Snapchat Marketing | Sign Up | Benefits of Snapchat Marketing

Snapchat Marketing | Sign Up | Benefits of Snapchat Marketing

Snapchat Marketing- Snapchat is a popular multi-media app that lets individuals share pictures and message (known as ‘snap’) that are usually only available for a short time and disappear after they are seen by viewers. It was launched in September 2011 by Evan Spiegel, Bobby Murphy, and Reggie Brown.

Snapchat marketing

Its essential feature is the sharing of pictures and videos with filters and plenty of other effects and shares with friends.

This app boasts of a global audience with over 150 million users who share snaps and view events from all over the world. It’s also a great way to market your business online by sharing pictures or videos that can last for 10 seconds. Snaps can also be stacked together that create a flick-book that lasts for 24 hours as your story.

Benefits of Snapchat marketing

The Snapchat app as a marketing tool features benefits that can be seen below:

  • This app promotes real-time happenings and helps connect friends and family.
  • Videos and pictures can be shared on other social media platforms to build and reach a larger audience.
  • It’s one of the best mobile camera applications, snaps shared are deleted by default giving users a measure of privacy and creates curiosity in other users and engaging them to view the products and services you offer.
  • Businesses can take advantage of its limited viewing timeframe and create a short time offer on products and creating a sense of urgency among buyers.
  • It helps businesses save money because there’s no need to alter videos or pictures professionally.
  • allows you to add links to post directly making it less difficult to share content with customers.
  • It stands as one of the best social media marketing platforms to invest in because of the age bracket of its users as it is known that 71% of its users are under 34 years old.
  • Snap chat with its large number of users offers a great platform to market products.
More Benefits of Snapchat Marketing
  • It offers an e-commerce feature, Snapcash that allows users to send or receive money by linking their debit cards to the application.
  • This app allows you to express how you truly feel with its wide range of filters and emoticons.
  • Users can easily learn how to use the app and its features and allow you to readily post snaps from your smartphone.
  • Snapchat notifies you of who took a screenshot of your snaps that may be a potential customer.

Disadvantages of Snapchat

  • Its self-destruct feature leaves you with no trace of what you’ve shared unless you take a screenshot and saved to your phone. This is a case of an advantage serving as a disadvantage.
  • It doesn’t have a comment and like option on snaps like other social media platforms.
  • Your marketing audience is limited to Android and iPhone users as the app doesn’t work on Windows, Blackberry or Linux.
  • Snapchat is costly to small and medium-sized businesses as its ad cost is on the steep side with a $10,000 per month rate.
  • Because of its self destruct nature, users can easily take advantage of and abuse it. Exploitation can occur when users take shots of the pictures shared and spread them indiscriminately and this can be a problem when it applies to privacy.
  • Because of its young user’s age bracket, marketers have a certain number of the audience unlike to Facebook which has a 62% adult rate.
  • It offers limited access to an audience. The only way to get an analysis of viewers’ response is when direct messages and views because of its lack of like or share feature.

Why you should use Snapchat Marketing

I think you should include Snapchat in your business marketing platforms. This is because of the benefits and opportunities. With over 191 million daily uses, it boasts about 76% of users shopping online.

Snapchat is good for every business and the main features on Snapchat are Images, videos, and snaps. The snaps are images or videos that are being sent privately and only to specific users. Once the users view them, for the allowed time, the snaps expire and then, disappear.

So, sending your business information as a snap can go a long way in convincing your users to use your product or recommend you.

You can edit your posts on Snapchat using the following:

  • Drawing Tools
  • Text Ads-ins
  • Emojis
How to Sign Up for Snapchat- Snapchat marketing

It’s easy to set up a Snapchat account for your business without hassle. Follow the steps below;

  • Download the Snapchat app on your Android or iOS device by visiting your app store.
  • After downloading the app, install and open it.
  • Click ‘Sign Up’ to create an account.
  • Enter your first name and last name.
  • Enter a username (Note: you can’t change your username once you’ve chosen it).
  • Choose a password that is unique to you and enters it.
  • Provide your birthday and phone number in the box provided for you.
  • Enter your email address.
  • Tap “Sign Up and Accept”.
  • Verify your account by clicking on the photos with a ghost in a grid of 9 images to prove you’re not a robot.

You can now access Ads Manager with your username and password and begin to advertise on Snapchat.

How to Login to your account on Snapchat
  • Open your Snapchat app on your phone and tap On the Log In icon.
  • Enter your Username or Email in the box allotted.
  • Type in your secure password next.
  • Click Log In.





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