The Children’s Place Credit Card | How to Apply | Card Activation

The Children’s Place Credit Card | How to Apply | Card Activation

The Children’s Place Credit Card –Enjoy better benefits using the Children’s Place Credit Card, this card is issued by the Comenity Capital Bank.


New Cardholders get 30% when you shop with my place rewards card on their first purchases and also receive

25% off for your child’s birthday, there are many more rewards you can enjoy using this exciting reward credit card.

Users are to first make eligible purchases before they can be able to earn rewards. Users also get double points very fast as they progress in shopping with the card

Visit the Comenity Bank website to apply for this card online, applying is very simple and fast to do all that is needed is little information about you

In this article, I will be educating you on what you need to know about this card. Do well to read till end.

Children’s Place Credit Card

You need to have a credit score from 525 to get this card. We all know that some card require a high credit score to get.

This credit card is also a great option for people with poor credit history, I will be telling you more about how to apply for this card online

For now, let us take a look at the benefit enjoyed by this card.

Children’s Place Credit Card Benefits

Below are the benefits and features of the card

  • Cardholders earn 30% off rewards on their first purchase with their card.
  • Members receive 20% off when they get their cards.
  • Earn double points.
  • Each one dollar you spent is equal to 2 points.
  • 100 points equal to $5 reward.
  • Manage your account and pay your bills online.
  • Offers quality customer service.
  • Get 25% off for your kid’s birthdays

Children’s Place Credit Card Application

To apply for the card follow the steps listed;

  • Visit their homepage
  • Click on the “Apply Now” button
  • Input your first and last name.
  • Type in your DOB, SSN, and Annual income.
  • Enter your house number, street name, city, and state.
  • Key in your mobile phone, alternative phone, email, and then confirm your email.
  • Go through the information and go through the terms and conditions.
  • Check-mark the box beneath
  • Tap on the “submit” tab.

 Credit Card Activation

To activate online. Follow the directives below to register and activate your card;

  • Progress  to the application page of the credit card
  • Scroll down the sign-in section and click on the “Register for online access” button.
  • Input your card account number.
  • Provide your ZIP code, SSN, and last four digits of SSN
  • Click on the “find my account” tab.
  • Proceed with the prompt to access your account and activate your card.

You can as well contact their customer support agent alternatively to activate.

 Children’s Place Credit Card Login

Follow the instructions below to login into your account;

  • Move to
  • Type your username and password
  • Tap on the sign-in button. Then, you can now access your account.

If by chance you forgot your username or password, select the “recovery link” under. And then, follow the prompts to regain your login details.

Children’s Place Credit Card Payment

There are several ways to pay your credit card bills, you can pay online, by phone, mail, or in-store.

To pay your bills online, follow the steps below.

  • Login to your account.
  • Move to the sign-in section, on the homepage.
  • Provide your username and password
  • Tap on the “sign-in” button.
  • Choose the payment tab
  • Then continue with the onscreen directives to pay your bills.
Children’s Place Credit Card Customer Service

You can access the customer service on phone by dialing their support phone number. Their phone number is available on their official website or in the back of your card.

Call on Comenity bank customer care Agent for help and support. These Agents are assigned to assist cardholders to resolve issues relating to their card.

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