TJ Maxx Credit Card Login | Reward – Apply – Pay Bills

TJ Maxx Credit Card Login | Reward – Apply – Pay Bills

TJ Maxx Credit Card Login, To be frank, the TJX Rewards® Credit Card is still a nice t option for getting discounts at TJ Maxx stores nationwide. To start with, you need a 5% reward on all your purchases at TJ Maxx. It provides a  10% coupon when you make purchases in any of the TJ Maxx affiliate stores. Their stores include Marshalls, Home Goods, and Sierra stores.

tj maxx credit card login

However, people complain that the TJ Maxx rewards program is low. It’s because its rewards rate is 1% for purchases outside TJ Maxx stores and on all other purchases.

So,  the card doesn’t come with good spending rewards for everyday purchases. Except those who frequent TJ Maxx stores. To get  an everyday card, I would suggest you check other store-branded credit cards that offer beyond the 1% reward rates for

Benefits & Features

With this card, you get 5 points for each dollar spent at TJ Maxx, Marshalls, HomeGoods, and Sierra Trading Post. Once you meet certain conditions, rewards are given out in certificates for customers to redeem.

In addition, cardholders get some percent off their first in-store purchase after opening an account. Because of this, it makes anyone who has a TJX

Rewards Credit Card a VIP shopper for those stores.

However, the certificate is not redeemable for actual cash, which means this card is not a true cashback credit card. Your reward certificate will expire in two years after it is issued. So ensure you only use your points once you’re ready to use them, otherwise, you run the risk of wasting them.

Going ahead, TJX Rewards Credit Card provides new cardholders 10% off their first in-store transaction. As you use the card, you get 5 points for every dollar spent at accepted retailers.

In addition, once you reach up to 1,000 points, you will be issued a certificate worth $10 of in-store credit thus, breaking down to a 5% discount. Also, you’ll be invited to exclusive shopping events and will be tipped off when new inventory is available in the stores.

TJ Maxx card Login

The sign-in process, it’s is very easy and simple. You can log in with either a web browser, a mobile phone as well as a PC. Now, it’s time to show you how you can log in with any device. Just use your username and password visit the official site with your web browser, tap on the “Sign On” button and provide your;

  1. Username
  2. Password
  3. Click on the “Sign on” button

If you forget your password, you can click on the “Retrieve User ID” or “Reset password” button to either recover your User ID or reset your account password. The below steps will help;

Steps to  Recover  your Account Password

We can forget things sometimes, we lose access to some information we memorized in the past. Worry not, if you forgot your TJX Rewards Credit Card login user ID or Password. We will help you reset or recover it in few steps. Just  follow the steps below to recover it;

Step 1: Log on to  the login page at

Step 2: find the Forgot User ID or password link. And tap on it.

Step 3: A new page opens. First, key in your 6-digit Card Number. Second, fill in your 3-digit Security Code. After that, move on to the next step.

Step 4: click the enter button and follow the instruction to get a new User ID and enter your account.

Step 5: If it’s a password, you want to reset tap the “Forgot Password” link and follow the same process. In that, it’s completely similar to that of User ID recovery.

TJX Rewards Card Application

So, applying for a TJX Reward credit card is without stress. It’s as easy as ABC. However, there are guides to the online application. So, far, it’s the easiest step you have ever seen.

  1. In the first step, go to
  2. The second step will be to click on the “Apply Online” link.
  3. In the third step, fill in the information required (first name, middle initial, last name, suffix, SSN, date of birth, and yearly income)
  4. Fourth step, key in your zip code, street number, apartment, city, state.
  5. The fifth step, at this point, make sure you supply a valid email and provide your mobile phone.
  6. Finally, scroll down and tap on the ‘continue ’button and follow the rest of the application process to complete the Meijer Credit Card application.

After doing this, you can also register for online use when you visit the following URL at After you enroll for online use, you can check your card balance, make transfers, and do other things. You can view the monthly statement, set up email alerts, and lots more.

TJ Maxx Credit Card payment

You can pay your TJX Rewards Credit Card account either online through their online portal, which is powered by Synchrony Bank or you can also pay by phone at 1 (800) 952-6133. However, you can add the card to your Tally profile. Using this, you’ll get some help in managing payments.

TJ Maxx Credit Card bill payment can is also possible by cash. In other words, you can pay by cash, cheque as well as a debit card at the Customer Service Desk when you visit any nearby TJ Maxx stores nationwide.

Customer Service Phone Number

It’s no big deal, users can contact TJ Maxx at any time they want. Just call 1-877-890-3150 for TJX Rewards® Platinum MasterCard Accounts. Alternatively, call 1-800-952-6133 for TJX Rewards® Credit Card Accounts.







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