StumbleUpon App | StumbleUpon Business Advertising on Mix


StumbleUpon App | StumbleUpon Business Advertising on Mix

StumbleUpon  App- The StumbleUpon is a great and unique Ad paying platform that you can use as a web search engine for business advertisement. However, it discovers and recommends the right content that will interest users.  It comes with a lot of features that will be useful to users in discovering and rating web pages, videos and photos as well.

StumbleUpon App

In addition, it’s a personalized process where users of a particular group like a peer group can see ads.

  Most importantly, this is what is called social networking, Peer-sourcing, and advertising platforms.

Since 2018, the uses of the StunbleUpon app stopped but were later started as

StunbleUpon App and Mix– What you should know

 As I said above, this platform is a website for rating and discovering a lot of things. In addition, it’s available in the English language. It has its headquarters in San Francisco, California, U.S.A.

The founders include Geoff Smith and Garrett Camp. Both of them worked hard and grow the website to be ranking so high on the Alexa world ranking and it’s about 14,049 siting in April 2019 .

The StunbleUpon

 You can see the StumbleUpon ap at the app  Google Chrome, Firefox, Opera, Safari and internet Exprolorer. They also work closely with most independent browsers such as Mozilla.

So, thee native mobile StumbleUpon app is available for Windows, Android devices, iOS and you can easily find them at the Amazon Appstore. Interesting, on the 30th of June 2018, it shut down and later started again as Mix. By so doing, all users on StumbleUpon have to confirm their login and start using the app again a Mix.

Advertising on StumbleUpon

 As an Ad payment system, it allows users to browse the internet and stumble on different websites that they like. More so, users can even achieve a lot by hitting a button on their browser or Mobile device.

So, with the paid discovery system, advertisers can automatically become part of the stream. It doesn’t matter if it’s your website link, video, photo, it’ll display an Ad.

 Then, when an advertiser puts his or her website page inside the user experience, about 5% of Stumbles are set out for paid discovery. So, it means that the audience falls straight right into the website pages, videos or photos.

Importantly,  the user doesn’t have to create their own Ad. This is possible because the discovery system directs the visitor straight to your page. It’s really a great experience for users. From this, all the users’ website webpage runs advertisements. Though, a user has the opportunity to provide feedback on contents by offering a thumb up or thumbs down.

 Upon successful completion of any Ad displaying on a page, you’ll see a green icon that appears at the toolbar.  Users can still see this on their mobile app with a paid stumble.

StumbleUpon App advertising

There are no different types of Ad Format such as banners, interstitials, pop up and so on. but they aim at reaching a great number of people using your Ad.

More options for advertisers are available and this depends on how fast their content can reach the audience. It also considers how many people their contents can reach. And this is the main purpose of a person who’s running an online business.

In achieving this, it depends on your marketing objective of the advertiser, then also, considering the purpose priority. This goes a long way to determine the order for which the advertiser page is arranged for placement.

Mix- For online business

It’s really beneficial to be on Mix is you run an online business. A lot of great businesses are using Mix to get to more audience. Report in 2013 shows that stumble upon has media traffic that overrides YouTube, Reddit, and LinkedIn.

There’re over 100,000 publishers over the world that uses it for advertising. In addition, it’s content distribution platform helps to promote its business products, services, etc.

So, if you want to improve your business globally, ensure to use the Mix app. Take advantage of the ads as a quick tip as Google Ad.

Ways to get the Mix App

 You can get the Mix app by following the steps below:

  1. Visit the Google play store from your device
  2. Enter ‘’Mix’ on the search bar and search for it
  3.  When it appears, download and install it on your device
  4. Launch it to register your information on the platform and then, sign up.

Another way to achieve this is to visit the app site at, sign up and register.


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