PTCL Speed Test | PTCL Live Chat- Ptcl Speed Test Net



PTCL Speed Test  | PTCL Live Chat- Ptcl Speed Test Net

At times, we do experience a slow or low network connection on our devices. Do you know that the work of the PTCL speed test is to see how your network connectivity is going? Well, now you know! You don’t have to stop reading halfway because every paragraph of this content has one important thing or the other to tell us about.

ptcl speed test

PTCL Speed Test

Just as mentioned above, PTCL Test Speed is a tool aimed to test run your network connection to know how far or slow it’s going. If you don’t know, this tool may be a free internet tool that helps check PTCL’s connection speed.

It works with different nodes located on the internets of various operators. With these, you’ll measure the standard of your network connection correctly compared to other speed test tools out there.

To test run your network connection speed, you can do that by visiting the URL, on your browser. Visiting the URL, you will be directed to the speed testing page of PTCL then you can click on “Go” to test run your network.

After testing, your internet details will be shown to you like the “PING, JITTER, DOWNLOAD, UPLOAD, and the Network you’re using.


What is PTCL if I may ask? PTCL is Pakistan telecommunication company limited which is the full name for the word “PTCL”. The meaning of the word alone will tell you that it’s a Pakistan company that provides telephone and internet services nationwide. This site has lots of services like telephone, internet, and TV.

It’s the backbone for the country’s telecommunication infrastructure even with the arrival of other telecommunication corporations. The other telecommunication corporation that this paragraph is talking about is that of the Telenor GSM and China Mobile.

PTCL Live Chat

The  PTCL live chat is a support room where you can make your request on whatever issue you are having on the site. It’s  to create a relationship with their valued customers with the help of the live chat option.

This is how the PTCL live chat page seems to like. If you’re to make use of the live chat option, you’ll be able to see your answers in minutes. You’re free to ask questions about your PTCL bill, Evo bill, telephone bill, and any other duplicate bill that is related to the PTCL billing service.

For you to access the live chat page, you’ll have to visit their website at and click on “Contact Us”. That’ll take you to the support page, where you’ll find the live chat option and some other contact options. Just click the “Live Chat” and you’ll arrive at an image.

PTCL Internet Packages

The internet packages are about the features and therefore the advantages, all that has got to do with the location. Although, there are other packages under the internet option I choose to write on this one.

PTCL offers high-speed internet with unlimited downloads to clear the demand of your browser. Like online streaming, gaming, and learning in Pakistan.

PTCL Account Sign Up

Before you get access to this website, you need an account and to create the account. You have to follow the instructions given below.

  • Open your browser and visit and you will gain access to the site.
  • In there, click the link at the top of the homepage that says “Customer Sign In”. Since you’re creating an account, click “Create a New Account” and enter your name. Your CNIC number, email, mobile number, password, and click “Register”.

The steps above teach you how to create your account and it’s free. The same steps apply to the sign in. You just have to enter your login details when you get to the sign-in page and not create an account.


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