Torrent Movie site – Download Free Tv Series and Movies


Torrent Movie site – Download Free Tv Series and Movies

The YTS Torrent is a website made for downloading very high rated movies like those that cost 1 or 2 gigabytes in downloading. Both YTS and YIFY are one. The thing about them is that YTS needs a VPN in order to download from the location, while YIFY doesn’t need a VPN.

torrent movie site

Torrent Movie site -YTS Torrent

The reason you would need a VPN for you to download movies from YTS is that the films on the location are overlarge and perhaps affect your device. You recognize all the films on the location are torrent files or movies, visiting the location. you’ll be warned to use VPN,if not having a VPN.

You can also catch on from the location. the location warns to download an “ExpressVPN”.Failure to do that, accessing or playing the torrents on your smartphone is risky. Also, it’s dangerous and could cause harm to your device.


You can only access the YTS site on the web because it doesn’t feature a mobile app not just like the one among the YIFY site. Movies are often downloaded in any quality but all qualities are in a torrent that’s why you would need a VPN to secure your download.

You also need a movie torrent downloader which is “uTorrent”. It’s compatible with mobile devices and computers. For mobiles, you’ll catch on from your app stores while for computers, you’ll look for it on Google by typing “uTorrent download for pc or computer”.

By doing this, you’ll be given the download link on the result page. You just need to follow the link and that’s all. Let’s get down on how you’ll download the VPN as mentioned.

ExpressVPN Download for YTS

You don’t , you’ll find the VPN and download it from the YTS site. Visiting the location, you’ll be provided with notice to download the VPN. Click on the link provided there and you’ll be directed to the download page.

The link you’ve to click is “Get Express VPN” then wait for it to load.

Then click the link again “Get Express VPN” and you’ll be directed to a page where you’ve to select an idea for your monthly subscription.

Choose the plan you would like to subscribe to and scroll right down to where you’ll need to enter your email address.

Simply do this and also choose your payment option and supply the subsequent requirements.

When you’re through with providing all the details needed for your payment, click the link below “Join Now” to form your subscription.

YTS Movies Download

Downloading movies from this site requires a VPN and so, the uTorrent app and it must be installed on your smartphone or computer. Visit the website www. yts.MX to access the platform. Visiting the location, and having all specified needs, you’re one step to downloading any movie.

Click on the movie you would like to download and the download will appear inside the uTorrent app,that’s how it works.


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