Selling on Facebook | How to market your product on facebook


Selling on Facebook | How to market your product on facebook

Selling on Facebook- You can sell anything that is considered legal on facebook. Facebook business platforms create an opportunity that’s cheap and some that are free for small business owners to grow their business and make more profit.


One of the ways to market your product on Facebook or selling on Facebook is through creating a Facebook Business page.

Another way you can sell on Facebook is through Facebook group engagement and participation. Also, you can turn your Facebook page to be your Facebook store where people can visit and shop for items and pay you through Facebook.

If you engage in Facebook ads, you’ll increase your visibility in your target area, increase your brand awareness and engage more people to know about your product and possible make customers out of them.

Steps to selling on Facebook

 To start selling anything of facebook, you have to, first of all, create a Facebook business page. It’s not enough to post on your profile because, within a few minutes, the post won’t show again. So, if you’re smart enough, proceed to your Facebook account and create a Facebook page.

  •  From your Facebook page: you can now post your product and talk about the services that you offer. There’s a lot associated with the page.  You’ll have to engage the several tools on the page to ensure that your followers know about your business to the point that they’ll start to patronize you.

Tools on the Facebook page are About Events, community, Home, Photos, Offers, Info and Ads, Posts, Reviews, Services, and shop. If you engage all these tools from your page, you’ll easily get the product well known in your chosen area.

  • Another way to easily sell on Facebook is by joining any Facebook buy and sell group you like. But before that, ensure that the groups you join relate to the products that you want to sell.

 Then, click on ‘’Sell something’’>what are you selling link (business or product link). fill the details that describe what you’re selling and then, click on the ‘’Post’’ link.  After this, you’ll now start selling and increase your sales.

The Benefits of selling product on Facebook

Facebook is a social media that has over 2 billion users and if provides a lot of platforms for sales and other activities. You can display your wares and Facebook and get orders from your friends, fans, and followers.  One of the things users of enjoying is brand awareness, and easy engagement. Below are some other benefits you’ll enjoy:

  • There’s no fee charge unless you want to do a paid ad on Facebook. Paid Ads are for Facebook adverts through the Facebook ads program.
  • It hooks you up with people that are close to you and make you sell directly to them. People in the same country, street, town, and village with you can easily know about your business existence and will later become your customer.
  • It’s fast and simple to sell on Facebook. Sellers get comfort as well as the buyer. Also, immediate sales are encouraged.
  • It increases product visibility
  • There’s an increase in email subscribers on your products.

Encouraging Tips to sell on Facebook

  1. Offer one-off web-specials to customers to stir them to come back again
  2. Post amusing and entertaining contents to your fans to implant your presence in their hearts
  3. Offers discounts and sales bait to draw your Fans to your Facebook store.
  4. Provide an incentive to attract new customers and also to get more likes on your page.
  5. Create a feedback channel to know how your fans feel about your product and service your clients better.
  6. Make sure you use high quality and dramatic images and videos to promote your products or services. When you do this, it’ll really captivate your facebook customers. For example, short stories and comedy of mark angel comedy have grown with over a million fans globally.


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