Top Best iPhone apps for text editing in photos


Top Best iPhone apps for text editing in photos

Best iPhone apps-If really pictures worth a thousand words, It means that pictures can’t go without words. But in the real sense, words and pictures complement each other. Even when you’ve pictures, we need words to give them a safe and better landing.

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However, no one can’t say what a picture really means if the owner doesn’t use his/her own words to decry it. Therefore, adding text to the picture is now important to everyone. Whether for personal or for general use, text on words says a lot.

In a smart digital world like ours, we’ve some selected powerful and artistic apps for adding text to photos. Each of them has a different method of doing it. Therefore, no matter your sense of creativity, you’ll find one to use.

Below is the list of the best iPhone apps for adding texts to photos:


Retype is one of the iPhone apps that entails automation and speed on words. It’s for designing a typographical layout on photos. It does everything for you. All you need is just to select a photo and the style, and then tap on each command to bring out a new poster design.

You have the flip side for surrender control. But one thing that’s not really good about it is that you can’t move each word and object. However, you can filter the photo, adjust text color, opacity, and blur. It has an option to invert the whole composition and the image will appear on another side.


Even though the  Fontmania looks similar to Retype, it requires you to do most of the design yourself. It means you’ve to select the image after filtering and add the text manually. Then, you also add all the decorative designs on your own.

In any of the images, you’ll have many elements, different sizes and shapes to align with the text. There are more creative and artistic art designs of different shapes, frames and basic polygons to use. Fontmania is user-friendly. You can buy it from the Apple store or download the trial version.


You’ll really enjoy the typic iPhone app. It’s among the iPhone apps that you’ll like to try it. It takes you through a step –by –type workflow in adding text to photos on the iPhone. Typic comes with its own decorative texts and elements to beautify your photos. Each of the pages is specific in design function. The tasks include reducing clutter,  adjusting an image, adding text or changing any effects on the photos.

The Limitation in the use of Typic:

The major limitation in adding text to photos on Typic is that it only allows only 4 text boxes on four objects. But it can work effectively with shared iCloud photos. This means that you don’t have to copy images to your local albums.


Over the iPhone app is like the most ‘pro’ of all the apps for adding text to photos. It has some features that how it’s a powerful tool in photo-editing like the Pixelmator. You can use it to achieve a lot of all you desire in adding text to photos.

It’s known to have more features like the precision tools, layers and more image composition for best collages.

The Over iPhone app offers iPhone users the opportunity to create and play around with objects and texts. It supports different platforms and Landscapes for image orientation.


When I said that overlooks like the best of the text editing apps on the Apple store, it means that it’s very good but it isn’t the best. In that regard, we have the Legend iPhone app which is considered the best iPhone app. And you can always download them on the Apple Store to use for your texting in your iPhones.


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