Shazam Apple | The  new features of Shazam in your iphone


Shazam Apple | The  new features of Shazam in your iPhone

Shazam Apple- Shazam music app has been available since 2002, it is one of the most popular music apps in the planet. In case you are wondering what Shazam is at this point, well let’s call it a music player app that lets you identify music online.

shazam apple

It is also one of the best free music apps in the world today as you can listen to any song free today on Shazam.

Shazam Apple-Musical identification platform

The biggest feature of Shazam is that it lets you identify any song.

Even if the song is in a movie or playing on someone else’s phone or playing on a movie.

As long as the song is playing is loud enough, Shazam is going to identify it for easy download.

For example, let’s say you are moving through traffic and then you hear this amazing song that you cant just come down and ask details about.

Well, you can just Shazam the song.

How to identify songs with Shazam.

  • First of all, ensure that you’ve downloaded the Shazam app on your mobile device.

Shazam is available on ios, android, and even the windows platform.

So simply go to the app store, search for Shazam, and download it.

  • Now open the Shazam app on your device
  • You might be required to create a Shazam account.

This is done so you can sync your shazam’s(Shazam search) across various devices.

  • Now tap on the huge Shazam icon to Shazam or get the song that Is downloading.
  • The song will immediately be identified and you can choose to play online or download it.

The Shazam new feature on Apple’s iPhone.

Apart from the ability to identify songs around you, Shazam took it a step further, they allowed you to listen to songs in your app.

What this means is that you could be watching a movie or using an app, and then decide to Shazam that song.

Additionally, you could choose to even Shazam songs that are playing on your headphones.

However, this feature recently became available on Apple’s iPhone.

This was considered strange as apple has bought Shazam since 2018.

However android users have been using that update since 2019, which the update recently became available on iPhone.

Well, you can now summon Shazam with Siri on your iPhone, and use it to identify any song that is playing around you.

How to use this feature on your iPhone – Shazam-Apple

With control center

  • First of all, to use this feature, your iPhone must have at least the beta version of the iOS 14.2.
  • This is the current update of the iOS, though for now we only have the beta version with no date given for the release of the full version.
  • Now click on the little Shazam icon at the bottom of the control center menu.

This will toggle on Siri’s music recognition feature.

With Siri

  • Simply say, Siri
  • Then say identify a song with Shazam
  • This will allow Shazam to identify the song that is playing.


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