snapchat on a chromebook

Snapchat on a Chromebook -How to Use Snapchat on Chromebook

Snapchat on a Chromebook -How to Use Snapchat on Chromebook

Snapchat on a Chromebook-Impossible! Could one Snapchat on Chromebook? Guess that’s what is going on in your mind now. But can I tell you; it’s damn real. Guess what? We are in the business of showing you how to use Snapchat on Chromebook in a language-friendly manner.

snapchat on a chromebook

To make it interesting, we got all that you should know about Snapchat Chromebookversion

. Perhaps, it could be the best time and thing you have ever read about Chromebook Snapchat. Why not focus on your screen while we drive you to the steps.

Snapchat on a Chromebook

Most importantly, Snapchat can be gotten from the Google play store or any app store of your choice. Once you get the app, launch it and get started for use. No worries, we got you covered for the steps to install Snapchat on Chromebook.

Before we get into that, what’s Chromebook? This question must have been in your mind as we thought of making it clear to you right on this page.

What’s Chromebook?

C’mon, what the hell is this Chromebook all about! To make it simple, Chromebook is simply a Tablet or Laptop designed to run the Linux based chrome OS as it’s operating system. Moreover, the device is highly multitasking with chrome browser. In fact, you can refer this to as a smartphone.

Mind you, not all apps may be compatible here and at this cost, requires extra maneuvering to handle any effect.  That’s is all that should be known for a Chromebook. Let’s  start with other things.

What’s Snapchat?

To start, Snapchat is simply  social media app that has runs multiple media functions such as live chat, video, camera, chats, etc. Thus, this app was created by Evan Spiegel, Reggie Brown and Bobby Murphy. Not boosting, this app is mostly used by young vibrate people from 13 years above.

Your contact will be imported for first set of friends on the platform before you hunt for friends. So,Feel free to share photos with amazing filters to colorgrade them.

Now we have idea of what Chromebook is and Snapchat app, we move on to how to install it for use. Besides, this could be unique in usage and may need assistance. Don’t get yourself worried about that because we are cooking something already. Above all, are your internet connection ready cause we about to buy from cloud. Of course, Chromebook is With an operating system of cloud storage. So far, it’s the best of google built-in with multiple layers of security. Thus, you can  use the offline-ready apps even though you are not connected to the internet. Mind you, above all apps, Snapchat is not so compatible with Chromebook. But, we’ll be doing some magic on this.

How to Use Snapchat on a Chromebook

To start, here are the simple steps to follow. Thus, it is language friendly and easy to comprehend.

To install Snapchat

  • Move on to Google playstore or download directly from the website just like palmchat or Apkmirror.
  • Have you done that? Go on and launch it to get started.
  • Next, we got a special tool we are going to be using and it runs perfectly with Linux. We aim to convert it manually. Thus, open the terminal on the Linux and click these two commands to install a set node.js
Something like this:

sudo apt-get install nodejs npm

sudo ln -s /usr/bin/nodejs /usr/bin/node

  • Move to install “chrome os-apk tool with the below command

sudo npm install chromeos-apk -g

  • Next, you will have to get the Snapchat app already in file manager to perform this command below

Check it out:

chromeos-apk snapchatapp.apk

  • For more preference, you can use Snapchat in a tablet mode. To do that, add prefix-tablet at the end of your command

You can do this with the below command

chromeos-apk snapchatapp.apk –tablet

Note: this command will cause a directory to appear on your home directory. Afterwards, copy the directory to your Chromebook.

  • If you will want to visit the extension page, you may want to use the loud unpacked extension. Check out how to do it below:

Hamburger” menu –> Tools–> Extensions, click Enable developer mode,

  • Lastly, hit the launch button forSnapchat to get started.

Of course, trust you had a great time with us today on how to use Snapchat on Chromebook. Why not drop a comment on what you think about this post. You can share yours if you got a better way you think will be best.






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