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POF login: Plenty of Fish dating site -What is POF

POF login: Plenty of Fish dating site -What is POF

POF is known as plenty fish is a dating app that users get to sign up and chat with people. It is for people who can go the extra mile or spend expensively just to have a date or a match.
Pof Login

POF was created by Markus Friend in the year 2003 in Canada and has had its popularity in Canada and other European countries.  The app has been made available in nine languages like Spain, Ireland, Australia, Zealand, Brazil, and the united state.
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However, POF has a combined service that every other dating app has and also a free sign-up.

The app also has premium features for users like the > stand out < feature which helps you stand out among other users.

Plenty of fish is known to have the most active users among other dating apps.

The app helps single to meets with people for a better, longer, and safer relationship. It has revenue of about US$100 million and has about 100 workers looking after the company and app.

Frind Markus sold the app for US$575 million n the year 2015 to the Match Group the owner of Tinder, OkCupid, hinge, and some other dating sites.

The site is meant for users between the age of 30-60 years old who are still looking for life partners.

                                  What are the features of the POF APP?

Like I mentioned before POF is here to introduce you to people and make you get talking you can have easy access to foreign friends too.

POF is an amazing and different app from other apps like tinder and Badoo cause of it amazing features.

  • Access to new friends

POV has given access to its users to make any friend of their choice from any of the nine languages.

It also gives you a tool to make you select more active users.

  • Searching with filters

The app allows you to use the app filters in finding scam and spam users.

And also allow you to search their profile with the filter

  • Access to similar profiles

POV provides to you profiles similar to the people you chatting with.

For example the friend of your friend known as a mutual friend and people who share the same common interest like you.

  • Voice messaging and calls

Those voices messaging and calling has been in some app but has not made their way into the dating world.

When it comes to making conversation lighter and easy voice message is the best feature to use.

  • Sharing of GIFs, files, and photos in chat

You are also given access to share your photos or even videos with your chat mate.

In addition, you can also share GIFs with your message.

  • Video calling

People love communicating face to face with their loved ones or families.

However, POF has brought to its users to add into their communication

Why should I use POF-5 reason to use POF?

Here are a few amazing reasons why you should choose POF as your dating site.


  • It one of the largest free online dating site
  • Users can broadcast live video
  • All users profiled are well-accessed details
  • You can choose the type of people you will love to chat with or view you
  • 2-factor authentication


 The disadvantage of using POF- 5 things POV don’t do

No matter how good an app is there is also another bad side of it here is a few of it.

  • Some features required a paid subscription to upgrade them which required the last seen of a user and some other things.
  • There is no email support
  • A large amount of advertisement
  • No photo verification
  • The setting scatter the moment you close the website or app
  • No videos on profile


               How you can sign up into POF account -POF login

POF free app has become easy to use just like every other dating app over 70 thousand users make a daily login in this platform.

The app is known to be an easy way to find soul mates and friendships.

Before making use of the app you must first have an account with them here are a few steps to do that.

  • Log in to > www.plentyfishsignup.com
  • Tap on the register
  • Provide your user name, password, and email address
  • Tap on> allow electronic communication box
  • Click > continue
  • Provide your sex, body style, interests of a person you wish to meet, and height.
  • Tap> continue and set up your basics  like smoking, drinking, sports activities, and more
  • Upload a picture
  • Select your country and zips
  • Click on sign up

           How to sign up with your mobile device

 POF is for people with no smartphone you can use their platform to chat. Making use of POV is very easy on mobile as soon as you finish with the registration.

Here are a few steps to create an account with your mobile.

  • Go to > www.pof.com
  • At the screen top, a login form will appear
  • Enter your name, email, and your password
  • Click on >log in

Now you can use your mobile and enjoy the site as you meet and have fun with people.

                  How to change or reset your POF account password 

Looking for how to change your password? No problem to change your password should not be your worry, we are here to guide you.

  • Log in to your app or www.pof.com
  • Tap on edit profile
  • Go to the last button page
  • Provide your previous password
  • Enter the new one
  • Tap on > update profile
        How to recover your lost POF password

Lost your password? No troubles here are just a few ways to recover your lost password.


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