The Taxify App | Key Steps to Download and get a Safe Ride


 The Taxify App | Key Steps to Download and get a Safe Ride

The Taxify app is now known as Bolt app is owned and developed by an international transportation network company from Tallinn, Estonia now called Bolt (Taxify).  As at the time of this writing, it operates in more than 18 countries and more than 25 cities in Europe, Africa, Western Asia, and Mexico. The company also builds a Smartphone app that is known as the Taxify App. The major purpose of this app is to connect riders with the local taxis and private drivers across the world.

 Taxify app

Taxify app is known to be one of the easiest and safest ways you can get a taxi. All you have to do is to download it from the play store on your mobile phone. With the app, you’ll get picked up at just pressing a button. Also,  the app functions and run on following operating systems:

  • Android devices
  •  Windows phones
  • iOS

This app is just the same as most mobile taxi apps like the Uber App, smart cab, lyft, Curb and many others. Though it may have similar functions it comes with different standards of operation.

Ways the Taxify App (Bolt) works

As stated in the first paragraph, the company owns this transport app. The Taxify app helps passengers (People) to make a request for a ride to pick them up from their Smartphones. You can get the app for your Android, iOS and Windows phones. As a rider, you must have to download the app on your Smartphone from the Apple store, Google play or windows store.  After you’re done with this, you can proceed with the payment method:

  • Credit card
  • Cash
  • Mobile carrier billing

You can choose among any of these payment types for your bill for the services rendered.

Ever before you use this app services, you have to confirm any pickup location at the passenger’s request. At this point, the rider can then see the driver’s name and the car details. After this, the rider and the driver can rate each other. Through this feedback process, you can keep the quality of the services high.

Steps to download and register the Taxify app

If you’re ready to download this Taxify driver app, you have to simply visit the Google play store or Apple store or the windows store. Downloading now depends on the device that you’re using. It runs or works on all Smartphones. Most importantly, you need a functional internet connection.

Requirements for using Taxify App

As a driver, to download this, you need to fix some criteria in place to have a smooth ride. The requirements will assist in achieving standard services and the criteria are:

  • Smartphone or tablet with Android 4.1 and above versions. If you’re using iOS, you need version 8.0 and above
  • You’ll need s fast Mobile internet(3G),  but having a stronger one like the 4G or 5G  internet connection will be just better for fast connection
  • You need a car charger or you may risk running out of a battery to connect. This is very important, so if you can get a battery that can last you for 5-6 hours it’ll be of great advantage to you.
  • As you driver, you must have a confirmed Taxify Driver account.

To become a Taxify Driver, you need the following:

  • Drivers’ license
  • Tested driver experience
  • Registered vehicle
  • You should have a vehicle insurance
  •  Good and working fire extinguisher and some spare parts and safety measures for driving.
  • You must present a good and clean police report and a clean criminal record

To conclude this, every driver that has the interest to be a Taxify driver must have these requirements. Also, the driver age range is a good factor too. You must attain the age that is permissible in our country or state to drive.


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