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         Showmax App : How to Create Showmax account

                             Showmax App: How to Create Showmax account

The Showmax app is an online superscription video service that was launched in South Africa on the 19th of August 2015. Showmax is employing a local station strategy to take and establish video demand with a focus on local content.

showmax app

In South Africa, Showmax is a great competitor of Netflix and Amazon prime video. Moreover, it’s also part of a multi-choice group of companies.

It publishes with engineering and researches articles on technical websites it offers consumers a free 14-day trial.

In December 2015 Showmax expanded its reach to people in Europe, Australia, New Zealand, North America, and Canada.2016 Showmax made more audience in more countries also 36 African countries making its services available in 65 countries.

On the 7th of July 2020, it launched its pro product in Kenya and Nigeria the new service. The product comes with the already existing entertainment service along with music, news, and live sports streaming channels. Showmax partnered with SEACOM to put caching servers in Nairobi Kenya.

After it passes 10 million views in July 2016 Showmax later launched it [Showmax Select] in Kenya. Showmax download feature access you to download up to 25 shows or series at the same time and watch. Showmax added a multiple profile feature including the ability to be able to set up a child-friendly profile.

In October 2019 it introduced a mobile plan of 50% of the cost of the standard subscription price. According to Showmax mobile devices are the primary window to the internet. In many African countries and no SVoD services has program product meant for mobile usage.

2020 the company launched a live streaming sports service named Showmax pro and it rolled out across 40 African countries. In addition to the standard version of Showmax pro will also be made available for half the standard price.

                     What are the devices that Showmax supports?

Here is a list of devices Showmax operate with or on:

  • Personal computers{web related sites}
  • Apple iphone and ipads that runs iOS 9.3 or more
  • Apple TV
  • Android phone running 4.1 or more
  • Android media devices
  • Samsung smart TVs
  • Samsung Tizen TVs
  • LG Netcast TV
  • Hisense smart TV{ expected in Africans only }
  • Dstv explore{ available only in Kenya, Nigeria, and South Africa}
  • Google cast
  • Xbox one
  • Play station 4 and 5


                        What is Showmax App pro?

Showmax pro is another new product of Showmax to its subscribers in African countries especially Kenya, Nigerian. The product was launched on 7th July 2020 and it comes with a lot of exciting features.  The new feature includes music, news, live streaming sports videos, and more and you can stream live sport and more.

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Unlike another standard plan, you can only stream on two simultaneously devices. Showmax pro cost only 449 ZAR, 6300NGN, 119.99GHC 67,200UGX monthly subscriptions is $17.99.

                               What is Showmax mobile?

Showmax mobile is a standard edition but as the name above implies it is an app for smartphones. The app is affordable, with limited editions of streaming services.

However, it offers the same movies and channels and kids’ editions just like every other device can give you. However, unlike the standard edition, you can’t register 5 devices only one tablet or device is made to be connected. The mobile product cost 1200NGN, 16.99GHC, 300KES, and 11,499UGX.

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                     What is the Showmax app pro mobile?

 Showmax pro mobile is as same as Showmax mobile limitation you can only register and stream on one tablet. You are access to stream movies, news, sports, and kid content, unlike the standard Showmax.

Show max pro has it different rates NGN59.99, 225, ZAR 33,600, 1050 KSH, but the monthly subscription is $8.99 in the rest of Africa.

                    How to watch Showmax outside African countries?  

Some Showmax users outside Africa have made a lot of complaints that some of the content or the app is blocked outside African countries. The reason for that is made clear that the streaming services can be different in each country.

If you travel outside Africa but still want to keep in touch with your movies you will need to swap VPN.

What are the features of Showmax?

  • Lots and different types of movies
  • Lots of TV channels in the users country
  • Multiply connected device
  • Multiply available profile
  • Free download for offline use
  • Bandwidth capping

                                How to create a Showmax  app account

To make use of Showmax you must have or sign up an account with them here are steps in doing those.

  • First, log in to>
  • Click on the link and tap on the signup page
  • Provide your details
  • Provide a strong passcode
  • Enter the phone number for quicker notification of streaming movies
  • Tap > create account

Just like I said earlier Showmax is not as free as other movies sites you must purchase a plan before an account is successfully created.

