Tinder Account Login

Tinder Account Login: What Is Tinder Account – Tinder Dating ap

Tinder Account Login: What Is Tinder Account – Tinder Dating app

 The Tinder app was founded by Sean Rad, Justin Mateen, and Jonathan Badeen in the year 2012. I’ll show you how to do Tinder account login.

Tinder Account Login

Tinder app was created for singles around the world. Mostly  has been registering about 1 billon swipes daily and it was noticed that the users logged into the app about 11 times a day,

This  app actually belong to the USA however this app is named tinder which means something dry that can light fire easily

Tinder app helps the love and chat of the singles to light up their romantic spark. Tinder provides an opportunity to you to meet; hookup, chat, and even find your own love story with people,

The app is also known to be the coolest, hottest, and largest dating website for singles around the world,

However giving the users access to like or dislike any profile,

This also allows you to also drop your bio and any common interest once two users share the same interest they can match and start up a massage.

How to sign up for a free tinder account on your IOS device

It has been noticed that because of how nice and important tinder has been to singles,

This has most people think that such apps and websites as tinder shouldn’t be made free,

Whatever you might be thinking the good news is that tinder was made for singles to find their soul mate at no given cost,

This simply means you can have your own free tinder account by just following the steps below.

  • Go to your browser and search for >tinder app for IOS.com
  • Download the app
  • Scroll to create an account tap on it
  • Verify the phone number
  • Provide your email address
  • Tap on create account
  • Set up your profile by providing any information required
  • Grant tinder permission to access your provided information

That’s just it.

How to sign up for a free tinder account on your android device

Here are a few steps to have your own tinder account on your android device

  • Login to your browser and search >tinder app for android .com
  • Tap on the >login
  • Click on >login with Google or <log in with phone number
  • Provide the required information to set up your profile
  • Then grant tinder permission to access your provided information

That just it

How to edit my profile on my tinder account


To edit your bio on tinder is as simple as the steps below

  • Click on the >profile icon or the >edit info
  • Go down to the >about
  • Tap on the white box below and change the bio

Bio changes  when you start a new thing you will love people to know about,

For example, your last bio was <am a great football player .now you can change your bio when you’re no longer a player to <the great ex-football player.


To edit your gender on tinder is easy too.

  • Tap on the >profile
  • Click on >edit info
  • Go to the gender
  • Pick your gender from the option box displayed before you

How to link my Facebook account with my tinder account on my android device

Most people will love to control their tinder account from their Facebook pages. If you’re one of them you’re in the right place.

  • Open the >tinder app
  • Click on >Log I with your Facebook account
  • Provide your Facebook login information
  • Press the login button
  • Click on >continue button
  • Great you have just linked your tinder to your Facebook account

How to link my Facebook account to my tinder account on my IOS device

  • Open> tinder app
  • Choose > login with Facebook
  • Allow the app to login in with Facebook
  • Now provide your Facebook login information
  • Tap on the >log in button
  • Click on >continue button
  • Great you just linked your Facebook to your tinder  account on your IOS device

How to login into my tinder account without a phone number

Well, we are so sorry to let you know that you can’t use tinder without a phone number,

Because it is compulsory for all tinder users to make use of their mobile numbers more for security purposes,

Whatever there are still phone numbers that are fake to use on tinder.. You can also use it to get the notifications that tinder will send at the beginning of the registration.

How to bypass tinder account verification code

The only way to bypass the tinder verification code is by logging in with your virtual number,

This number is known as an inward direct dialing number.  It is also known to be a number that is not bound to any fixed location,

Go to the google play store to get one > download virtual numbers app.com. Here to get free virtual numbers to go to >Bitrix24.com this website is the best free virtual numbers provider,

To get a free USA number go to >Dingtone.com, with these numbers you can get free SMS services online.

                  How to reset my tinder account password

Forgotten your tinder password? No worries here are just what to do to retrieve them back

  • Select the >trouble logging <option
  • Click on >login with email<
  • Enter the email address connected with your account
  • Wait for an email from them
  • Click the >magic link< from the email sent from them
  • Verify your new phone
  • A code will be sent to you to reset your password
                      How to know if someone is using your tinder account  

Do you feel like someone is making use of your account?

Or are you seeing messages not made by you here are just how to find out someone is using your account,

  • You will get a notification that a device is trying to access you if you will allow it?
  • You will notice a green dot on the screen if the person just logged out
  • Your last seen will not be the same as you left.






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