Rush card com login

                             Rush card com login : What is rush card

                                Rush card com login: what is  rush card

Rush is a communication company and one of the largest African American-owned media firms in the united state. With the Rush card com login, you can log in and make transactions.

     Rush card com login

It was founded by the hip-hop pioneer Russell Simmons in the year 1983 and was formed along with Rush artist management.

However, extending feelers into a field such as magazine publishing and movie production. This made Simmons build Rush communication into a broad-based media empire.

Rush sold jam to Universal music to be able to focus on various lines of product.

Rush also work has some products like Rush mobile, UniRush financial services, Simmons Lathan Media Group, Def poetry, and Def comedy jam.

In addition Rush, a philanthropic Art foundation brings education on art to inner-city kids.

Simmons is also a USA board member that uplifted the Jamaica organization which was started by Rush’s communication vice president.

2013 Rush company worked with businessman extra-ordinaries Hajj Hasaun Muhammad.

Lunch quality Access is a business model that serves the population who have limited access to fresh produce and some other foodstuff.

In 2003 Rush card was founded by co-founder Russell Simmons and the card ran on the visa Inc and was issued by the meta bank.

2016 the bank began offering credit cards and was reported that on January 30th, 2017 UniRush would be sold to the Green dot corporation.

The deal was worth $147 million and closing the deal at quarter was said to add around 750,000 cardholders to the Green dot network.

      What is Rush card? Rush card com login

The rush card is a prepaid can that can be used for both online and stores to shop.

You can also use it to pay bills and withdraw money only from an automated teller machine or ATM.

The card restricts your spending to the finishing amount in your account and this can help you reduce your spending limit.

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There’s a credit check when applying but you have to pay some fee to get the card.

The rush card is also a stand-alone card this means it is not connected to your bank or credit card account.

To use the card you have to first load money into the card with cash and you can only spend the money just by using the card to make payment.

You can also store tax refunds on the card.

The card fee only depends on the plan you want to use at the date of publication you got to pay some fee of $ 3.95 or $ 9.95.

Like I said earlier the fee depends only on the card you choose and you can also pay a monthly fee to make use of it the next month.

                      What is the benefit of using a Rush card?

Making use of Rush card has great benefits but here are just a few of them.

  • Free access to cash from in-network ATM
  • For easy payment of bills
  • Encourage a saving habit
  • Wide card acceptance
  • No additional fee for direct deposit
  • There’s no purchase fee
  • No fee for cashback
  • Free reload at any third party location
  • Easy online shopping
  • A Resume purchase
  • Fund account at ease
  • Shop anywhere and any time
  • Stay scam free

             What is Rush card debit cards?

Rush card prepaid debit card is a card or type of payment card which lets you spend and reload onto the card.

They work at any merchant or store that accepts the payment network just like visa, MasterCard, American express.

However, making your money safer while shopping than When you make use of cash.

The card has a mobile app that you can deposit money directly from your bank account to your debit card account.

The app is also perfect for receiving a transfer and processing a transfer.

Unlike credit cards, prepaid debit accounts may lack services like ATM network and branch location too.

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        How to activate your Rush card

 You can activate using your phone

  • Download the app
  • And register the app
  • Call the number on the card
  • When you connect you will be asked to create 4 digit pin
  • Give them the pin that will grant you access to pay
  • You can fund your account then

You can also activate through the platform

  • >
  • Provide your card number
  • Provide your CVV number, the three-digit number at the back of the card
  • Give your social number
  • Tap click on the > I am not a robot box
  • Follow the other instruction that will allow you to create a pin and a method of funding your card.

Use the app to activate

If you wish to manage the app using your phone that seems cool too.

Here are a few steps to take to activate yours through the app.

  • First, download the app at >
  • Set your account
  • Follow the card activation process

5 ways to fund your Rush prepaid debit card 

This is an amazing way you can fund your prepaid debit card.

  • Fund with moneypak: receive payment from your moneypak app at Kroger, Rite Aid, and many more
  • Setting a direct deposit: you can fund your card by giving a direct deposit from a bank or  mobile transfer app and receive within two days
  •  The Fund at the Register: you can upload money to your card by going to any Rush card retailer near you.
  • Fund with your phone: you can write yourself a check and take a photo of it to get your money using the Rush card mobile app.
  • Fund from your bank: you are access to transfer funds to your card through your bank using ACH money transfer.
             How to protect your misplaced Rush card

Misplaced your card? No worries here are just a few steps to protect it from intruders.

To protect your card you have to pause it and in the Oder for another card here are a few steps on how to pause your card.

  • Login to your rush app account
  • Press >pause card
  • Press yes at the pop-up massage
  • To resume your card press resume and >yes to a pop-up message


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