first be logged in to your account. Account users can’t log into their accounts if they’re not signed up first. This only applies within the official website at via the steps below:
  • Start by logging into your account at via your device web browser.
  • Ensure that all your personal profile at the top corner of Pinterest at the right  of the homepage are there
  • Select the ‘’setting’’ icon
  • Navigate to the last option on the page and find the ‘’log out’’ link
  • After this, click on the ‘’log out’’

However, it’s better you log out if you want to keep your account safe. It’s best for any user who does not use their personal device always. So, if you can is always logged in, it can permit an unauthorized user you can take undue advantage of your account and may carry out malicious acts on it.

  Another Facebook account login tips

This is a new Pinterest login guide using your Facebook account to login to your Pinterest account. It’s a very easy and fast step for you to try.

We all know that Pinterest is an amazing social media since its launch in 2009. it’s has made a high impact on social media users that it boasts of over 200 million users per month.

It’s one of the social media sites that give users the opportunity to choose their interests, inspiration, and whatever that moves them.

Well, before you can use this, you must have to log in. So, using a Facebook book account to login is another way to access your Pinterest account. 

Before you start, you must have an existing registered user with the said account. Now, Instead of using the usual Pinterest login process, you can log in with your Facebook. Also, you can log in with your Gmail account.

Steps to login using Facebook account

Now you can as well login using your Facebook or your Gmail account. You can achieve this by syncing your Facebook and your Google account with Pinterest. this will give you more ease and versatility in accessing your account. To achieve it, just follow the steps outlined below:

  • Go to the Pinterest official site at
  • down the page you’ll see the ‘login” button you’ll see ”continue with Facebook” and ”Log in with  Google”.
  • Choose your choice option and click on it. On clicking on it, it’ll lead you to a successful login to your Pinterest account.
Benefits of using Pinterest

As a big social media site besides Facebook, there’re alot of benefits in using Pinterest. It can just be fun, entertaining and a place to meet people and make purchases. To others, it can be a big business opportunity. So it depends on the class you belong to and what you want. some of the benefits are:

  • Discovery of emerging trends- Users can easily spot new products and trending devices, designs on Pinterest.
  • Builds and increases brand authority- With your Pinterest business account, you can make of features that regular users don’t have. With it, you can build your business to have dominance and high brand authority.
  • Driving traffic to your Website. You can link your website to your  Pinterest account. So when people visit your account and click on your website links, it’ll generate traffic to your site
  • Using Pinterest to run ads and promote your pins.
  • Makes it easy to access your analytics






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