Shaadi dating site Review  –A Legit Dating Site

Shaadi dating site Review  –A Legit Dating Site

This dating site focuses on helping Indian people find true love or their life partner. This is a very detailed article so stick around so you won’t miss a thing.


This Shaadi dating site is all about bringing people together in order to achieve whatever their aims are whether for fun, dating, meeting people but marriage is the ultimate goal here.

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Mostly, people that sign up are with the intentions of meeting their life partner here and that’s what this site encourages.

According to the name, it may sound like this dating site is only for Indians but it’s not true. It is people all over the world.

Interestingly, it has helped over 35 million individuals find love and long-term relationships and it has been achieving that since 1996.

According to the gender ratio of the Shaadi dating sites,it is dominated by males. It’s about 3:1 ratio of men to women users.

*75% of men are present on the site

*25% are women

This means there’s a lot of competition among the male that is looking for that perfect match. Any lady your speaking with, just know there’re other 3 guys on the other side asking her out too.

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Is it easy to use?

Immediately you open the site, you will discover that it is very welcoming. This site is very different from the other sites available. They give you options to select and fill when you are registering which is not in other dating sites.

The regular sites ask about

  • What and who do you want
  • The age gap you want

But when it comes to Shaadi dating site, you only fill these options

  • Your religion
  • And home language

After you have filled these options, the rest is left for the site.

You also need to give other information like

  • Your email address or email ID
  • An accessible password
  • The person you’re creating the profile for.

Don’t be confused, Shaadi allows you generate a profile for somebody who’s looking for love or a life partner.

You also need to make available some personal details like

  • Your names( both first and last)
  • Date of birth
  • Your religion
  • The community you’re from
  • Finally, location.

After that, you still have to fill in some more options. Note that you cant skip it like you do in other dating sites. It is compulsory.

  • Firstly, The city you reside
  • Whether you are living with your parents
  • Next, the country you grew up
  • If you are married or not
  • Your ethnic origin
  • Again, your diet
  • Height
  • Where your sub-community is
  • Qualifications
  • Your workplace
  • What you do
  • How much you earn
  • Your mobile number

Finally, you just say a few things about yourself.

Immediately you are through with these questions, you will be allowed into the site.

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How to find your way around Shaadi dating site.

Shaadi dating site puts you into action as soon as you log in to the site as a first.

It puts you into action by presenting to you a lot of matchups according to the description you gave in your profile.

It’s up to you to select the persons you want to hook with or leave that section completely.

When you make up your mind to connect with whomever you have chosen, you’ll be taken to the membership sign-up page to select a membership package.

But if you aren’t convinced yet to sign up, just go to the website page.

The whole structure and design of the Shaadi dating site are very user-friendly, smooth, organized. To find your way  around is very easy and you will be needing four menus which are:

  1. Shaadi: this is where you get the link that leads you to your dashboard, profile, photos, partner preference, and setting.
  2. Matches: these are matches that Shaadi has made available for you.
  3. Search: here you get the search engine where you get more matches
  4. Inbox: here are all the messages you send and receive on Shaadi.

How to get into Shaadi’s profile

I know you think everything is complete due to the questions you saw or answered earlier but it’s not so. Everything about you is complete but to get the perfect match you’re looking for, finishing is necessary.

  • Who’s looking for ( husband or wife)
  • Your age range
  • Height
  • Your marital status
  • Do you have children
  • The ethnic group you’re from
  • Religion
  • language
  • Your location details
  • Your education and professional details
  • The lifestyle and appearance you engage in
  • Do you have a photo or not.

In Shaadi dating sites, you can only message the person you’ve chosen to connect with but you can’t message other users other than viewing their profiles.

Then as the two of you progresses, you will be able to see each other’s contacts and email address, and other important pieces of information. Isn’t that amazing?

Some membership packages you can get from Shaadi.

  1. Send and receive messages
  2. Viewing contact pieces of information
  3. Promoting your profile
  4. View hidden pictures other users selected as private in their profile page
  5. Get premium assistance and relationship advisers anytime you wish for it.

Packages only last for three, six, or 12 months long depending on the one you buy. Stick around, let’s do the math.

  1. Gold membership-for three months $97.00($32.33 per month)
  2. Gold plus membership-3 months $119.00($39.67 per month)
  3. Diamond membership-six months $147.00($24.50 per month)
  4. Diamond plus membership-six months $187.00($31.17 per month)
  5. Platinium plus membership-12 months $269.00($22.42 per month)
  6. Relationship advisories and matchmaking services-addition of $899 for 6 months and $599 for 3 months.

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Nevertheless, Shaadi dating site is a very interesting site that you can sign in to anywhere you are all over the world. The interesting thing is, if the can’t find your match, your money will be refunded back to you.

The site is easy to operate, it takes a lot of time finding your way around but that’s to save you stress in the future.

Any two adults that connect with each other, Shaadi makes it possible for them to chat offline which is very amazing.

Notice you must be 18 years and above before you have a shaadi profile.

How to delete your Shaadi dating account.
  1. Tap on the “my Shaadi ‘’ main menu and choose ‘’my profile’’
  2. Then look for the ‘’hide/delete profile’’ tab
  3. You click on the option you want.

How to contact the team of Shaadi.

If you want to send a mail, do it here

  • 2B (2) II Ground floor
  • Film center building
  • 68 Tardeo road
  • Mumbai
  • 400 034
  • India
How to block someone on shaadi
  1. Access their profile first
  2. Look for an arrow pointing down towards the right side of their
  3. Tap on that and you will see options (to only block them or report them as well).

In conclusion

Shaadi dating site is a legit and unique site. It is very safe. It keeps your data safe and private.

What are you waiting for, sign in now?





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