scholarship to study abroad

Scholarship to Study Abroad | Computer Scholarship

Scholarship to Study Abroad |Computer Science Scholarship

Scholarship to study abroad:- To acquire education abroad is mostly not affordable to some classes of people. But the good news is that you can study abroad without spending much money.

scholarship to study abroad

How is this possible? It’s very possible, mostly for those who have the desire to study abroad. From today, don’t let the cost of studying abroad get you down. In this article, my focus is on computer science students.

Do you want to study computer science abroad, but because of the high cost, you think it’s not possible? I’ve gathered some interesting information for you. I want you to know it’s possible to study abroad by training yourself or your family training you.

All hope is not lost my dear friend; you can get a paper and a pen to write down some of this information. They’re thousands of study abroad scholarships waiting for you to grab. But it won’t come to you if you don’t apply for it.

Computer Science Scholarship Abroad

Hello my dear computer science students, do you know you can obtain a degree abroad on a scholarship? This is the good news I’m bringing to you. As a computer technologist, you’ve what it takes to control the world of technology. Presently, the world is dominated by technology.

I’ll be listing some governmental and non-governmental schools that offer scholarships to students. However, these universities also offer scholarships to mathematics, technology, science, and engineering students.

Also in this article, they’re some scholarship programs that are basically for women in computer science. The aim of this is to support more balanced gender representation in the sector.

Some Universities that offers Scholarship abroad-Scholarship to Study Abroad

King Abdullah University of Science and Technology (KAUST) is always holding a webinar to provide some information to students about scholarship opportunities.

Those who are interested to study mathematics, computer science, electrical engineering can visit webinars to find out more information and also apply. Below are some of the universities that offer scholarships to students.

  1. Google Europe Scholarship for a student with Disabilities

This is the type of scholarship program specifically for students with disabilities. Any student with disabilities from any part of the world, who wants to study computer science, can apply for this scholarship program.

  1. Microsoft Scholarship Programs

Microsoft scholarship program is for students who want a degree in computer science. Also, students who want to get a degree in computer science-related courses can also apply for it. However, you can obtain this degree in the United States, Canada, or Mexico.

Schools in the UK that offers Scholarship to Computer Science Students

  1. City, University of London Computer Science Students

City University London offers scholarships to students obtaining their master’s degree in computer science. Also, Queen Mary University of London offers scholarships on merit, for a student who will qualify for it. .This scholarship goes for an undergraduate student who wants to study computer science, electrical engineering.

  1. Royal Holloway, University of London Donald Davies Computer Science Scholarship

This scholarship is basically for fresh graduates who want to obtain their degree in computer science. Also, this scholarship is mostly awarded on merit.

  1. University of Birmingham Scholarship

This university offers scholarships to students who want to study computer science. It accepts both master students, direct entry students,s and those who want to obtain a degree.

  1. University of York Department of Computer Science

This university is one of the universities that offer scholarships to students on merit. In case you want to study at this university you can apply for it, please make sure you have a good grade. This scholarship program is open for Uk citizens, international students, and the EU.

UCL computer science excellence scholarship-Scholarship to Study Abroad

This scholarship program is only available for UK and EU. However, students who has good grades in their degree program can obtain their masters on scholarship in this school.

Universities in the US that offers Scholarship to computer science students

AFB Paul and Ellen Ruckes Scholarship

Note, all applicant of this scholarship program must be a citizen of America. This scholarship is for both graduate and undergraduate students who want to acquire a degree or master’s program.

AFCEA STEM majors Scholarships

This scholarship is majorly for US students going for STEM subjects, it’s open for both graduates and undergraduates as the case may be.

Banatao Family Filipino American Education found

It’s for both STEM and computer science scholarship award which is given to Northern Californian Students of Filipino heritage.

Betty Stevens Frecknall Scholarship

All computer science and STEM students who reside in the US can apply for this scholarship. It accepts the only student who resides in the US that wants to enroll in the full-time program.

In conclusion, all these listed scholarship programs are offered by some universities and some non-governmental organizations. Their aim is to help students from lower backgrounds to pursue their educations.

These universities and some of these foundations have been existing for a long time. It’s has sponsored thousands of individuals from different parts of the world.

Don’t miss this opportunity, apply for this scholarship program. However, these are not the only foundations and universities that offer a scholarship to students; they’re many other ones that are not listed.






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