Reddit sign up | How to Join Reddit


Reddit sign up | How to Join Reddit

 Reddit sign up- Reddit is a creative social media that comprises of the contents that users create. However, it includes photos, videos, links, text-based posts-and discussions.  You can easily see that the content is really very important as a bulletin board system.

Reddit sign up

Its name Reddit is gotten from the phrase ‘’Read it’’ and it means ‘’I read it on Reddit’’.Reddit sign up and users are approximately 330 million and they are called ‘’Redditors’’. Its content is divided into categories of communities known as on-site as ‘’Subreddits’’.  There are over 138,000 active communities in Reddit.

Content of Reddit communities

Reddit network of community content comprises posts from the users. However, users can comment on others’ posts and continue with the conversation. In addition, its key feature of this platform is that users can cast positive or negative posts votes. So, choosing upvotes and downvotes for every post and comment on the site.

 A particular number of up Reddit sign upvotes and downvotes decides the post visibility on the site. This will make the post to be popular and be displayed for most people to see.

As a user, you can earn ‘’Karma’’ for the posts and comments and this will reflect the users’ standing in the community and their contributions to the platform.

How Reddit community works

Popular posts from the Reddit site and subreddits are visible on the front page to those who browse the website without having an account. However, by default the users, the front page will display the popular subreddits.

It features the most top-ranking posts across Reddit. It excludes not-safe-for-work communities. Some that are commonly filtered out by users. In addition, the subreddits don’t filter topics.  Subscribers to Reddit are registered to see the top content from the subreddits to that which they subscribe on their personal front pages.

Reddit Sign up process-How to sign up

Most people don’t know how to sign up for Reddit without a username. However, to sign up, you’ll need to follow the steps as to how on the signup page. This has been the question that most people ask. ‘’how can I join Reddit?. Here is how.

  1. Go to the Reddit website
  2.  Tap on the ‘’login’’ at the top right corner of the main Reddit page
  3. Fill your username, password and verify your password details. In addition, provide the letters showing from the bottom box, to verify that the user isn’t a robot.
  4. Tap the ‘’Create account’’ after filling out all the info required. After this, the user should check to make sure that his username is available if the button doesn’t work at first. You’ll see a green checkmark that appears at the button to indicate your access.
  5. Scroll to the top right corner of Reddit to confirm that you have signed in to your account.

Ways to post on Reddit- Reddit Sign up

  • Open  your Reddit account by going to https://
  • Whenever  you’re logged in, click on the login or sign up in the top-right corner, key in your username and password and click on the login in
  • Tap on the home tab
  • Choose the post type; here you have to click any of the following options on the right side of the page.
  • Submit your new link to enable others to see your post.
  • Proceed to submit your new post, by this, you can create a text-only post
  • Mostly, some subreddits only have one post option. But others have several more specific post options.
  • As you post a link, the user will find the title ‘’title’’ text box close to the middle of the form.
  • Anytime you’re posting a link you’ll find the ‘’Title’’ text box close to the middle of the form.
Other ways of posting on Reddit
  1. Choose a place to post. Start by either the  ‘’Your Profile’’ box or the ‘’A subreddit’’ box.
  2. Know that many subreddits have their own set rules. Just follow the rules, ensure to follow the rules. Ensure that your posts aren’t removed by moderators.
  3. Start to create your post-Let your post differ slightly from other
  4.  Connect or link the web address of the items the user is sharing in the ‘’URL’’ box. You can upload an image or video instead of the link by clicking the ‘’Choose file’’ in the image/video’’ box and select a file from your computer.
  5. Add the text body typing in the ‘’Text’’ box
  6. Navigate down  and click on the check on the  box ‘’I’m not a robot’’
  7. Tap the submit button below the post window upload your post

Reddit Login

To login to your Reddit account, visit the website at Click on the login tab at the top right-hand of the page. Fill in your username and password. Then, tap the login button to have access to your account.


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