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Qzone | Ozone Marketing | www.qzone.qq.com

Qzone was created by Tencent in 2005 with the name not originally Qzone. It is a Chinese social networking platform that allows customers to listen to music, write blogs and diaries, watch videos, etc.


It was known as Little Home Zone then as an interior service within the Tencent Company. Qzone prides itself on having more customers than Facebook and MySpace in China. This platform has a range of over 623 million customers.

As of 2014, the platform toppled Wechat as the most open social media platform in the whole of China. This concludes that it is one of the most active in the Asian Continent.

However, at the beginning of the year 2015, the 2011 Qzone announce an increase of over 60% in net profit. This record shows that the platform is the largest earners in that part of the continent.

However, as of January 2009, more than 200 million people where using Qzone.

This number was performing better than that of Facebook which peaks at about 175 million chats.

More about Qzone – QQ or Qzone App

Qzonewhile known particularly for its ever-growing popular instant messenger QQ has different platforms.

This platform varies from Background music to albums, personal info; documents friends visit video shows, and games.

It accepts third-party application policy. Consequently, It Features include Background music, Qzone album, APP center, certified space, etc.

Also, customers can download the QQ app on, the Google play store.

Features of Qzone

  1. Background music: This allows the customer to play music in the background while using the app.

Though there are two versions of background music namely Ordinary customer and Green Diamond customer.

Ordinary customers are having access to upload music online but in low quality. While the green diamond customer enjoys premium music play quality.

  1. Qzone Album: This is a customer’s general storage platform.
  2. All consumers are entitled to free access to the entire album feature. But QQYellow Diamond customer  is given bigger space for storage up to 500 GB while ordinary customers have just 3 GB
  1. Qzone App Centre: In this case, customer can add their preferred games to their homepage from the application center. They may also add social, treatment, and utility applications.
  1. Certified Space: This enables the recognition of well-known brands, agencies, app providers, celebs, etc.

There is an “I like” button which lets you follow up on your favorite brand, celebrity, etc.

  1. Own Space Decoration: It allows customers to create their background homepage to their choice. It then means that  While every customer has access to use free background. But Yellow Diamond Customers can use more backgrounds.

Qzone Censorship

Qzone is well known for its stern censorship methods. It censors certain contents due to the content level of intensity and its nature. In severely, the nature of the contents and its sensitivity are high.

The post doesn’t publish; on the click on “publish” the customer will receive an error message with good reasons why the contents cannot go through the publishing process.

It offers an automatic system that restricts certain posts through their monitored keywords system. In a case of a less strict case, the customer may have some notification that the posts are “held for moderation”.

This means the posts are will be a review for approval. Therefore when a post has finished undergoing the review process, it will then post for viewing.

How to Access Qzone from QQ international Community

  • First, launch the  App box and click on Add apps
  • search for QQ international community caption in the app box then adds it.
  • Thereafter, you should restart your QQ international.
  • Customers can also Market with this platform and it is very active in its marketing standard.

Ozone Marketing

Here are tips or ways in which you can market with Qzone. I’ll explain some ways in which you can market with this wonderful platform to help your products

  1. Reposting: Customers It helps users find a valuable post from friends in Qzone or anywhere. Edit the post and then add your hyperlink to your article. With this, posts have a high chance of others posting them. This way your ad message will go viral.
  2. Original article:  Well, this platform a blog, so there is a need for you to write original content. For your mood diary, your original content will bring you closer to your visitors or vice versa. Though,  you can also post articles from your commercial blog from time to time.
  3. Using Ad links: If you want to market here,   have got to learn how to advertise. Put up your advert in a very nice article and a very catchy title. Fill in your details, and then add your hyperlink at the end of the article.

There are several ways in which you can market using this platform include VIP membership, Sharing, Regular Update, micro-blogging, etc.

Limitations of Qzone

However to enjoy this social media platform one must be in Asia. Also, the customer must understand the Chinese language in other to use the app. Despite this Qzone remains one of the best social media platforms in the Asian Continent.

However, claiming to have more popularity than Facebook and MySpace. More than 700 million customers come online at least twice a  month. It has its own downcast which is its inability to international recognition like Facebook. Apart from this Qzone remains an attractive and incentive social media platform.



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