Smart Steps to Set Up a Pinterest Business Account


Smart Steps to Set Up a Pinterest Business Account

Pinterest Business account is another social media strategy to grow your business and get more rankings. It can get you more revenue if you manage your Pinterest business account well.

Pinterest Business account

Pinterest, as described by its CEO, is a catalog of ideas that inspires its users to go out and do that thing. It is a visual discovery, collection, and storage tool.

Users are to register before they can use the Pinterest app. Here they can add pins (these are images that users upload, save, sort and manage) to their boards (boards are made up from a collection of pins). These boards are can be sorted into categories.

Also, contents can be found outside Pinterest but can be uploaded there using the ‘Pin It’ button, you can download it from the bookmark bar of the user’s web browser.

If you already have a personal Pinterest account, don’t worry it can be transitioned to a business account.

Businesses can utilize the app and market their products on Pinterest by opening a Pinterest business account. It allows users to grow their customers and because it’s a visual app, it gives a business the opportunity to engage their customers with great and colorful images that helps promote their products and interesting deals they offer.

How to Set Up a Pinterest Business Account

Here, I’ll be taking you through the steps you need to take to set up your Pinterest Business Account.

  • Simply visit the Pinterest business account set up a home page here, as it’s not a regular Pinterest account you’re opening.
  • Click on ‘Join as a Business’.
  • Key in the required information.
  • If Amazon is your primary sales site, choose the ‘Online Marketplace’ in the select business type option.
  • Tap ‘Create account’.
  • Next, you’re to pick out five categories that connect to your business.
  • Click on ‘Pin’ icon at the top right corner of your screen, in the drop-down menu, tap on ‘My Profile’.
  • Tap ‘Edit Profile’ at the top right corner of your screen on the next page that appears.
  • Insert the required information on your business in the fields provided under ‘Edit profile’.
  • Information required includes; your business name, picture, username, location, etc. you can visit your setting to change your password, email or Facebook/Twitter preference.
  • Tap ‘Save’.
  • Start creating your own board by clicking on ‘Create board’.
  • Name the board, add a description and select a category you’d like it to be in.

Note: Giving your board a keyword that has rich descriptions will give you a chance to be easily found when users search.

  • Also, start adding pins to your board.
  • Next, click on ‘Ads’ at the top left side of your screen and select ‘Overview’ or go to the advertisement section to join the ads waitlist.

Tips for Filling out Your Edit Profile Section in your Pinterest Business Account

Here are some useful tips to keep in mind when editing your profile when setting up your business account.

  • Ensure that you use your business logo as your profile picture. As Pinterest’s profile pictures as circular, bear in mind that you’ll have to make some adjustments on your logo so it can fit.
  • Make sure your username and business name are identical or as similar as possible so you can be easily found. If your business name has already been used you can add numbers or characters to your username to give it a distinct difference.
  • In the ‘About you’ box try to keep your essay as simple and short as possible and use really specific keywords for your brand.
  • In the website box, after providing your website, make sure you click on ‘Confirm Website’. Doing this strengthens your profile and it allows Pinterest to be notified when someone tries to use it.

How to Change your Pinterest Personal Account to a Business Account

  • Login your Pinterest account, navigate to ‘Pinterest for Business’
  • Click on ‘Convert your existing account’.
  • Choose ‘Business type’.
  • Enter a contact name and your email address.
  • Provide your ‘Profile Info’ like Business name, Username, About and Website.
  • Read through the ‘Agreement’ and tap on the ‘I agree to the Business Terms of Service and Privacy Policy’.
  • Then, click on ‘Convert Account’.
How to Convert Your Business Account to Personal Account

Your Pinterest personal account that was converted to a business account can also be reconverted to a personal account. Just follow the steps below to do that.

  • Click on the Ellipses (…) button at the top right corner of your screen.
  • Tap ‘Settings’.
  • Press the ‘Convert to personal account’ button.
  • Click on ‘Convert account’. You can also edit your name if you like before clicking on ‘Convert account’.

Note: If it happens when you create a Pinterest ad or when you link your business account. The above option might not be seen in your settings.


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