Toys r us Online Store | All Toys r us Locations Near Me


Toys r us Online Store | All Toys r us Locations Near Me

The Toy r our online store is the place you can shop for all your toys easily. It’s an online shop owned by an American known as Charles P.Lazarus. however, you can find all the toy types you need in any of the Toys us locations near me.

In addition, to the Toys r us online store, there’re other online shops for toys such as the Amazon prime, Kmart, Zulily, Walmart, Toywiz, Target and so on.  All of these shops operate and delivers their products in different ways.   They have ways of delivering their products and services well, But the Toys r us online store stands out in the way they offer their services. You can just click and sign up to create an account and also get a reward.

If you want to shop at the toys r us store, just log on to the website  and scroll to left core of the website  to access the categories of the company’s products and among them are:

Hot Toy List

Movie HQ

Halloween Store

Top Rated

Boys Toys

Girls toys




Deals $ Savings

Gift Finder


How you can shop on Toys r us online Store

It’s easier to shop online with the steps below.  To do this, you do n’t have to pass through lots of processes.

Log in to your account on the main page or you create an account using your email details

So, if you don’t have an account with the company, you’ll now fill in your email address, your mobile phone number, and your address or delivery details. Your account stores this information to make your order faster next time you’re shopping.

Payment: To make a payment, you will need to supply the payment method you want to use. This can be via credit card or PayPal.

Confirmation: Once you confirm your payment, it’ll direct you to a page with your order confirmation number and the order summary. Therefore the message will also be sent to your email address so that you can also have a copy.

In addition, they will send you a notification email message when your order has been shipped. Also, the email contains a tracking number to see the status of your order.

Steps to Order on Toys r us Online Store – Toys r us Canada

As you access the site below you will see lists of how to Order from this site. The steps are as follows:


If you want to track your order, all the order history will be stored in “My Account” section on the website, all you have to do is to log in with your email address and your password to check your account.


As you make your order online, your order takes about  2 and 7 working days, but this really depends on where you live. You can see the full delivery schedule for all the items on the Delivery and the charges per page. There’s room to trace the progress of your order when you log in your account.

Change or cancel Your order

As soon as your order has been submitted, any changes such as removing or adding to the order aren’t permitted. A new order has to be placed to make any change. If you want to cancel your order but it has been processed, you may return the product when you contact them.

My Account

Creating your account is free of charge, creating the account makes your shopping easy and faster. However,  this is how to create an account on toys r us online store.

From this main page click on my account.

You have to Wait for it to load and then click on create an account.

As the page loads and 3 columns appear.

You’ve to fill the ones in the middle.

Fill in the email address and password.

Confirm your password and tap the sign up tap

 The Toys r us Gift Cards / Toys r us Online Store

The gift cards encourage saving into your account, and the gift cards are in different types  and this is into two forms and they are:

Store card

To be frank, you can get your  Toys r us online store gift cards online via visiting the company’s website to create an account. In addition, it is very easy for those who already have an account with the company.

As you move on to the next section you will need to key in your 16 digits store gift card numbers. More so, you will key in the 4 digits on the back of the card, in the right fields.

They will now deduct the specific amount you shop immediately from your total order. So, you can pay for the remaining order total using any of our available payment steps you want.

Digital card

Toys r us online store digital cards are also used in stores by presenting your digital card at any point of purchase in-store. However, the sales associates enter your digital card number and PIN for redemption.

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