  • Select a package and make a payment then you will be access into your account

Just like every other movie streaming site Showmax needs your subscription so that the services will be accessed.

The blockbuster movies are available on the HD platforms with a little rate of 1,200 for Nigerians.

For you to access the platform you must be using an internet-enabled device because Showmax works with the internet.

What are the requirements for opening a Showmax account?

To use Showmax on your mobile device you must have an account and to open an account you must have the Requirement.

  • Download and activate the Showmax app on your phone
  • After signing up as I told you before
  • You need a bank account or online wallet for paying bills
  • A good and strong internet provider
  • A sufficient data plan

                     How does Showmax’s free trial work?

However anytime you are about to create a new account you will have to purchase a plan as I said before

When you are paying for the plan use the check or credit card payment option.

Your account will be activated and your 14 days trial will begin after that they will charge you for the plan subscription immediately after the 14-day trial ends.

This 14 days trial is offered only when you are still on the standard is not available for the pro-Showmax product.

Also, note that you are access to cancel your subscriptions anytime you like.

                    How to cancel Showmax subscriptions  

However, Showmax also charges you monthly whether or not you use the product this is simply because your credit card is still linked to them.

So to avoid this charge when you are not making use of the product the only way is to cancel your subscription.

Here are a few steps to do that easily.

  • Visit the site
  • Click >my account
  • Tap on> manage my subscription
  • Click >cancel subscription

That is just as simple as that.

                 How to download on Showmax app 

Say goodbye to the miracles of only watching your favorite shows on TV. Showmax app has created a bridge between a viewer and a producer, now you can have access to download offline. Even without the use of mobile data Showmax also accesses you to your account even with public Wi-Fi.

However, your download quality differs from the device you use for the downloads. But with the following step below you are ensured a successful download.

  • Log in to the official page
  • Download app on your device {android or iOS}
  • Tap and open the app
  • Sign in with your details
  • Select the show you wish to download
  • Click on the download button {an icon that has a cloud that as an arrow pointing downwards}
  • Wait while the downloads start
  • To minimize network use you can reduce the quality of the movie
               How to install the Showmax app on smart TV

However, in order to install the Showmax app on your TV here is the steps to take.

           Every smart TV

  • Make sure  to update  the firmware of your TV
  • Located the TVs interface on the TV
  • Browse to the TV application store and search for Showmax
  • Install the app

Hisense Smart TV already has an installed Showmax app on it so no need to stress on it.

                How do I switch plans on Showmax?

In order to switch from one plan to the other is as simple as ever only if you follow the step below.

  • Log in to the Showmax site
  • Click my account
  • Tap on > manage subscription

Each plan offers different types of features and benefits, because of this effect I will advise being careful when selecting.  A new payment will be made for the plan and you will move to another plan.

Note that any payment from the previous plan will be saved on the plan in case you which to come back to the plan.

            How to change your Showmax account password

If you think someone is using your account on another device here is a few steps on how to handle that.

  • Sign in to your account
  • Select my account
  • Select account details
  • Choose password
  • Enter your new password and the present one you wish to change into
  • Select the new password and save
           How to control data usage on Showmax account

However, since most users complain basically more and the active data usage consumption on the app or site we have come up with a better solution to that.

Here are a few ways to manage your data.

             Bandwidth capping

Using bandwidth capping setting the fear of data is a problem solved. The setting works in a way that it automatically adjusts your streaming quality.

No capping will allow you to consume about 3 GB per hour however medium capping consumes about 700MB per hour. But low capping will allow you to consume only 300MB per hour.

Reducing download quality

You can also manage the consumption of your data when you manage the quality of your videos. Here are types of quality you can use while downloading

  • Good quality
  • Low quality
  • High quality
  • Super quality
  • Standard quality

Download movies for offline use

A great way of controlling your data usage is by making use of public Wi-Fi service only from protected sources. Download movies and watch when you are offline no longer making use of the internet.

Downloading movies for offline use is also very good because you can easy share them with your loved one. When you download you can easily share through WhatsApp, Facebook, and many other sites.


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