Samsung Pay App | How to use it


Samsung Pay App |  How to use it

Samsung Pay App is an easy way to make your online payment without stress. All your transactions can take place in a short while with ease. The Samsung pay app is used to make online purchases. Also, it can be used to make payments within the apps.

samsung pay app

You might be wondering why you’ve to use the Samsun pay app. Samsung Pay App is an exceptional payment app that stands out among many of the Pay apps available. It uses a special tech payment means known as MST (Magnetic Secure Transmission).

In a way, it emulates the magnetic strip present on a physical card. Now, to ensure that this apps word. Samsung pay app can work on most of the older terminals that won’t sync with the mobile payments.

Things you can do with your Pay app

  • Can make payments in multiple places whether in-store or in-app
  • Enables you to pay and add all your debit, gift and  other membership cards to your devices
  • You can earn extra rewards by using the card for purchases on a daily basis and earn points on daily purchases. In addition, you can redeem your points by entering into instant win games, through Samsung Rewards Visa prepaid cards and Samsung products or gift cards in any of your favorite stores.
  • Provides you with protection from bank fraud for each transaction you make by authentication via fingerprint, pin number or iris scan.

Using the Pay App gives you additional security that allows your card information to be encrypted in a different secure data vault.

You can make payments with your Samsung payment app in any payment terminal that takes contactless payment means.

Steps to use Samsung Pay App to make Payments

  • Tap your phone, or swipe it from the bottom to show display of your home screen
  • Launch the Samsung Pay app, this will automatically show your default card and follow up a message that will guide you to authenticate your payment. The authentication involves entering your Fingerprint or you use the iris scanner (in case of those using Galaxy S8 and S8+)
  • But if you want to use a different card, swipe left or right to display the cards stored in your phone
  • After you’ve biometrically authorized your payment, you’ll get a pop up from your phone to tap the contactless payment reader.  As simple as it is, you’ve made your payment stress


Using Samsung Pay App is the easiest and safest way you can make your payments. It’s very simple. Just wave your Samsung device across any cash register, without bringing out your credit card or entering your payment details you can make payments. This is a very simplified way of making payments.


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