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Staples Near Me – Locate your nearest Staples

Staples Near Me – Locate your nearest Staples -Hours Open

Staples near me helps you to find the finest store chains in the United States. You can trust them for all your home supply and office supply. To begin with, we’ll help you find Staple Store Near you. We’ll start by exposing you to ways you can locate a nearby Staple within your location. In this article, you’ll learn things like how to locate Staple near me using various ways. The ways include Google map, the Staple store locator, and asking people in your neighborhood.

staples near me

We’ll also show you customer service phone numbers, opening hours, and contact details. These and lots of other info that will help you locate the closest Staple store, will be availed to you.

About Staples-Stapes near me

Staples Incorporated (Staples Inc.) is an American office retail company. Majorly, they deal on the sale of office supplies and related products. They do so through retail channels and business-to-business (B2B) operations.

Her first store opened in Massachusetts, precisely in Boston on May 1, 1986.  Ten years later(1996), it had reached the Fortune 500. Within that same period, it acquired the office supplies company Quill Corporation. In 2014, they encountered stern competition from other E-Commerce companies and had to close some locations.

After the setback, Staples began to refocus its operations to downplay its brick-and-mortar outlets. Then they placed more prominence on its B2B supply business. In 2017, the company was sold to Sycamore Partners.

Today, Staples operates a total of 3,856 stores and an additional 125 warehouses in over 25 countries. They have a net asset of approximately $10 billion. With a revenue in the area of $22 billion, though its net income is significantly lower, at $134 million. The company has a massive workforce of more than seventy thousand employees.

 Using the Map

On your mobile phone, there are cool apps that allow you to search “near you” for different types of restaurants. Yelp for instance is wonderful, but I’m wondering if you can find home and office supplies in a Staple store.

Google maps on the other hand have quite a few capabilities. This includes both the ability to find your current location and then to search “Places near me.” All these, just right from your comfort zone. The only prerequisite is a good knowledge of how to find a location on Google map. Even if you don’t, this article is here to help you.

To start, open the Google maps app. If you don’t have the app for any reason whatsoever, you can visit with your device browser.

After that, type in the current location or the location name from where you need a nearby location result. This typing should be in the Search Box.  Then press Enter to display your search results.

After the above, click on the Search box once. This will show you the Search Nearby link once clicked.

Now, simply type in the category of places, you want to search. Just like “Staple store near me”. or restaurant or car parks near me etc.” After typing, click on enter. After that, all Nearby Category results will be displayed. Below is a list of result information you may get:

  • The name of the Shops or location.
  • Available ratings provided by users.
  • The distance from your current location.
  • The Cost where applicable
  • The actual Address. You may easily get the direction by clicking on item.

Lastly, remember that Red icons Show nearby results on the map, while your original location appears as a gray icon.

Locating Staples Store Near Me

In this session, we’ll mention one or two sites that will come in handy in finding a nearby Staple store. Importantly, the sites we’ll mention are easy to use.

Staples Store Locator

Here, all you need to do is feed in your zip code and click the search button. Afterward, just wait for a few seconds or minutes, and there you will have it. Also, using the staple store locator page is efficient in such a way that it will give you more relevant details. Details like opening and closing hours, locations of Staple in different states in the United States, and many more.

The Staples mobile app brings about secure online shopping and access to special deals and promotions. It also avails users the ability to create wish lists and keep track of favorite items. Interestingly, it is compatible with Android and iOS devices both for smartphones and tablets. You can download the Staples app from AppStore or Google Play.

Opening Hours

In the United States, Staples stores are open on a daily basis. On weekdays, they’re open from 8 a.m. to 9 p.m. On Sundays however, they are open between 10 a.m. and 6 p.m.

Staples Store Contact

For General inquiries: 800-333-3330

Order inquiries: Use this form

For Customer care: 0333 300 1334

Their Headquarters address: 500 Staples Drive, Framingham, Massachusetts 01702, USA.

Their Headquarters phone number: 508-253-5000

To contact Investor Relations: 1-800-468-7751.






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