SoundCloud | stream and listen to music online | SoundCloud Download


SoundCloud | stream and listen to music online | SoundCloud Download

SoundCloud is online streaming is a music streaming site that allows its users to listen to songs online. The website has lots of amazing features that are designed to make it one of the leading music streaming platforms in the world.


There are tons of music to be enjoyed on the site plus apart from streaming, music lovers can still upload and download songs.

Originally from Berlin, in Germany, the social nature of the platform enables users to share and promote songs.

The platform is rapidly rising and already has more than 155 million tracks available on the platform and still growing strong.

SoundCloud is very user friendly, the quality of songs on the website is phenomenal, and even novices of streaming platforms are sure to get the hang of it.

Songs are sorted practically and you can even use just the genre of the song to search for any song of your desire.

The sharing ability of the platform makes it connects with other streaming easily, plus users can comment on any song they want.

Can users Download Music From SoundCloud?

Most online streaming platforms prevent the downloading of their content.

SoundCloud is an exception to the norm as you can download from this site.

Though you can only access the download option once you’ve signed in with your SoundCloud account.

Moreover, once you’ve signed in, you can select different from different options the size with which you want to download the file.


If you are a musical artist or you have access to original content, you can also activate the download feature in your song.

Remember, that by signing in you can get access to a very large amount of songs available on the website.

SoundCloud Free 

The SoundCloud platform is not free, there are three services they offer. However, SoundCloud free is just one of these services.

SoundCloud free is to all listeners, is absolutely ads-free and you have a listening and downloading capacity of up to 200 million songs.

The other options are the SoundCloud go and the SoundCloud go+ their services cost $4.99 and $9.99 respectively per month.

Its  Monetization and Subscription.

A new SoundCloud feature became available in August 2014.

The feature allows its premium users to monetize their contents; yeah now paying the whole pay SoundCloud pay services is suddenly not a bad idea.

Well, monetization on works is achievable through the following ways.

  • Pre-rolling of audio Ads.
  • Mobile sponsorship.
  • Channel display Ads.
  • Original contents.

This is a very good feature for premium subscribers as they can use these features to generate money for themselves.

Features of SoundCloud

Now we are going to observe the features

  • Music Streaming: the major feature is the streaming feature; with it, music lovers can use it to listen to any of their favorite songs irrespective of their location.
  • The Search bar: the search bar feature is to look for their favorite songs, either through the name of the artist or the name of the song itself.
  • Music Download: the platform gives users the ability to download any song of their choice as long as the user has a Sound Cloud account and is logged in.
  • Adding of New Set: using this feature, users have the ability to create a new set from a starting point at their discretion
  • Radio Feature: The radio feature gives the user the ability to listen to radio channels, not just local channels but internet access ones as well.
SoundCloud App – Google Play Store | App Store

The Sound Cloud music platform has an app as well.

This saves then user from the stress of having to go through their browser which is sometimes slow.

Android phone users can download the app by visiting Google play store, searching for SoundCloud



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