Thanksgiving Cover Photos for Facebook Download – Facebook Cover Photo


Thanksgiving Cover Photos for Facebook Download – Facebook Cover Photo

We have been hearing so much about Thanksgiving. This article on Thanksgiving Cover Photos for Facebook has something to tell us about Thanksgiving on the Facebook platform.


The thanksgiving cover photos for Facebook free is something that every user can access on the site. This isn’t a feature of Facebook but as a user, you can access it.

Thanksgiving Cover Photos for Facebook

This is using the Thanksgiving image as your account cover photo.

Using the Thanksgiving photo as your cover photo shows that you are celebrating it through Facebook and when your friends see it, they’ll know that you’re celebrating Thanksgiving also.

To use the image, you need to download it for you can’t find the image on the Facebook app without downloading it yourself.

Cover Photos for Facebook 

Note that the Facebook cover photo makes your account more attractive to others. It’s something that helps beautify your profile page; the cover photo is a background photo for your profile photo.

Each page that has to do with a profile photo on Facebook deals with a cover photo. Facebook pages and groups as well you can make use of the Thanksgiving cover photo for both.

Cover Photos for Facebook Size

Before thinking of posting a cover photo on Facebook concerning Thanksgiving, you need to know the size of the cover photo you need to get. The cover photo size is m=normally 820 pixels wide and 312 pixels tall for Facebook.

Like I stated earlier, you need to download the photo to post it as your cover photo.

How to Get Thank sgiving Photo on Facebook

To get any Thanks giving image for your Facebook cover photo, as it has already been mentioned, You need to download it, to download the image follow the steps below.

  • Go to your browser and search for “Thanksgiving” on Google and click on the image.
  • Select the image you want to use and right-click or long tap on the image if you’re using a smartphone.
  • Click to download the image or save the image by right-clicking on the image you want to download.

After downloading the image, you’re set and ready to go use it for your cover photo on Facebook.

How to Upload a photo as Cover Photo

To upload the image, it’s very much easy all you need is to follow the steps below;

  • Visit your account and access your profile page.
  • Click on “Update Cover Photo” and tap upload.
  • Select the photo which is the Thanks giving photo that you’ve downloaded.
  • Lastly, click “Save Changes” to upload the image.


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