Taobao | China’s Online Market | Search For Products on


Taobao | China’s Online Market | search for Products on

Taobao is a Chinese online shopping website, the website owned by the Asian business giants Alibaba group. Their headquarter and the main base of operation is located in Hangzhou, China. Also, this operation is carried out by the Alibaba group.


Therefore this online shop is said to be one of the world’s biggest e-commerce websites. According to Alexa, Taobao is one of the eight most visited websites in the world.

The world of online shopping is essentially one that is very unique and very active because of its easy mode of operations.

Taobao – China Online Shopping Website

Online marketing today, is definitely one of the revolutionary ideas when it comes to a successful business.Strictly speaking, For a business to have a wide range of customers to buy their product they need to implement the use of online marketing.

Therefore, this is one reason Taobao promotes its online market shop and are able to reach out to more customer worldwide.

Particularly, their internet users who love to shop can visit to learn more and explore the shopping website.

More so, shopping on the website is super quick and easy, you can find almost any product that you want there.

This Taobao online shopping website has millions of active customers plus and also billions of cataloged products or items in their shop.

In Chinese mandarin speaking regions of China, Taobao has a platform for its small retail online shops.

Basically, this is where these small retail shops can post their products for sale at a good price. Furthermore, traders have the ability to post goods for sales either on a fixed price or auction sales.

Mind you there are still some other mega online shopping websites too like eBay, Aliexpress, Tmart, and Wish out there.

Taobao Language Translation – Taobao English version

Although, Taobao is a Chinese website and most of its content is written in Mandarin Chinese.

It is still accessible to other users from all over the world who possess knowledge of the Chinese language.

By clicking on the change language icon, foreign users are able to translate the wordings of the page into any language of their choice.

This helps lot as it helps nonspeaking Chinese people navigate the website easily

More so, the translate feature changes the website into an English Taobao version for let’s say English speaking users.

How to locate Products on

For new customers that want to explore this online shop.  As well as online shoppers that want to buy products on Taobao for the first time should follow these simple steps below.

For browser

  • First customers should download Google Chrome on their device that they are using to access the online website.
  • They should make sure they enable the translation feature on the web browser. This can be done on the settings option.
  • Type in the website com
  • The website will open in its original Chinese variant
  • A pop up at the bottom of the screen will then ask to automatically translate the Chinese language to Chinese.
  • Once it opens, customers will then see a search bar at the top of the page.
  • Type in the product you are looking for to purchase and click on the search icon at the end of the bar.
  • A list of products will load up including the item that you’re searching for
  • Select the product of your desire to purchase and follow the checkout process.
  • It is important to Note When typing the product search word; English customers should make use of keywords relating to Chinese keywords to search.
How to Download Taobao App
  • Customers can also download the Taobao online shopping app to enjoy easy access for its users or customers.
  • Prospective customers can download the app by visiting the devices play store.
  • Tap in Taobao in the search bar and press enter
  • Hit the app icon To open up the app details.
  • Tap on the install icon.
  • So after the customer is done with downloading the app he can now easily access the app.


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